Fun with Macros

Good morning boys and girls!

This week I have for you a house update (Peter took those pictures because I wasn’t there) and a few macro shots that go from creepy to beautiful.  😀

First, the house.  Thank you for the photos Peter!

The roof trusses went up this week and Peter says that yesterday they started laying the tar paper and ice shields down.  And there was a crane!  I love big machines.

The crane. Looks like a fun job. 😀

See? Fun. I’d imagine there’s a ton of accuracy involved. And the guys waiting to tack it in place must work quickly and with an equal amount of accuracy. I don’t envy them their job.

If the eye is the window to the soul does that make Peter super creepy? We were trying to capture the colours because I, for one, cannot focus well enough up close to see all of my eye. And I was trying to show him all the colours in his.

I tend to think my eyes are one of my best features. I may have to rethink that.  They show my age up that close.   *laughs* The colouring though… that’s pretty cool.

I think this is an aster but I’m not sure. I photographed it because of the colours. I love the way the orange fades to white and the purple centres really pop.

The orange against the hot pink of the begonias just made me smile.

I saw these pansies on my first day of school walk and loved the colour. The dampness simply made them shine.

That’s all I have for you today folks!  Have a great weekend!  

I need to get my entry together for the fair and find out where to drop it off on Monday.  THEN I will start choosing pictures.



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