Just awesomeness.

Two things to show you today.  Both are exciting, the second has sent me spinning into a stratosphere of joy I’ll need help coming done from.

Shall we?

My new INK!

Freshly poked and stabbed with a needle gun here is my memorial tattoo at long last.  Isn’t it just gorgeous?  I am in love with it.  It looks better on my arm than it ever did on paper.  It’s healing nicely, looking fantastic.

Second:  *grins gleefully*

The first PRINT copy!

It’s frigging FANTASTIC!

I’m a little confused about Createspace’s use of double spacing in their printing of the book because it made the book twice as thick as it needed to be but the spacing is otherwise better than it appeared to want to be in the proof, for the most part.  It looks really good and I am thrilled.

Just had to share. 😀



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