Writer’s Block

Hi there!

Apparently my writer’s block as extended to my blog and my jewellery.  Nice eh?

Oddly, it was talking to my mother about her work with jewellery and showing her some of the stuff I’ve made that’s knocked things loose.  Unfortunately, I still have to deal with focusing but I’m working on that too.  

My arm is still screwed but I’m having better days and worse days so I’m hoping it’s improving.  Or maybe not, still can’t fully extend it or bend it all the way without pain.  Can’t flex my hand back more than 40 degrees.  Fun.  

 My arm doesn’t usually stop me from typing.  That would be my head.

After this point it is DEFINITELY an ADULT post.  If you are under 18 – SCRAM.  Shouldn’t be here anyway.  Brat.

I’ve been stumped with Anna & Liam.  You read the paddling.  It was hard, punishing, brutal.  He humiliated her by make her crawl to Marcus and ask permission to do what she had been told to do – suck his cock.

Then Marcus was told to leave and Liam took Anna to the bedroom:  

Chapter Ten


Then Liam reached under the bed and pulled out a heavy suede flogger.  It had thirty twenty inch tails.  It weighed close to three pounds and had a heavy thud when swung properly and with intent.  And that was exactly the way Liam intended to use it.  He laid it out on the bed to show her.

Anna looked at the rich, royal purple suede and shivered in anticipation.  The handle was thick, made for his hands, and covered with braided black and purple leather.  She had been flogged many times and she knew what it could do. Lying down presented its own challenges and rewards for both the flogger and the one being flogged but she was up for it.

Liam picked up the flogger and stood at her head.  He flicked his wrist and the tips swung out and slapped her ass.  He smiled when the contact startled her and made her gasp.  The tips stung the already hot and bruised ass.  Then he spun the flogger in a circle, brushing the tips up her spine to the base of her neck.  Anna writhed and he did the spinning thing twice more – once down her right side and once up her left. 

The whoosh of the flogger in Anna’s ear changed subtly as Liam switched tactics.  He began to swing the heavy whip in a tight figure eight.  He let half the length of the tails slam down on her ass in a weighty thud that wrung a cry of pain from her and reverberated through her hips and lower back.  He pulled back a little on the backswing and snapped the tips against her ass, sending shockwaves of tingles through her spine, straight up to her skull.

Liam worked on her ass like that for several more minutes then brushed her back with the tails of the whip, laying it on her back, so a good half of the leather stroked her flesh as he pulled it up.  He deliberately forced his energy to change from punishing to soothing and set to work on her back with heavy smacks that worked deep into the muscles of her shoulders and upper back.

The knots in Anna’s back began to loosen and let go.  Her mind began to move from submitting to punishment to enjoying the treatment.  Her body began to relax; her limbs refused to obey her and her hips began to move of their own accord.  Arousal started deep in her belly and grew in pulses in time with the landing of the flogger.  Soon her back was hot and her pussy was wet.

Liam saw a colour shift beneath the red from the flogging; red began to swirl again, orange joining it.  Her skin began to heat so much he could feel it standing at her head.  He grinned at the fact that she was becoming aroused.  He moved around the end of the bed and started the caressing thud again down her back, over her ass and down the length of her thighs, stopping just above the backs of her knees.

Anna writhed as he worked up and down her body.  When he moved to smack her feet with the flogger she moaned and thrust her ass in the air.

Liam wasn’t one to pass up on an invitation like that.  He tossed the flogger on to a nearby chair and started on her body with his hands.  He smacked her repeatedly with hard, heavy smacks, much like he had with the flogger, and smoothed the heated skin with his hands before lifting them.  He did this down her back, skipping the unprotected place between ribs and hips, over her ass and down her thighs.  He pressed into her muscles and slid his hands up her thighs and down again, over the backs and down the outsides then up the inner thighs.  His fingers brushed her outer labia before he ignored them and moved over her ass the same way.

