To Santa or Not to Santa

Hi there!  

It is Hump Day and I am thoroughly toxed trying to finish the cleaning of my new clothes so I may ramble a bit.  

On the weekend I began work on the characters for NaNo.  In case you don’t remember, sometime in the summer Peter and I stumbled on the story for this year’s NaNoWriMo: A Year in the Life of S. Claus.  Of course, my work starts with my main character, Mr. Claus himself.

So here’s my little bio so far:

“Santa Claus” is a suit the man puts on every year to deliver presents.  The big belly?  The big white beard?  They only exist as costume props.  Oh the sleigh is real- *stops*

Oh dear, that sounds like an opening line, doesn’t it?  

Anyway, Santa’s real name is Ari Lykke (pronounced Ah-ree Loo-kuh).  The man is 6’4″ and kind of looks like Paul Sr. 

This guy. Only less mean.

And less mustache.  Ari is clean shaven.  He is blond.  Blue eyes.  The hair is cut close on the sides, little longer on top.  And he has big hands.  (I like big hands.)

Ari is pretty much like you’d expect Santa to be – funny, smart, compassionate and a loving husband.  He is a ruthless business man and a fair boss.  The Elves (yes, they exist) have paid holidays and benefits along with equal wages.    He is slow to anger and usually sees the reasons behind a person’s actions.  He DOES have the insight you want in a man who decides who has been naughty and nice.

Our Santa loves to surf!  He collects cars.  Loves cars. Has collected them since the first Model T rolled off the line.  In fact, he owned the first.  He drives all over the country in these cars, trading them every few states, as he drives around looking after his business interests.  He likes to travel commercial airlines when he travels around the world to look in on his interests in other countries.  He gets to meet people that way.  He may or may not have a knack for getting on flights with children-now-adults he likes or children on planes, period.

He has one sibling, someone who had been in the business with him until the late 19th Century.  The brother was not what you would want in Santa’s brother – he was selfish and hedonistic.  He toyed with the female elves (toyed! HA! no pun intended *giggles*), using them for sexual pleasure and whatnot.  Finally Ari had enough and dropped his brother in the New World to fend for himself.  That man lost his immortality but because his brother loves him, he is dying very slowly.  It’s been well over a century and he is still alive, though it’s getting close now.  All those women Hugh lives with in California will be devastated when he dies, I’m sure.

Ari’s wife was chosen for him for her personality traits but they have, over the centuries, become madly in love with each other.  Their children are the world’s children and they are content with themselves and their lives.  That contentment is reflected in the way Ari conducts Santa Claus Enterprises.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my MC for NaNo.  

Like him?

Also, I’m trying to come up with  ideas to make my facebook page more engaging.  I’ve thought of things like Manic Monday, Trivia Tuesday, This or That Thursday.  I want to get people talking, not just occasionally meandering past my page when I post something.  

I’m not sure what Manic Monday is about but I thought Trivia Tuesday could be about the blog or books. Multiple choice things.  Any ideas?

And just because I’m in a good mood:



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