Antagony: Contest; opposition; antagonism

That’s certainly what my antagonist is going to do.  He is a conniving, calculating man, hiding it all behind a genial nature.

Masaru Miyagi is tall for a Japanese man, standing at 5’10”.  He is getting thick around the middle and when combined with the severe hair cut, the dark chocolate brown eyes and the mouth that only ever smiles if he thinks it’s an appropriate action, he is somewhat intimidating to the people who work under him and more than a few others in the toy manufacturing world.  The shark-like attitude is why he owns one of the largest companies in the world.

Masaru owns Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. and between the Japanese and US holdings he is extremely rich and yet very conservative in his spending.  He owns what he thinks a successful business man should own.  He is polite but ruthless and aggressive.  He owns and heads the largest company in Japan (second largest toy manufacturer in the world) not because he believes in the product but because he believes in the Yen and the almighty US dollar.

He has spies in every major toy/entertainment manufacturing company including S.C. Enterprises.  He discovered long ago that SCE either owns or has shares in almost every manufacturer of toys and electronics.  Masaru has decided that he wants the company. He wants SCE as part of his holdings.  He can’t afford it at its current value so he sets about trying to sabotage it and make at least part of it collapse from within.  It’s through one of those spies that he discovers what the ‘S.C’ stands for.

It changes Masaru’s tactics and goals.  And makes him darker as he gets more covetous.

And there we have my main antagonist.  There are minions, of course, but Masaru is the ultimate business man, not averse to resorting to dirty tactics.  He may or may not have ties to a mob.  

I think that I will have fun with this.  

And I think my next job is research hostile takeovers and industrial sabotage.  As soon as I figure out what my questions are.  😉


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