Motivations, Development and Blocks

ARGH!  I’ve been stuck AGAIN!   And why?  Because I realized that I don’t know why Alasdair the Second would betray his entire clan and set about having them destroyed.  Or why Liliya, a beautiful Russian Vampire, would turn a man such as he.  

So I need a little back story on the two of them I think.  I’ve been mulling this over for a week now and I think it comes down to two things:



Obvious right?


I think Liliya is the love.  She wants a companion for her (semi) eternal life.  For some reason she fell for the angry Highlander.  Maybe Allie reminds her of her father.  A brute of a man in the 14th Century who was angry most all the time.  Maybe.  Or maybe she sees something in Allie he doesn’t know is there yet.  Maybe her turning was a violent thing.  

Allie is in it for the power.  He hated being a second son (second born, numbers 3 & 4 were girls) and wanted to rule the clan for himself.  He’s promised power, wealth and eternal life with a beautiful woman.  What more could a man want?  Especially a man dissatisfied with being the second son who is being sent off to serve in the Church of Scotland.  He met her when he was sent to a General Assembly of the Church.  He served in his own Kirk at the will of his father.  He did so with a good pretense of being a good, godly man.  He was to be sent to theological university, leaving his wife behind.

(Writing on the fly here)

His marriage to Sarah Campbell was meant to ease relations between the two clans but he hated her.

And this is where I will veer off from history.  Sarah dies and Allie remarries but obviously, since he’s going to be a Vampire, he’ll not do that.  I’m trying to decide where the wealth and power comes in but maybe he’ll buy up land under assumed names throughout Glen Coe over the centuries and hold on to it.  Haven’t decided why yet.  Maybe he’ll rule the clan for a few years and leave before someone notices he’s not aging properly.  There’ll be stories of people disappearing, whispered terror over why he doesn’t come out before sunset.  And maybe snide tales about the beautiful Russian who lives in sin with him.  

*le sigh*  That means rewriting this chapter.   Again.

But the blockage is smaller.  

Now, if I could stop hurting quite so bad and stop getting toxed.  

Oh wait, that means getting rid of the children.  (My 16 y/o son has his 16 y/o best friend over, an Xbox and an HDTV.  My 12 y/o daughter is also here but being quiet) 




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