Holiday Bonus!

Good Monday morning everyone!  

Here in Canada we have this inexplicable holiday in the middle of the summer blithely known as “The Civic Holiday Weekend.”  No one really knows what it’s for but we all like it a lot.  

Long weekends mean that Peter and I spend one more night together and this weekend it means we went to the beach again last night to go swimming.  (we go to the beach most nights we’re in Grand Bend but swimming is relatively new)   We were excited because the winds were a little high and that meant there was SURF!  

Have I mentioned that our beach was rated #3 in Canada? 😀

Surf to us means more than knee high waves but smaller than waves big enough to cut under the crest with a surfboard… I can’t remember what it’s called.  It’s right there on the edge of my brain but damn.  I watched all the Gidget movies and the Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello ones.  Point Break with Keanu.  I knew all the terms, Bro.  Damned if I can remember.  *laughs*

So we went.  We went crashing into the waves.  We bobbed with them.  We let them overtake us.  And we took pictures because Peter is fortunate enough to have a waterproof camera.  Fun eh?  😀  

I have ten goofy, wet, sometimes stunning shots to share with you.  Enjoy!  (Oh, by the way, we’re not entirely sure who took all of them. When I am sure, I’ll say so.:) )

Peter took this one. Beautiful isn’t it?

Well… yeah… Trying to breathe again after getting caught by surprise.

Peter popping up through the wave after it crashed over him. He’s having the time of his life right there. 😀

Look! New style bouys! Designed to scare the pants off lifeguards everywhere!

Neat, huh? Accidental click provided a really cool picture. …On a side note, look at all the sand in the water!



BIG wave coming, get ready!

Kilroy was here!

Okay, I have to interrupt the show to say that Kilroy came out of WWII.  Despite the debate about its origins my Grampa always told me that Kilroy was something that came out of Britain when a bunch of British, Canadian and American soldiers were goofing around.  Grampa liked to tell stories so who knows.   But I’ve always liked it.  My Grampa made ceramic sculptures of Kilroy, my dad had one sitting on the top of a bookshelf, the nose hanging down, for years.

Back to the show:

Happy happy! I was enjoying myself thoroughly, despite the beating I was taking. With so many chronic pain issues, the water is the one place I can fully relax.



A self-portrait of me being overtaken. 😀



And finally… the sky was spectacular. The waves may have pushed the sun out of the way but the colours were beautiful.


I think all the sand is finally out of my sinuses and eyes and all the water is out of my ears.  It was a joyful evening and I am blessed to have a boyfriend such as Peter.  (and to live so close to a gorgeous beach like this one!)

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Bonus!

  1. ok first WTF is up with the video lol???
    Second… Dang it looks like you had fun….. wish I had someone to go to the beach with me *frowns a little* but the picks are great I love the ones of the sinset witht he waves, so pretty


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