The End of a Bad Week

Good beautiful Sunday morning everyone!

Yes, I’m posting my photoblog a day late.  Yesterday kind of dragged me down into a quicksand of nothingness.  It was simply a relief yesterday to not be as angry as I have been all week.  

Why have I been angry?  Chemical exposure.  I have a cat, one goofy cat who, as cat’s are wont to do, likes to use his litter box.  Daily (ish) scooping removes said litter and I ran out before I realized I had none left and, of course, no ability to purchase more until pay day.  So my daughter gave me the stuff she’d bought for her bunny – Yesterday’s News.  It’s fantastic – clean, absorbs liquids without a problem, hardly smell a damn thing.  

Except that I have MCS and Yesterday’s News isn’t made JUST from recycled paper.  

“Yesterday’s News is a paper-based cat litter featuring moisture-locking pellets made out of recycled materials that include newspaper, corrugated cardboard and reclaimed industrial sawdust.”
Corrugated cardboard is made with Kraft paper, corn starch and ‘special glue’.   The term ‘industrial sawdust’ just gives me nightmares.   And newspaper ink is something I have trouble with anyway.
I didn’t know about the cardboard and sawdust when we put the new litter in.  Nor did I think about the ink.  It’s recycled, that should mean it’s clean.  Also, with MCS not smelling doesn’t necessary equal not toxic.  So every time the cat used the litter he was releasing chemicals.  And my cat drinks a lot of water.

Cute little thing, no? Terrible kitty hunter! He caught a feather on a stick.  (My daughter took this picture)

So all week I was getting toxed, badly.  Mood got darker, ability to think constructively went away, I got more emotional.  It was a bad week.   And I am bloody fortunate to have people in my life who love me enough to deal with the days like that, even when they run on seemingly endlessly, and stick around.

We replaced the litter Friday night and I have been trying to air out my apartment since (except that I’m not there and I don’t like leaving the windows open overnight).  Yesterday morning my brain was a lot brighter and I was a lot easier to live with.  

Now I can work!

[[By the way.  Peter said last week that it’s a pain in the ass trying to see details on the smallish way the pics come out in the blog.  I can’t help that.  He said it’s a pain in the ass having to right-click > open in new tab to have to see them bigger.  I figure if you want to see more detail and like the pic enough, you’ll do it.  If you like it THAT much, email me (it’s on my About page) and ask me.  I’ll either send it or give you permission to save it, depending on the picture.]]

I don’t have that many pictures this week.  I should’ve taken my camera to the beach with us last night to catch the waves but we wanted to be tech free and just enjoy ourselves.   We most certainly did!   The water looked like this:  *digs up an old pic*

But without the ice and snow and snow fencing. The high waves and the white caps are the focus here.

And we were playing in it!  It’s the first time in YEARS I’ve had a swimsuit on and actually gone into the water.  I got beat up after being knocked off my feet and unable to get back up for several waves.  Took a couple face fulls of water (and what felt like a lung full, came up choking, hacking, with tears and drool and snot.  Fun times.) and a couple tumbles in the waves without being able to see which way was up.  I’m still finding sand in my ears.  😀  It was great!

Pain meds are paramount today though… totally worth it.

Last week Peter and I were sitting on the beach and I was trying to play with the night settings.  I do not have the fortitude to hold the camera still for the several seconds it takes the shutter to gather in enough light to take a photograph (if that’s the way it does what it does).  BUT I did discover that the “portrait at night” setting is a lot easier.

The Boyfriend. Good looking fella. And yes, he’s older than me, I like that sometimes. I like it in him, although it never comes up as an obstacle. There are times though when he says “When I started racing in ’73…” and I say “Really? I was an embryo in ’73.” hehehe

Yes, I’m an evil little girl.  People love me anyway.

I was playing with other settings too.  Like with this pic.  It was the pop art setting on the sunset, just for fun.

It’s not hugely different than a regular sunset photograph but I like the pop of the brighter colours and the blueness of the gull that snuck into my shot. Everything seems to be just more.


In the gated community Peter is staying in this summer they have a set of dumpsters – cardboard, garbage and one that’s kind of a donation thing.  If you don’t want it, toss it in there.  Sometimes the things are broken but rather a lot, people throw away stuff that other people can use.  So Peter likes to go, as it’s affectionately known around here, dumpster diving.  He heard a scrabbling sound from the rather empty cardboard bin.  He looked in and found this little guy:

Cute isn’t it? Barely a teenager he got himself stuck in there. We’re not sure how Rocky came to be in the dumpster but he certainly needed help getting out. He let me take several pictures (since I was incapable of holding the camera still, it seemed).

Then he got this hopeless look about him.  

Poor Rocky seemed to have resigned himself to being stuck there forever. We certainly weren’t going to reach in and pull him out! But Peter had seen this kind of thing before, at one of the places he used to work.

All that was needed was a ladder or a ramp for Rocky to climb.  So Peter looked around and spied a chair.  He set that carefully in the dumpster and we went away.  Next time Peter went over, Rocky was gone.  

My hero.  😉

Crow feather taped to a half inch dowel. Second best cat toy I ever made. (the first was a cat fishing pole with blue jay feathers as ‘bait’) Funny thing is, he HAS to play with it from under the chair. He’s crazy.

Thought I’d end the blog with a chuckle.  Have a great, lazy Sunday folks!  Time for me to get Peter up and see what we’re doing for the day.  Muah!

*wanders off to clean more sand out of her ears first*






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