Print copies!


Well!  I have made an enormous decision.

I am putting HW1 up on Createspace as a POD (print-on-demand) offering. 

This means that when you choose to purchase a hard copy from me they will print and ship it.  It means I don’t have to pay for shipping and it provides an virtually infinite number of copies whereas having ONLY the copies Dad is paying for leaves me with a finite number and with me paying shipping for all of them.

Using Createspace AND my father’s offer will allow me to expand my market.  Createspace offers a store front that will, I’m hoping, allow me to include the KDP link to the ebook.  And the physical copies from Dad’s printer will allow me to a) send out select autographed copies; b) send copies to reviewers that prefer the physical; c) take books to local independent bookstores and d) allow me to have copies on hand for book readings.  

See?  I have it worked out.  And I feel good about it.  I have a good feeling this will work out well.  




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