As Promised…

I said on Sunday that I would have big news for you and this morning I am pleased to announce it.

I have been hemming and hawing for a long time about the whole ebook only thing but with the help of my Dad I can do it so that it is in print as well.  (I do need to purchase an ISBN though)  This past week I have been thinking long and hard about finally putting my book out there, about just shoving it into the market place and hoping for the best.  

Well, I, the Queen of Cold Feet, finally made a decision and I am pleased to announce:

Witch Hitlist is LIVE on’s Kindle store!

My celebratory giveaways will be a little delayed but the giveaways WILL happen.  Click on the word LIVE and it’ll take you to my book’s page.

I’m so freaking happy about this I’m sitting here in tears trying not to scream and dance giddily because my kids are asleep still.

I want a drink. I want chocolate. I want to dance.  I want to slap posters of the book up everywhere.  
I’m a little pleased.  Can you tell?  (I do have both chocolate & alcohol in the house but given that it’s 6:15 a.m. I’ll show a little restraint.  Probably.)

Mr. Happy here has it right.


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