WeddingThis and Highland That

For some reason, Anna has decided that she wants to show Liam and the rest of the Pack that she respects their culture by having a troupe perform a Highland dance.

I thought “Okay, that won’t be a bitch to write or anything but I like the idea.”  

There are two dances I knew of off the bat: The Fling and the Sword Dance.  Everybody knows those dances, right?  (Okay, maybe it’s just some Canuck who’s been obsessed with Scotland since she was a kid that knows)  Apparently there are ways and there are ways to do those dances.  

There’s a traditional sword dance like this one: 

There’s another traditional one called the Army Sword Dance (I think) that looks like this:

There’s the Fling, which I like but I don’t think fits in with a Supernat wedding attended by all kinds of were-animals.  

So I’m thinking – after a lot of research – that maybe combining these guys:  (And I swear, if you’ve not clicked on a video yet, click on this one!)

with some one like these three:


A male who can dance traditional and wild at the same time.  Someone who can throw themselves into the music.  Who can turn his body into the music, show the emotions with his movements.  A fire dancer.  I wonder if there are any in Scotland?

Oh and aye, there are.  A quick Google search provided me with several options.  

I think they’re going to be a small Wolf Pack living in Northumberland National Park.  Mountain men style.  

It’s settled!  Even D thinks it’s a good idea (grudgingly mind you).  It’ll be a surprise.  And I do love that it’s fiction and I can do/get anything I want for the wedding.  hehehe  It’s going to be the Clanadonia, a huge bonfire and a fire dancer or six.

I think the Clanadonia are phenomenal.  The question truly is: Can I do them justice writing about them?  They are as much visual as they are audio.  


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