Fascinating Pieces of Life

Good Sunday morning – hmmm well, it’s 6 minutes away from afternoon, let me fix this.

Good Sunday afternoon ladies and gentlemen!  How has your weekend been thus far?  Mine has been great!   

This week has had its ups and downs.  For instance, a down was my doc suggesting strongly that I avoid walking as much as possible (and do my elliptical trainer instead) and that I should definitely avoid walking on the beach.

HA!  As if.  But I will curtail the walks on the beach.   The weather has been cooling off – as you can see here:

Peter is wearing three layers here and I had on a windbreaker and sweater over my t-shirt too.

With the change in weather comes more wind and more wind means more water rushing up on the sand.  It means, in the long run, that the sand is firmer and easier to walk on.  So, minimal, but not stopping.  I will do all it takes to slow the degeneration in my back EXCEPT stay off the beach, it is too good for my mental health.

It also means fewer people on the beach:

Our chairs were so lonely. That person walking away used them as a base to take pictures of the pier and Peter & I walking along the beach towards it.

This week I saw some fascinating things and had to take pictures of them.  Starting with this: 

This is a pea sized bit of cat food the ants stole from Terror’s dish. His food dish is set in a small tray to try and discourage them. They still manage to get food out.

A single ant was dragging it across the floor. I was amazed. It would have dragged it six or seven feet across the floor and down the length of my kitchen table to…

…here. That space between the lengths of floor molding there also happens to be the entrance to their home. I keep my floors fairly clean to minimize the temptations and yet, over the course of a week, they will still find things. They break the large pieces down into ones that will fit through that space (I watched) and take them down into the warren of tunnels that makes up their home.


This weekend we went to the Native American Harvest Festival and Pow wow at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.  It was wonderful!  The music was very soul stirring and the energy was just amazing.  Unfortunately, Peter didn’t feel that way about the Pow wow itself but he did truly like the workshop we took.  Pow wow etiquette dictated that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of anything but the Grand Entrance and I will share a few of them with you.  Unfortunately, people kept getting in my way.

The Elders begin the entrance with a slow double step stomp.  They are accompanied by the veterans and flag and colour bearers.


They are followed by the lead male and female dancers.

One of the most fascinating and colourful of the regalia was the Draco dancer. Draco means Serpent in this instance and the Serpent stands for wisdom, life and knowledge. I wish I’d been able to ask precisely what his dance meant. Perhaps if I’d been able to watch it they’d have explained it.

A close up of the Draco regalia. Fantastic isn’t it?

We had royalty there. This gorgeous little girl is named Phoenix and she is the Princess of South Eastern Michigan, the Little Miss.

Those were the most fascinating of the dancers at the Pow wow and the Grand Entrance is the only time I was allowed to take pictures.  I had a fabulous full length photo of a beautiful jingle dress but out of respect for the woman wearing it, I won’t post it here.  

As I said, we attended a workshop.  It was about Native American mandalas.  Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle and the Native Americans take it to mean the circle of life, usually.  For some it is about our life journey and for others it’s hung for healing.  They hang them in their houses for protection Moses, our teacher, told us.  We made ones in the shape of shields.  

This is mine. It’s a wolf howling at a medicine wheel moon. My medicine wheel is about 180 degrees tilted the wrong way but the colours are in the right order I believe. A wolf means family and loyalty.

This is Peter’s. He did a turtle, which is the symbol of the Native creation myth. They believe that the Creators made North America on the back of a giant turtle. Isn’t this fabulous? He did a wonderful job with it.



And that makes me done folks!  I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend and I will go put my feet up and relax.  I’m in a breathtaking amount of pain today.  

In the next couple days I will have some exciting news!  Be sure to pay attention, you’ll want to!




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