Look what I have!


Meet Audrey (as in Hepburn, sleek, graceful, gorgeous).  I added the decal *laughs*

Intel® Core™ i5-2450M Processor , 2.50GHz with a turbo boost of up to 3.10GHz.  Dual core with a cache of 3MD.  6GB of installed memory, DDR3, SDRAM, PC3-10600 1333MHz (I’m not sure what the PC3-10600 means but I know the rest).  

It has an on-board graphics card (Intel® HD Graphics 3000), backlight LED tech with a resolution of 1366×768.   It has an HDMI output so I CAN use the big HDTV to watch movies and TV if I want.  

It has Intel® High Definition Audio with xLOUD and Clear Phase™ Technology.  I like the sound so far.  It’s important.

I’m trying to get used to the touchpad, it’s all one piece.  This thing also has what I’m going to call “drag technology.”  I can drag my fingers apart and together to zoom in or out.  Have learned that it will change the angle on some things and fuck it up hard.  (Games in particular)

My camera is onboard powered by Exmor®, whoever that is.  And I have an optical, DVD SuperMulti drive.

Does anyone know it means that a keyboard has “2mm stroke and 19.05mm pitch”?

Audrey weighs less than George did too – he was close to 8 pounds and Audrey is just shy of 6.  This is helpful with someone who has so much unpredictable trouble with being able to lift things.

I just had to share.  No more computer problems.. at least for a while.

Have a great day!



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