Hi, my name is Catherine and it’s been three days since my last post.

Hi Catherine!

I’ve been going to soccer, writing and housecleaning and on Friday I got my laptop back!  We also went to Ribfest.  As a result of this week’s activities I have a slightly random collection of things to show you.  

We were supposed to go to the chalk festival today but since it’s starting to look soggy I think it’ll be a wash.  (to borrow a friend’s pun)  Maybe we’ll go tomorrow.  It’s just as well, my pain levels are fairly high.  On to the pictures!

This is my soccer-playing daughter with attitude. Specifically “Are you SERIOUSLY taking ANOTHER picture of me??” Isn’t she gorgeous? I *did* take close to a dozen pictures, trying to find the right ones lol

I have to post the picture because it amuses me. As soon as Boykid saw the camera he threw his hand up. “Someone PLEASE get the paparazzi out of my face!”

And, as I said, we went to Ribfest in London on Friday.  It was a lot of fun.  The ribs were good  (the ones from Vegas were better than the ones from …hmm I seem to have forgotten where Peter got his), the people watching was good and the weather was (almost) good.  It could’ve been a little cooler but it wasn’t bad.  

It was held in Victoria Park, which has a LOT of monuments.  I missed a couple with my camera but I did manage a couple for you.

First up is a tank donated to the city by the 1st Hussars on June 4, 1950, in memory of the Hussars “who fell in two world wars.”

The dedications say: “The only tank of the 6th Canadian Armoured Regiment (1st Hussars) to complete campaign in North-West Europe D-Day 6th June 1944 [and] V E-Day 8th May 1945” On a separate plaque it says “In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the First Hussars Regiment of London, Canada 1856 – 1956”

We did take a moment to remember those who fell in those wars.  And then we wondered what modifications were made to the tank to turn it into the memorial.  Cement in the barrel most certainly (I remember my Grampa telling me that waaaay back when we were visiting Borden); the hatches looked welded shut.  

Peter also wondered what it would take to haul a tank like that.  Probably another tank, he jokingly theorized.  So I said “It tanks one to haul one?”

That earned me a look and a groan.

Pretty much sure this says it all about this memorial. But it doesn’t show the memorial itself. Pic comin’ up.

It’s a concrete ‘tree’ with bronze alloy bells cast in a 350 y/o foundry in the Netherlands on steel rings. We weren’t sure where the musical part came in. Does it go off regularly? Do the bells ring in the wind? Is there a way to get it to ring while you’re standing there? We didn’t find anything.

Now for a little about the memorial itself.   According to CanadaAtWar.ca 

On May 5, 1945, Col.-Gen. Johannes Blaskowitz formally surrendered the remaining 117,000 German troops in the Netherlands to Canadian Lt.-Gen. Charles Foulkes of the First Canadian Corps, ending nearly eight months of bitter and difficult fighting.

So  now, of course, I am googling to see if/how the memorial rings out.  

Interesting!  Victoria Park holds the war memorials because it was a site used but the British Military in the nineteenth century.  

Several monuments have become an integral part of the park, including the Boer War Soldiers Monument, which was added in 1912, to a location near three Crimean War cannons, donated by Sir John Carling. On its southeast corner, The Cenotaph, the focus of the annual Remembrance Day Service, is a replica of the one designed by Sir Edward Luytens at Whitehall. Other military monuments include the “Holy Roller” tank, commemorating the First Hussars Regiment’s role in the Normandy Campaign, of World War II, and the Veterans Memorial Garden and Carillon, donated by the Dutch Canadian community, in 2006, in recognition of Canada’s war effort for the liberation of Holland, in WWII. The London Women’s Movement Memorial was placed in the park, in 1994.

Impressive isn’t it?   Doesn’t answer my question.  *laughs*  I did find an article about its arrival in London but nothing to offer how the bells ring.  They do play seventy tunes though!

After we wandered all over the park looking at everything we sat at a picnic table for a while to watch the people


And the #%$^#^%&% squirrels.

Cute little critters.  There was one that crept closer and closer to me (made wish I had something to give it).  He was awfully cute and I wanted a picture.  Every time I lifted my camera when he sat still and (seemingly posed for me) he would run off just as I got the camera focused.  Finally, FINALLY, he sat still.

“Here, you can take the pic now.”

So I did….


Little bastard.  Finally, there was one cute little guy who sat still just long enough.

Cute little tree rat, no?

Lastly, I leave you with a giggle…

The Chinese food delivery vehicle just big enough for one order of won ton soup!

Have a great day folks!



Oh yes, I finished that scene between Liam & Anna.  They set the bedroom on fire.  Literally…

Flames roared around them, eating the drapes and the furniture.  The door burst open and the whoosh of fire extinguishers filled the room just as the two lovers reached their pleasure.  Liam howled as Anna screamed.  Both of them glowed with her inner fire, fire that lived and breathed around them too.  Their fluids gushed from them, each pulse of Liam’s orgasm caused a gush from Anna. 


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