Good Saturday morning everyone!

I have been editing HW1 again.  When I opened my kindle version of the book I was horrified to see several mistakes.  I am nearly halfway through it now and it’s looking better.  I wanted to get rid of the mistakes before my Dad paid to have it printed. And yes, the new files will go up on the Kindle and Createspace sites.

Unfortunately this has put a dent in my NaNo prep.  *looks alarmed*  It’s only 12 days away!  I must figure out a schedule to do both.  Last few days have been full of pain too, makes it hard to concentrate.

On to the pictures!

I’ve been playing in photoshop again.  Pulled out some old photos and a couple new ones.  I managed to take one on the way home from my brother’s.  I’ll show that to you first.    I was playing with both light and colour this time, with some spectacular results.  😀  You’ll see why that makes me grin.

Let’s get it on!

This was a hole in the storm

I took this as we were moving because I loved the colour and the texture of the clouds.  In Photoshop I used auto levels but left the colours alone.  Then I cut it so that the extra sky above and the ground below was out.  The effect is of a panoramic photo but I didn’t take it that way.

The beach! Quelle surprise 😀

I took this one with the panoramic setting (and you can see the difference between this and the one above it) then tweaked the exposure and colour to bring out the blues and cut it to get just the sections of  beach, water and sky I wanted.  I wanted the water to be the focus and kind of layer the other two elements around it.  I took the photo because I was sitting on the beach trying to meditate.  I was watching the water and all I could think was, “That would make a GREAT picture.”  I took it and only then could I settle down.

This guy was lonely, I think.

He was the only one on the beach that day and he was heading for Peter & I to beg for food.  When we showed no inclination of having any he eventually wandered off.  I played with the colours and brightness and ended up with this kind of surreal quality.  …It’s almost creepy.

Black and white beauty

I set my camera lens on the edge of the log with the macro setting, aimed it down the length and took the shot.  In Photoshop I played with the auto levels – colour, brightness etc – but didn’t like anything that came up.  So I tried Grayscale and loved it immediately.

Which brings me to the next three photos.  Going to post the original first.  Then the results of playing with the Channel Mixer.  I took it off Monochrome and played with the RGB scales.  hehehe

A pebble’s eye view of the 3 inch waves rolling in. Taken with the landscape setting.

Water on Mars?  *laughs*  This was done by adding blue, weird but that’s how it worked.

This lovely colour was achieved by removing the red by almost half.

Weird how that worked eh?  I like them both.

That’s it for me folks!  Have a wonderful weekend!






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