It’s a Beautiful Day



So! Yesterday was Hell Day.

First, Wednesday night I discovered that the cover kaeli made me doesn’t work with Createspace’s specs.  So I left a message for her.

Second, This week as been too toxic because my kids have run out of their proper laundry soap and had to use something that was “mountain spring” scented.  It’s messed with my head and emotions.  So I’m not destressing properly anyway.

Third, well, this one takes a little explaining.  I’m disabled, right, and I’m on social assistance while I try to get on disability income.  Being the way my particular system is I have to fill out a little card every month that details my income – or lack thereof as the case may be.  I’m supposed to turn it in by the 20th.  I found it on my desk yesterday morning and a suspension letter in my mail.  

Can we just say I have a grasp of language and a way with words that would make a sailor blush?

So, a flurry of desperate sounding phone calls to my social worker (who prefers ONE phone call and happened to be in a staff meeting most of the morning) and a harried trip into the city later, I still don’t know what’s going to happen.  

Fourth, I FINALLY heard back from kaeli.  She told me it is SOP for an artist to only keep the work for three months.  Meaning, she’s thrown out the PSD and all the individual jpegs to create my cover.  And THAT means she can’t fix it to the specs I need.  Neither can she recreate it.

Fantastic.  No cover for the print book.

Again, sailors blushing.

Thank the Gods I have wonderful, fabulous friends with talents and whom I adore.

Dawn Neil, owner of the small photography business Dawn Neil Studios, has an immense talent with photos and an almost equally immense talent with Photoshop.  She offered to help me build a new cover.  By help, apparently, she meant I’ll pic out the pics and she’ll put them together, with my approval.

Fine by me.  😀

I have exceptional friends.  The people in my life are just absolutely amazing.  

So far we have two photos – Dawn took the one of the woman and one of many a friend of ours took on a trip to Scotland.


Without the sheep of course

Isn’t the girl beautiful?  That’s Anna.  The hair will change a little, for the addition of silver streaks in place of her blondest ones.  And her eyes are changing to gold.  

In the landscape photo I think the Anna picture will cover the lamb but either way, I’m wonderfully happy with both pictures.  The next thing is to pick a font and colour.  And as soon as it’s done the book will be complete!

So yes, it’s a wonderful world and a beautiful day.  


Oh hey!  I have a sample for you!

😀 I like it so far. The streaks in Anna’s hair are natural so it’ll have to be extended to cover the roots but I love how the look is shaping up.



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