It’s been an insanely busy week here this week and I completely forgot about the promotion I set up for this weekend!   

Kindle Direct Publishing allows me to set up a FREE BOOK promotion 5 days out of every 90 and I chose this weekend for two reasons: 


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving eh!

And two: 

It’s my birthday!

That’s why it’s been so stressful this week.  My Dad is on his way here this morning to take me out for a birthday shopping spree and a fabulous lunch (lucky, lucky me! Grateful, grateful me!) so I’ve been making sure my house is clean.  He’s never been here before so of course it had to be CLEANED. 

Plus we’ve been having trouble with the cover.   The dimensions were wrong and live content kept bleeding into the spine and the trim areas.  Blah blah blah.  Dawn is a saint I tell you.  This is the final version:

This is the FINAL version of the cover! It’s so gorgeous!

How do I know it’s the final?  Dawn put a lot of work into it and I submitted it all yesterday, again.  And this morning I discovered the email that says it’s all been approved!  Happy birthday from Createspace!  *laughs*    All I have to do is approve the proof and the book will be in print!  

So why haven’t I?  It has weird spacing because of their template.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  I’m hoping in print it doesn’t come out that way.  hm Having said that…  *goes to the Createspace tab*

Congratulations! You have completed the proofing step and your book is ready to be sold.

Except it takes 5-7 business days to be listed.  LOL  BUT the book is in print and will be available by this time next week for sure!

Which makes another reason for this weekend’s promotion!

For this weekend ONLY  (starting yesterday) Witch Hitlist, the ebook, is FREE!  

That’s right.  FREE!

So you can pick up a copy to read and enjoy.  I don’t think you can pass it around but you can write a review (Pretty please?) and tell your friends about it.  

It’s a Birthday-Thanksgiving weekend promotion. 

And now I have to go obsess about my house.  Have a fabulous day everyone!  I know I will.  


5 thoughts on “Promotions!

  1. Hi, happy birthday! Can I also have a free copy of your Witch Hitlist? I have a problem getting it from Amazon. Flatliner also gave me a free copy of his book through email because I can’t have it through Amazon. Thanks in advance.


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