A whimper was all Anna could manage.  She writhed under his touch, relaxing, becoming more aroused.  Her heat spread from her flesh to his and she heard his breath catch as the extent of her arousal hit him.  Every time he touched her, the heat of her arousal surged into him.  It ebbed and flowed with each touch until he was almost as hot as she was.  She grinned into the bed and considered pushing the sex idea then gasped again as his hands came down on her shoulders.  All thoughts of seducing him flew out of her head.  His hands grabbed her ankles and crossed them before continuing to pull them gently.

“Roll over, spread your legs, heels to your ass.”  Liam’s voice was a little rough.  Once she’d complied he loosened the rope holding the restraints some then went back and grabbed her hips.  He pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her feet were just able to plant firmly.  Then he tied the rope off again.  Liam stood between her feet and looked into her dark, almost sleepy eyes and smiled.  “Mine, aren’t you, little slut?”

Anna opened her mouth but couldn’t speak.  She settled for a nod and a semi-vacant smile.

Liam frowned at her lack of speech but he had time to work on making her able to answer him when she was this deep in subspace and arousal.  The frown cleared quickly and he began to lightly smack her breasts, belly and inner thighs.  The smacks weren’t hard, but simple, sharp, quick slaps that had her writhing again.  He moved and picked up the chair to set it down at the side of the bed then hooked the flogger over the corner of the chair and sat down.

Now her pussy was nearly at eye level and if the colours of her skin hadn’t clued him in before he could see exactly how aroused she was.  When she bucked her hips, trying to shove her lips in his face he delivered a punishing smack to her inner thigh.  He wasn’t ready to bury his face in her, wasn’t sure he was going to.

Anna whimpered and forced her body to stay still.  She didn’t know what he had in mind but there was a part of her that was screaming at him to get on with it.  She was pretty sure it was the demon but she’d analyze it later.  For now… she whimpered again, trying to beg him to touch her.

Liam smacked her entire pussy with the palm of his large hand.  The action caused the flesh beneath his hand to quiver and the fire beneath her skin to heat up a notch. He did it again, enjoying the wet smacking sound.  He enjoyed her reaction too and knew she was fighting hard not to move her hips.  Liam grinned and decided to do everything he could to break her resolve.  He liked it when she moved in reaction to him.  To that end, he changed tactics, parted her outer labia, leaned forward and swiped her with a broad tongue from taint to clit. 

Anna’s back arched and she gasped at the touch that sent jolts of electricity to the ball of heat in her belly.  Blood and fluid flooded her core and she fought hard not to writhe. 

He did it again, lapping at her like an animal at water. When she gasped and her clit became more engorged he wrapped his lips around it and bit down gently.

That’s what did it.  Anna lost her control and her hips bucked.  She grabbed the rope above her head and gripped it tightly as he alternated between nibbling and outright chewing.  He mixed in sucking and stroking with his tongue and Anna was out of her mind with the pleasure.  She did her best to shove her pussy in his face and he backed off.

Liam lifted his mouth from her and looked up the length of her body.  Her eyes were dark but sharp with hunger and challenge.  Liam growled in response and abandoned the rest of his plan to stand and undo his pants.  He shucked them and tossed them to one side.  Then he climbed on the bed and straddled her chest.  With one hand he gripped his hardening cock and rubbed the head back and forth across her lips. “Open.”

It is here that they and I had a difference of opinion.

I wanted Liam to tease Anna, make her desperate for his cock.  I wanted him to rub the head across her lips, leave the taste and scent behind.

But nooo…. Liam insisted that he wants it rough.  He wants to fuck her face with (seemingly) little care for her well-being.

Anna is Anna, even deep in subspace she still offers a challenge while at the same time doing everything and anything he wants her to do.

Anna opened her mouth just wide enough to stick the tip of her tongue out and lick the head as it passed back and forth. Even in subspace, Liam’s girl was determined to have things her way at times.  She she loved the taste of him, the feel of him on her tongue, and she wanted a moment to savour it.

With a growl, Liam grabbed her jaw and forced her mouth all the way open.  He shoved the head of his cock and the first few inches into her mouth, pressing deeper until she gagged.  “Swallow!”

With an effort, Anna swallowed around him and struggled not to gag again.

Thus, with a single thrust the juices flow.

And yes, I intended the double innuendo. 😉


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