Insanity, Heavenly Scents and Mrs Claus

I am making Thanksgiving dinner today for Peter, Callie, Ben and Dennis. Doing it all by myself (up until the gravy, then I’ll need a gravy stirrer, Ben will be up to the task I’m sure) and driving myself bonkers. So far I have pumpkin gingerbread muffins (and a loaf), pumpkin pie and apple brownies. The giblets are simmering for the gravy. Turkey is just beginning to scent the apartment and the cat’s nose is going wild.


Rosemary garlic roasted turkey
Garlic mashed potatoes
Peas and carrots in herbed butter
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Brownies

I’ll need alcohol by that point so I’ll be having a little Smirnoff too I think lol And no, there’s no stuffing/dressing. I simply couldn’t make it this year, had no time what with the book release.  I have to make it from scratch because I have yet to find a ready made stuffing that is gluten, soy and corn free.

And yes, I’m a few days late for Thanksgiving.  Last weekend was busy for everyone so we put it off.  Well, I, the chef, put it off.

While I’m sitting here now and then, between bastings and before potato peeling, I thought I’d work up Mrs Claus.  Having an apartment smell like fall foods is no excuse not to work.




[~*~*~*~*~Unintentional Time Travel~*~*~*~*~]


Okay folks, it’s Friday!  I got so damn busy yesterday I just couldn’t keep up with the blog too.  I have to say this though:  The turkey was moist and flavourful and the five pounds of mashed potatoes I made disappeared, all but one serving.  Poof.

So let’s talk about Mrs. Claus.

Her name is Heidi Lykke.  She’s German.  Or, more accurately, Gaulish. 

Tall, fair skinned, blonde with silvery highlights (some natural, some not).  Her eyes are a deep forest green.  She has high cheekbones, a lush mouth and straight nose.  She’s tall, reaching a height of 5’11 in bare feet.  She is fit but has curves, looks fantastic in a bikini or wet suit but her body is luxurious and soft.

Heidi is happy with her life.  She’d always known that she had more love than being a mother to a small few could manage.  And she needed more love than a little family could give her.  Now she has most of the world’s children to love and spoil and who love her back.   She travels the world with Ari though she only spends half the year with him.  Really, after a thirteen hundred years of marriage, some space is needed between husband and wife.  

Heidi is nearly endlessly patient and very creative.  She is the one who takes Ari’s ideas for toys to inspire imaginative minds and makes them something practical and doable.  She oversees the production of the toys they still make at the Pole and trusts Ari to take care of the external factories.  Where her husband collects cars, our Heidi collects motorcycles.  Racers, long distance riders, hogs… you name it, she loves it and probably has one.  One of her favourites is a cherry red 1942 Indian Chief with a sidecar.  It’s a show bike and she uses it for ride-for-kids charity rides.  

Mrs. Lykke is a philanthropist for children’s charities.  Health, schools, toys or literacy, Heidi has had a hand in them all over the world.  

Perhaps a brief history of the Clauses as a couple is necessary too.  

They have been married since approximately 573 A.D..  Then they were known as Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas and the world only ever saw  Mrs Claus after a Mr. James Rees snuck his way into the North Pole and subsequently wrote a book about what he saw.  Like any other couple they’ve had good years and bad years, (or, rather, good decades and bad ones), but their work has always brought them together.  They were put together by the Gods because of their love of children and their philanthropic natures.  

Their gifts of magic and insight are put up for review every century, as is their job as the lead gift givers of the world.  Every century they pass.  

They have huge responsibilities together and they manage their business well.  They manage their relationship with ease and panache.   Their love is deep and they make the effort to rejuvenate it every few decades.  

Together they are half the joy of Christmas.

That sums up my take on Santa and Mrs. Claus, what do you think?


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