The Best of Summer

Hi everybody!  You’ll have to forgive my lateness today.  I’m in a fibro flare and it’s left me kind of dozy, lacking in focus.  Fibromyalgia is defined, generally, “as a collection of symptoms.”  I could go into what it is and how pissy doctors who are supposed to be experts in the field of musculoskeletal disorders make me are totally ignorant but I won’t.  It will be enough to say that I am in a great deal of pain I can do nothing about.  However, I know this time that with the flare I will not be sitting like a bump on a frog on a log at the bottom of the sea.  (Old children’s song, remember it?  One of those ones that layered lyrics and expected you to remember all that came before it, like The Twelve Days of Christmas.)  Hopefully that will prevent it from lasting for several months.

You know, one of the things I like about this new layout is that the pictures are much bigger!  That will make Saturday that much more exciting and it will be easier to see the detail in my photos.  I LOVE that! 😀

Today’s theme is, as the title suggests, the best of summer.  We have macros, camera tricks, landscapes, lake-scapes and sunsets.  Here we go!

First, from July, I have three pictures.  Two favourites and an honourable mention.

This is my honourable mention. Here simply because it makes me smile. 😀

I love the colours, the focus, the lighting. It was somewhat accidental but some of my best pics have come out that way.


Of course this had to be included. It’s an almost perfect example of family at the beach.

Now for July.  There were a LOT of pictures taken that month and a lot of things shared.  It was hard to choose just three, so I ended up with four. *laughs*

This, of course! It’s so huge. The sense of space is vast and it’s a beautiful moon. Clouds stacked on top of each other so tall the tops seem miles above the trees. The colours, the space, the shadows, it all gets me.

This one is so light, so bright, so evocative of summer that it just had to be included too. It’s one of Tee’s favourites.




It’s soothing, serene, beautiful. A perfect evening on the lake.  Makes you feel small, doesn’t it?

Sunset at the lake again, surprise! *laughs* I love the shadow at the front and the light at the back. It adds depth, I think, and that’s what I was going for.


August has FIVE pictures!  Neither Tee nor I could narrow it down anymore than that.  But this summer was so full of adventure, laughs and such beautiful things I couldn’t help but take a zillion pictures.

This is the blue moon in August. Yes, I’m starting at the end of the month. I was so surprised to find that I’d taken a GOOD picture of the moon that I had to post it here the week I took it and post it again now.

I love the colours here too, as well as the perspectives.


The brightness of the sunset is a stark contrast to the deep blues of the lake here. It’s lovely.



Pop art setting meets the pier on a virtually perfectly cloudless day.

Pop art on summer flowers, how much more summer could it be?

And now on to September and the last few pictures.  

The outrageous combination of colours here made this something I had to repost. It is one of my favourites.

Sun dried escargot anyone? *laughs* Seriously though, I took this picture because the shell was in them middle of a wind and water swept beach and the shades of brown combined with the swirl of the shell just tickled my fancy.


This couple, in their 70s if they’re a day, came all the way down 42 steps to walk 30 yards down the beach and come back to sit on the bench in front of me. Before they left she was snuggled up against his side with her head on his shoulder. It warmed my heart to see them.

I took pictures of this mammoth web built against the side of the cottage and then took the best and cropped it and cropped it again until I had this detailed close up of it. Tee was totally against me putting this picture up but I am doing it anyway because the details and construction are so amazing.

And now for the LAST photo of summer!  (Even though the equinox happened three hours ago now, I’ve been SLOW today.)

Yours truly. I took this at the beginning of September with my laptop’s built-in camera and I like it. I’m a tad too shadowed perhaps but I like it. I don’t look like I’m 2 weeks away from 39 do I?

Damn, I keep forgetting it’s got the date watermarked onto it.  But it’s true!  My birthday is October 5th, 1973.  And I love my birthdays.  I celebrate them.  I love my life as it is and I look forward to what will come.  

These are my top pics for the summer (and a couple of Tee’s).  I hope you liked them as much as I did.  

And now, to rest properly.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!





4 thoughts on “The Best of Summer

  1. well I am glad I could be of help choosing the pics. I really do enjoy all of your pics and I know I get to see more than those that read your blog….. I wish there were room for you to put them all up but then your blog wouldn’t be about your writing it would be about pics lol.
    I HATE THE WEB!!!!!!! *shudders*


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