Good morning folks!  

Last week Peter found an article about a website called Wattpad.com.  I put it off.  I don’t like the idea of sharing my work.  I’m totally paranoid about someone stealing it.  But, I have come to a conclusion, or two.

One.  NOT being a part of the writing community is stalling me.  I think if I can get out there, be active and be seen, I’ll have more success.  

Two.  Seriously, this is not the same publishing world it was.  Ebooks are becoming the norm.  Paper books are on the way out.  The influx of vanity presses who will publish ANYTHING  if you pay them properly inundated the world of books with crap.  So did self-publishing.  There are a ton of books out there whose editing is so bad they can’t be read.  Whose story lines are impossible to follow.  It seems like everyone thinks they can write.  Not everyone can. I am sure there are a lot of great ideas out there but there are people who can tell a story, people who can write a story and, honestly, sometimes there are those who can just come up with the ideas.  (Who knows, maybe I’m one of the ones who can’t write eh?)

Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake) was one of the first urban fiction writers.  She made the genre.  Charlaine Harris (the Sookie stories) was close.  Then came Kim Harrison (Rachel Morgan).  And lesser known, but still a best seller,  Faith Hunter.  At the time their books started coming out I was writing about Naia.  

Then my friends C & G died.  I started writing a short story called Highland Wolves.  That blossomed into a novel and it became two, then three and now four.

I want to know how my concept will be received.  I want to know what readers will think of my particular style, my voice.  And so, I’m going to give away Highland Wolves.  Hopefully it will lead to a book deal but right now, I want… no, I NEED to know what people think.

And now the prologue…

Here you go.  Enjoy it.



4 thoughts on “Wattpad.com

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to comment to let you know that I have followed your link through to your story on Wattpad, have read the first upload and am awaiting more. In mentioning that you were unsure about sharing your creative writing on Wattpad, it made me realise I was exactly the same at first. I had a lot of trouble getting over the idea that it would leave doors open for people to possibly steal my work and claim it as their own. However, as you also stated, success will be evident through social networking with other writers. I’m following you on Wattpad :]


    1. Wow! Thank you Lisa-Marie. It terrifies me no end to share my work like this but I think something good will come of it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the prologue! There are 39 chapters, I’m trying to decide how quickly to put them out. I’ll figure it out. 😉


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