Teases and Titillations

Well I am about to tease your socks off!  Maybe that should be “I’m about to tease your pants off!”

I have been working on developing Anna and Liam’s relationship, the kink side.  It’s obvious the vanilla side works really well but since she left  and he had to bring her back they’ve been working on the kink.  So I’m going to show you what I’ve been writing the last few days.  

THIS IS NOT KID-FRIENDLY.  If you are under 18, vamoose.  You shouldn’t be here anyway, this is an adult blog.

So, the rest of you, the grown-ups who have a good grip (hehehe!  I amuse myself) on their sexuality, are you ready?

I hope so…


Chapter Eight


Anna jumped about a foot and stepped into the bedroom, unable to see Liam.  The room was lit with candles and a small table was set with a single place setting, the food she could smell covered by a steel dome.  “Lee?”

Liam took a step towards her from the doorway and crossed his arms.  “Have you forgotten already that I am your Master?”

Startled again, Anna turned to face him.  She drew in a sharp breath in appreciation at his appearance.  He was wearing black leather pants that hugged his hips and legs and cradled the sleeping erection to perfection.  The pants were open at the top, the single button undone, and the trail of his light chest hair into the space between button and buttonhole made her want to see more. On his feet were heavy Doc Martens.  The boots had a buckle at the ankle and another near the top, where they stopped mid-calf.  Anna licked her lips.

Another step towards her and he growled softly.  “I asked you a question, girl.”

Anna’s eyes flicked up to his then down again.  “No Master, I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good.  Strip.”  Liam moved around her to the table to sit in the chair there.

“Yes Master.”  She turned to face him and removed her clothing, folding each piece and setting it aside in a neat pile.  Then she stood before him, arms folded behind her back so each hand grasped the opposite elbow and her feet were shoulder width apart.  It was only then that she noticed a thick, square box on the opposite side of the dinner plate.

Liam looked her over, eyes shuttered to hide the love and desire in them.  “Good girl, kneel. Thighs apart, hands behind your head.”  He watched as she did as he asked.  Her thighs were spread far enough apart that he could see her arousal beginning.  “Close your eyes.”  Again he watched as she did as she was told.

“Master I spoke to El-“

He cut her off.  “Did I give you permission to speak?”

Anna paused, surprised.  Then she murmured, “No Master.”

“Then don’t.”  He watched her for a moment to see if she’d answer.  When she kept her mouth shut he picked up the box and opened it.  Inside was a steel collar with a D-rig at the front, beside a hinge and an invisible lock behind it.  Liam leaned forward and slipped the cold steel around her throat.

Anna gasped at the feel of it, at the chill and the weight.  She opened her mouth then closed it again and waited.  She felt more than heard the snick of the lock fitting together.  Then his warm fingers wrapped around her wrists and he brought her hands down to her lap.  He left the left one there and she felt a slim object being pressed into her hand.  She automatically curled her fingers around it as her breath caught in her throat in anticipation.

“Open your eyes and look at me, girl.” 

Anna opened her eyes and looked up at him, resisting the urge to look at the thing in her hand.  She also resisted the urge to touch the metal around her neck. 

Liam smiled at his Mate.  “You are mine, Anna.  My mate, my pet, my wife.  The ceremony with the dress and flowers, that’s just for everyone else and the government.  You belong to me and you have from the beginning, isn’t that right?”  His voice was gentle.

“Yes Master, I have always belonged to you.”  Anna smiled at him.

“You have in your hand the key for the collar around your neck.  You must lock it of your own free will.  If you do you will belong to me completely.  You will wear the collar in our bedroom and you will wear this alternative when we are everywhere else.”  He lifted a necklace made of slim steel chain; the pendant was a tiny steel padlock not much bigger than his thumbnail.  “You have standing permission to change them when leaving or entering this room.”

Anna offered the key back to him.  Pain clouded his eyes for a moment.  “Please put it in the lock, Master, so that I can turn it.”

The pain cleared and pleasure flooded his face as he took the key and put it in the lock.  Liam watched as she twisted the key and gave it back to him.  He grabbed her by the collar and dragged her forward to kiss her nearly senseless.  Then he let her go and lifted his eyes to the shadows beside the door.  “You saw her.”

