Life Lessons

Out on my walk (4 mornings this week, thank you very much, and that means I deserve Timmies) and I discovered three life lessons.

1.  You really can chase a rabbit down a rabbit hole.  Damn thing was too fast for me to get a picture of though.

2. Never take a wooded path early in the morning without long pants and sleeves.  Especially in a town that calls itself the “mosquito capital of Southwestern Ontario.”  (It isn’t but we really do have so little to brag about)




3.  And this is really most important:

Never assume that the path before you is the only option there is.

There are always options.

Some are difficult to climb.


Some are a steep climb that lead to the scary unknown.  (I know, it’s blurry, took me 43 tries to take pics of anything today though)

And some are a slippery slope full of bumps, bruises and scrapes that could lead someplace beautiful.

So you never know if the path you see before you is the only one there, if it’s the path you’re stuck on.

Heavy for a 7 am walk, eh?  

Oh and some places that look peaceful can really stink:

This place smelled like stale water, mold and deep fried things.

Just some thoughts to share with you today!

In HW3 I have decided that Alasdair the Betrayer is going to frighten a Glen Coe family into service – day time protectors, errand runners etc.  Have a chapter in my head that will show that.  And the kind of evil that he is becoming.  I’m not quite sure where it’s going to go that won’t be a Vampire cliche but we’ll see.  Maybe a run in with someone in Cain’s Kiss that will leave a mark in the books and piss Cain off.

Ooh, yes, good idea.

Oh and the old woman in the massacre chapter that just fades away and disappears (Liliya lets her go) dies and becomes a ghost, staying hidden from everyone, waiting for the chance to tell someone what happened.  Someone who can help.  Maybe she travels with Allie and Liliya?  hmmm  I like this.

Yes, tomorrow I will still be posting a photoblog.  I have something special to show you.

Have a great Friday folks!  


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