Life is all about it, eh?

Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving and it reminded me that it is important to acknowledge your blessings.  I do, almost daily, but sometimes it’s important to put them out there in writing or verbalize them vocally.  I put them into my journal today.  I think it helps a lot in maintaining a positive mental state of mind to know the good things in your life.  Most of my blessings are the people in my life.  And my undying gratitude for the experiences and events that led to me being where I am.

However, today we’re talking perspectives in photography.  A different kind of viewpoint.  I may need another cup of tea first.

Tea received.  Two bits of business left.  

One, an author I like, Kallysten, a writer of love and sensuality, is doing month long giveaways to get more people aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Join the giveaways, make a donation to help find a cure, feel good about yourself and maybe help someone you love.


This is the last day to get Witch Hitlist for FREE!  Be sure to grab a copy and spread the word!

Be sure to post a review please!  

On to the photography portion of today’s blog. 

It’s been a little while since I posted the pictures I’ve been taking and there’s a bit of a build up.  *laughs*  However, this is the picture that kicked off my theme this week:

A very old truss bridge we found on a roundabout drive home.

Peter is actually standing under the FIRST sign, making like he’s going to touch it.  I love that it looks like he’s touching the second sign, some fifty feet behind him.  He also kind of looks like he’s jumping.  This is a good example of overlap perspective.   And it was achieved accidentally using only the landscape setting on my camera and, I believe, a single zoom.  

Blowing sand, sunset… the elements here all conspired to make a photo I just had to take.

It took me a few tries to get this shot.  I wanted the sand blowing across the boardwalk but that simply didn’t work out.  I ended up with sand in the camera.  Thankfully it was easily cleaned out.  So I went across the boardwalk and around the sand garden and knelt down to take this.  We have excellent foreground perspective here leading to a little bit of height.  Perspective was something I was thinking about as I took the shot along with trying to capture the movement of the sand.  I think I used the ‘sport’ setting and I edited this photo to make it less yellow.  I do like how everything seems to be bending in the wind.

Being sandblasted wasn’t a new experience.  😉

I was going for waves crashing on the pier and ended up with this.

Taken with the sport setting and edited to make it less yellow (I don’t know what was up with the light that evening!) this is a great example of aerial perspective.  Aerial perspective is when the light is diffracted enough to make the distance seem less distinct.  I also happen to have sunspots in this and it works out well for the perspective on distance.

Sunset in the clouds. Tall, tall clouds!

Good height perspective here.  A little fuzzy at the bottom but who’s looking there?  *laughs*  I used the landscape setting here, no editing.  I love the height of the clouds, the sheer mammoth size of them.  Also, I really, really like the colour.

A sweet perspective. 😉

Gluten free Peanut Blossoms. Chocolate and peanut butter.  Just because.

A little distance

Your basic, garden variety distance perspective.  I took this photo out of the passenger side window of a moving car.  Why?  Because I can.  And because I loved the sun coming through the clouds.  It was on ‘sport’ setting here.  It’s really the only way to do that. 

Next week I think I’m going to do macros again.  I have some very interesting ones and some pretty ones and some that art both!  Like this one:

Rawr! A wee snapdragon, long past season, that I found tucked away in a friend’s garden. It was hiding between a large section of mums and an evergreen.

And yes, I know it’s a tad fuzzy.  To me it looks like the flower is sitting in front of a green screen shot of a garden. *laughs*

Happy turkey day to my Canadian readers and happy Columbus Day to my American readers!  Remember – without Columbus, not one of us would be here the way we are!  

Let that change your perspective on your world. 😉



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