Marcus stepped out, scaring Anna badly.  “Aye, my Alpha.  I saw her lock the collar of her own free will.  She is your girl, your slut, yours from now until death.”

Anna frowned briefly, she hadn’t sensed him and it worried her.  Then she realized that she had been totally focussed on Liam.  She smiled at Marcus then lowered her eyes.

Liam lifted her chin.  “Inside this room you are not an Alpha, you have no power here.  You are what I tell you, you will do what I tell you.  And right now, you will suck Marcus’s cock.”

Anna’s mouth opened.  “But Master…”

“Did you just question me?”

“N-no Master.”  Anna blushed then started to rise.

“Crawl to Marcus.”  Liam smiled as she dropped to her fours and did as she was told.  “Good girl.”

Anna’s blush was body wide.  Her arousal added to it, turned the blush into firelight playing under her skin.  She reached Marcus and pushed back until her bum reached her heels.  It took her a moment to stop looking at Marcus’s feet and look up at him.  She blinked at him once then dropped her eyes to his knees.

“Ask him for permission.”  Liam’s voice was quiet.

It raced through her mind to remind him he had told her to do it but she was too far gone to be sassy.  The colour beneath her skin changed subtly as a dull orange began to swirl into the red. Anna peered up at Marcus again.  “Please, may I…”  Her voice trailed off. 

“May you what, Anna?”  Marcus’s voice was low and seemed to flow over her and caress her.

“May I suck your cock?”  It was a whisper but both men heard it.

Marcus began undoing the button fly of the jeans her wore slung low around his hips.  “Since it is the will of your Master, you may.”  He unbuttoned the casual Oxford shirt he wore and put his hands on his hips.  “Do the rest yourself.”

Anna’s brain clicked all the way over in slave mode and she reached for him without hesitation.  She parted his jeans and reached into the briefs beneath them.  Her fingers curled around a thickening cock and pulled it gently free.  With one hand wrapped around the base she leaned up and swept her tongue around the head and brushed it over the crown. 

Marcus’s cock twitched and she grinned.  Anna tongued the crown again and was rewarded with another twitch.  So she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked gently, tongue swirling over him.  Not only did he twitch but he groaned.  She sucked harder and felt him grow a little.  She enveloped all of him.  Her hands left his cock to reach around to his ass as she drew the semi-soft length into her mouth. 

The tip touched the back of her throat and Marcus groaned.  He looked to Liam, his hands moving from his hips towards her head.  At the shake of Liam’s head Marcus returned his hands to his hips with a groan of frustration.

Anna cradled his cock with her tongue and pulled back, sucking hard as she did.  The motion pulled blood towards the tip and made him harder.  She did it over and over again until Marcus was fully hard then she bobbed her head up and down the length of him, her tongue constantly moving.  She Fed on his pleasure, added to it and fed it back to him.  The act of sucking his cock, of making him feel more, feel every sweep of her tongue, every scrape of her teeth, kicked her arousal into high gear and flames swirled under her skin.

Marcus threw his head back and fought to keep his hands to himself.   He dug his fingers into his own flesh and ground his teeth audibly as Anna slipped his cock into her throat until her lips touched the base.  He had such a tight grip on himself he was leaving indents.  When Anna swallowed around him his knees nearly buckled.  She gagged and pulled back.


Are you teased and titillated?  


That’s the plan.

Liam having Anna suck Marcus’s cock was his way of showing her that HE is in control, not her.  He is the Master here and she is the slave.  In BDSM that affords the slave very few rights of refusal, you give that up when you lock that collar on yourself.  They’d discussed him sharing her with others in both previous books. It’s something that intrigued her but she was, overall, against.  It was a fantasy but not one she felt she could really handle.

Blow jobs are a relatively minor thing for her to be made to do.  Liam is thinking he wants it to go further but I’m not so sure.   I don’t want Anna upset and I’m pretty sure that would upset her.  I think Marcus will orgasm and be sent away.

Since today is my first anniversary with Peter, I am going to go and make breakfast for us then get on with our plans for the day.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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