Day and Night

Good Saturday morning to you wonderful people!

I am feeling almost normal today!  More at peace than I have in more than a week.  Last night I ate my first, solid, full meal in almost a week.  It was yummy.

Chicken BBQed with a dry rub – La Grille Vegetable Seasoning – and a salad made up of romaine lettuce, grapes, strawberries, carrots and tomatoes. Yep, I like to play with my salad ingredients. No dressing on mine.

After dinner we went to the beach where I buried myself ankle deep in the soft wet sand just at the edge of the water, far enough in to feel the waves rolling in, and meditated.  It was lovely.  Full moon, wind in the water.  Great place to be to reconnect with myself and wash away the illness of the past week.

Because I’ve been in the house in my pyjamas essentially since last Friday (except for a trip to the ER) I didn’t think I had any pictures for you.  Going through my camera last night proved me wrong, very wrong. *laughs*   It is an eclectic mix of pictures I’ve taken over the last few weeks.  We run the gamut from landscapes to macros to house construction and one very goofy picture.  Let’s get started. 

A picture perfect day at the beach. It wasn’t too hot, just windy enough for the sails, warm enough to play in the water and lay in the sand getting a melanoma. Er… I mean a suntan.

On a whim, I decided to take a picture of the sun on the water with the “sparkle” setting on my camera. Yes, I know I’ve done this before. I just love the effect and this is a particularly pretty version of it. And yes! I know the horizon is off. A tad.

The pier and the lighthouse at sunset. I like the colours and shadows but I think my favourite part of the picture is the perspective.

I found this to be a visually striking composition and I didn’t even create it, it was just there. There is a certain sadness in the single, sodden monarch wing laying against the stones on the water’s edge.

I was trying for an upward view of the sunset from the edge of the pier and this is what I got. It’s kind of a fishbowl view. And the only setting I used was my landscape one.

A macro shot that ended up being quite striking. I think the image is evocative.

I caught this on one of my morning walks a couple of weeks ago. I love the peace in this picture.

Crisp, clean and beautiful. The simplicity of this small flower is what inspired me to turn on the macro setting and attempt it. Only two pictures left!

Progress! There are walls now. It’s starting to look like a house. Off to the left are the roof trusses. Next week should be interesting.

Okay, I lied. NOW There are two pictures left.  First, the goofy picture.

This is my goofy cat trying to explore the inside of my tiny apartment washing machine. There’s a single dishtowel hanging from the lid. The machine is open so it could dry after its last use and Goofy here decided he HAD to check out the interior. I was kind of hoping he’d fall in so I could take a picture of that. *laughs*

Last night was the second full moon of the month. I wanted a picture of it but I can’t hold the camera still long enough on the night settings. So I put it on a tripod. Still got several blurry pictures (the tripod fell over at one point *laughs*). Then Peter asked if there was a timer. I set the timer (and discovered that pressing the shutter button halfway starts the timer) and this is my favourite of about a dozen (overall) pictures that I took last night. It didn’t come out as orange as it looked to me but… It’s still good.

That brings us to the end of this week’s photoblog!  

My town has it’s 154th fall fair coming up and there is a photography contest.  I am planning on entering one of my pictures.  They will be judging impact & style, composition, lighting and presentation.  (Do you suppose ‘presentation’ means the way it’s framed??  *looks alarmed*) I have to have my entry form in by the 10th and my selection made soon after that so I can get it printed and framed.   

I will be enlisting your help in making that selection.  I am going to pick a half dozen, at the most, pictures and post them for you to vote on.  Please help!

Have a wonderful, FINAL long weekend of the summer folks!  Muah!


10 thoughts on “Day and Night

  1. amitabha for the monarch butterfly. Awed by the lighthouse in sunset. and lmao at the kitty.
    Great pictures Catherine! and so glad you feel much better now! Eat well 🙂


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