Construction Fun

As promised, some thing fun and totally cool.  Again, that might just be me but I do know that my 55 y/o boyfriend was pretty fascinated too.  

Across the street from our friend’s house they’re putting up a new house.  The process is fascinating.  Also sickening apparently, we were watching them pump the concrete into the forms and I suddenly got slapped with a migraine so hard I nearly fell over AND almost puked all over the neighbour’s lawn.  We believe it was the diesel fumes, the trucks were running constantly.  I did not take all the pics I’m going to show you.  Peter took a bunch of the ones of the trucks.  

These guys were the cement pumper truck and the cement mixer truck operators:

They thought I was cute, taking pictures of them and their work. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed them. 😀

I’ll be 39 in less than two weeks but apparently people still think ‘cute’ is a good word for me.  *shakes her head*

Construction is fascinating, whether it’s something as simple as a toaster or as complex as a building.  Admit it, if you’re walking downtown and you see work on a building going on, you crane your neck to see what you can see.  You point at a crane and say to the nearest person (hopefully someone you know!) and say “Cool!  I wonder what that guy does when he needs a break.”  (or to pee or how he stays cool or “that can’t be comfortable”)  If there’s a hole in the ground, you stop to look.  And dammit, you’ve always wanted to take apart that toaster just to see how it works.  (ok, that last might be the people I know. *laughs*)

So, we watched them get the hole in the ground and put up the forms:

These are the walls for the foundation. They had it sectioned into large (but short) basement area, porch and garage.

Then the pumper and mixer arrived and started pouring.  

That boom pipeline, at full extension is 200′ (61m) long. It can be as short as 56′ (17m).

There are no helping pump mechanisms on the boom.

The cement is poured into a hopper from the mixer.  From there it goes through a sieve to remove anything that might clog the pipeline and an auger keeps the cement turning and flowing. It’s shunted into a valve system that forces the cement before it up through the pipeline.  To clean it they take a firm rubber ball just slightly larger than the tube size and suck it backwards through the boom.   Cool eh?

At the end of the boom are guys guiding it. And more guys following behind smoothing it out.

It ends up looking like this:  

and this…

The next week (last week) I went back with Peter and they had already done this:

We figured out that the basement is only about 5′ high.  A stupid height. Too short to walk, too tall to crawl.   But at least it’s finished and not a dirt crawlspace like the one at the house I lived in when I was married.  *shudders*  

Today I’ll take pics of the way it looks now.  Peter says they’ve done an amazing amount of work for “only a few people working a few hours a day.”  I can’t wait to check it out.

I feel like crap today but it’s better than Thursday and Friday so I’ll take it.  I am getting out of the house later and to the beach so I’m happy.  

I hope you all get out to enjoy the day today.  Have a great weekend!


NOTE!  I totally panicked Peter because I misspelled the word ‘six’.  My birthday is in less than SIX weeks, not too.  So sorry, my Love.  Muah.


2 thoughts on “Construction Fun

  1. Cool pics! I too like watching houses and other buildings being built. It’s fun to watch the progress and to see all the different ways things are created.


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