Macros and Photoshop

G’day eh!

Today is a day of recovery.  Unfortunately, it’s physical recovery and not file recovery.  I accidentally deleted every folder and file off my camera, including the photos I had photoshopped to present to you, and couldn’t get them back.  Frustration to the max.

I had to redo everything. Every nuance, every colour shift, every crop in a dozen pictures.   (Eshe, how you do a hundred at a time boggles the mind, respect to you, woman.) I did figure out how to do a couple of them better though. I found the Curves option under the Image tab. It allowed me to make colours more intense in some of the pictures. I toyed with the colour scales – adding more red here, more magenta there – and shifted between grayscale and CYMK, just to see.

For this one I used the auto contrast (actually, I tried that first on all of them) then I opened the Colour Balance and added more yellow.  I like the brightness of the yellow against the dull background.  It makes it pop.  Kind of like this next picture:

A snapdragon. Peter thinks it looks like velvet.

I think the snapdragon looks like it’s against a green screen of a garden bed.  Again this was auto contrast.  I opened the colour balance and added a little more red and magenta.  I also Sharpened it.  It’s still a little fuzzy around the edges but that adds a certain surreal quality.

And speaking of surreal…

A foot print the size of my thumb!

It’s the smallest print I’ve ever seen on the beach and that includes the gulls.  All I did to this one was the auto contrast.

A garden find

These mums are a deep, gorgeous red that makes me think of satin and blood.  I cropped the original photo to chop out the dead heads then toyed with the colour balance to deepen the red.  I think it came out beautifully.

Striking isn’t it?

All I did to edit this one was an auto contrast.  I loved this when I saw it.  I didn’t create the imagery, it was there, like all my other pictures. The colour of the feather mixed with the myriad of colours in the tiny pebbles making up the grains of sand placed just so made me want to capture it.  And I did so beautifully, if I may say so myself.  I was really rather surprised by it.

Another feather

I took this photo because the feather reminds me of a skeleton.  It’s like the Ghost of a Bird Past.  I love the way the light hit it.  It has kind of a silvery, oily sheen.  My only edits here were sharpen and auto contrast.  

In contrast to a ghost we have life desperately trying to survive:

She was scurrying across the sand. Or maybe it was a he…

Seemed like the perfect shot for a macro.  😀 I did the auto contrast and auto colour here.  I didn’t like what the auto colour did to the sand but I did like the way it made the ladybug pop so I left it and then opened the colour balance to add just a touch more red.

Two photos left!  One a beach find and one from my friend’s garden.

A leaf I found on the beach.

I loved the orange of it when I saw it and had to bring it out more.  I used the Curves function to deepen the overall colour and then specifically to bring the red out a little more.  I love the detail in this picture, the water carrying veins, the tiny crystals of sand.  It’s all so appealing.

And finally…

The last photo and the prettiest. 🙂

A wild rose found in my friend’s garden.  Beautiful isn’t it?  I used the Curve function to deepen all the colours on the full RGB scale.  It looked so wonderful I didn’t do anything else.  

That’s it for me this week folks!  Tomorrow I’m off to get my next tattoo.  Perhaps I’ll post a picture of the brand new thing on Monday.  

Have a great weekend!


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