Celebrate! Double Celebration!

Holy fuck!  

Well pardon my language but I’m stunned!  

To date I have sold 1275 books!  

You people are wonderful!

I have increased the price to $5.  I, and others, felt I was selling myself short.  It is a full book that you’re getting.  I feel that ebooks should be cheap but I don’t want to be so cheap that it’s felt my content is sub par.   It is very much not sub par!  I have a fantastic story, beautiful characters, fantastic imagery.  I have a wonderful book, typos and all.  

Oh and have I mentioned that 

Witch Hitlist is NOW IN PRINT!

😀 I am thrilled!  Beyond thrilled.  That beautiful cover is available for you to buy! 

Two steps left and then we are good to go where I want to go.  

Giveaways are coming soon… I hope… they’re LONG past due!

I love you guys!


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