A Sneak Peak

Gooooooooood Saturday morning people!  

Today is Saturday, my photoblog but today I only have two pictures to show you and it’s because they are simply stunning.  

As I said yesterday, my friend Dawn offered to create my cover for me.  This is the end result of the front cover.

Beautiful isn’t it?

Dawn does some simply incredible work.

So Createspace’s cover program basically boils down to three options

  • Pick one of their themes and insert your text.

Lacking in serious imagination there.  Which I am not.

  • Pick a theme and insert a cover photo on the front, insert your text and select background and font colours on the back.  

Which is what I did first.

I was picking out a colour to try to work seamlessly with this cover here *points up* and said as much to Dawn.  She said “I can make the back cover for you.”   And that brings me to option three:

  • Upload a single file that has front and back cover

So this morning that’s precisely what she did.   Dawn volunteered, again, to help me out.  And she created this awesome work of art:


The ONLY word I can think of this is stunning.  

Dawn did a lot of work for me and I’m grateful.  I think she had some fun but she didn’t have to do it at all and I am pleased all the way around.   Dawn is a friend of mine and I love her anyway but now… I want to send her a balloon bouquet.  *laughs*  Or a chocolate and fruit one!

Today we are off to the psychic fair.  That should be fun. 😀  Maybe I’ll get a new crystal out of it.

Have a good weekend!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have more pictures to share but this… this just blows it all away.


10 thoughts on “A Sneak Peak

  1. Oh no. I’m sorry you missed the gift copy. I was only given 5 days to allow people to order one. There is a sneak peek to read the first chapter by clicking the cover of the book on the Amazon site though. When you are a guest… I use something from your site as a clue in our Blood Red Games, where any reader can submit answers to the questions, accumulate points, and win a prize.

    Thank you for participating. You will be in an upcoming episode 🙂


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