Eep! NaNo!

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!!  I think I am ready.  Pretty much.  I think.


This will be me by the 20th.

Hell.  It’s me now.  

However, I do have a plot outline… most of the way done.  It’s up to August and there’s a surprising twist in it.  I didn’t intend for it at all.

Check it out 😀

Nano plot outline:

Prologue: Masaru has the COO of Asian Commerce murdered.

December 2015


        Arrives home

        Christmas is over, wind down, pack up, intro to main characters

        Getting ready for trip

        End with party?

January 2016

        Sled dogs to Victoria Island, Nunavut to the Reindeer breeding ranch – Reindeer Games.  Flies from there to Buttonville Ontario.

        Gets news about COO during drive to Mississauga

        Allan Candies in Mississauga, Hasbro Toronto, Scholastic Canada in Markham.




        Chicago – Tootsie Roll Industries

        Hudson Ohio – Little Tikes

        East Aurora, NY –  Fisher Price

        Dinner with the wife in NYC

        NYC – Weinstein Books & Arthur A Levine Books


        West Chester, PA – Mars Chocolate

        Atlanta Georgia – Lil’ Monkeys Kid Playgrounds Headquarters

        New Orleans – Elmer’s Fine Foods (Chee Wee’s)



        Dallas – Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business

        Meets new COO, in Dead Cow Dumpster Saloon in Abilene, Texas.

        Nevada – Area 51, experimental sled testing





        Grand Canyon – beneath is a secret production facility extending  5 floors below Grand Canyon Village and extending in a curve around the southern rim, allows for construction, testing and living quarters/recreation areas.  Access points to the base of the canyon at varying levels for testing of ourdoor equipment. 

        Los Angeles – Apple exec meeting

        El Segundo – Mattel

        Malibu Beach – surfing

        Things start to go wrong in various places this month, almost entirely confined to the portion of the big 8 Ari has interest in


        Ari gets asked to give aid in Turkey.  Minor coup taking place with the aid of a UN supported paramilitary organization (mercenary).    Own plane from LA to NYC, commercial flight to Monaco, own plane from there (usually used by company to supply food to refugees and drought stricken countries) to Egypt where supplies are loaded.

        Does a drop over Ankara, Turkey, flies back to Jordan, takes a commercial flight from there to Mattel in Amstelveen, The Netherlands

        Billund, Denmark – Lego

        Hops from there to Germany to look at new adult products for naughty & nice adults

        London, England to visit publisher and oversee new book choices


        Seoul, South Korea to visit Samsung (in Samsung Town)

        Has new COO meet him in Seoul for personal tour of Asian Holdings, discusses her espionage

        Minato, Tokyo, Japan – Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine and Sony



        Meeting with the other gift givers and mythological creatures

        Organizes the release of Takara’s parents



Cool eh?  Not sure about “Asian Commerce” but it’ll do until I figure out what it is the COO should be chief of operations for.  Something to do with the Asian owned companies (Samsung, Sony etc…why do all the names start with S?).  Overseeing them.  

Takara is the spy Masaru, the bad guy, manages to thrust into the position of COO.  Some serious leverage on her. 

Speaking of characters, why don’t you meet the main ones?



Main character:

Santa’s real name is Ari Lykke (pronounced Ah-ree Loo-kuh).  The man is 6’4″ and kind of looks like Paul Sr.  With less mustache and a better attitude.  Ari is clean shaven.  He is blond.  Blue eyes.  The hair is cut close on the sides, little longer on top.  And he has big hands.  (I like big hands.)

Ari is pretty much like you’d expect Santa to be – funny, smart, compassionate and a loving husband.  He is a ruthless business man and a fair boss.  The Elves (yes, they exist) have paid holidays and benefits along with equal wages.    He is slow to anger and usually sees the reasons behind a person’s actions.  He DOES have the insight you want in a man who decides who has been naughty and nice.

Our Santa loves to surf!  He collects cars.  Loves cars. Has collected them since the first Model T rolled off the line.  In fact, he owned the first.  He drives all over the country in these cars, trading them every few states, as he drives around looking after his business interests.  He likes to travel commercial airlines when he travels around the world to look in on his interests in other countries.  He gets to meet people that way.  He may or may not have a knack for getting on flights with children-now-adults he likes or children on planes, period.

He has one sibling, someone who had been in the business with him until the late 19th Century.  The brother was not what you would want in Santa’s brother – he was selfish and hedonistic.  He toyed with the female elves (toyed! HA! no pun intended *giggles*), using them for sexual pleasure and whatnot.  Finally Ari had enough and dropped his brother in the New World to fend for himself.  That man lost his immortality but because his brother loves him, he is dying very slowly.  It’s been well over a century and he is still alive, though it’s getting close now.  All those women Hugh lives with in California will be devastated when he dies, I’m sure.

Ari’s wife was chosen for him for her personality traits but they have, over the centuries, become madly in love with each other.  Their children are the world’s children and they are content with themselves and their lives.  That contentment is reflected in the way Ari conducts Santa Claus Enterprises.

Ari’s Wife

Her name is Heidi Lykke.  She’s German.  Or, more accurately, Gaulish.


Tall, fair skinned, blonde with silvery highlights (some natural, some not).  Her eyes are a deep forest green.  She has high cheekbones, a lush mouth and straight nose.  She’s tall, reaching a height of 5’11 in bare feet.  She is fit but has curves, looks fantastic in a bikini or wet suit but her body is luxurious and soft.


Heidi is happy with her life.  She’d always known that she had more love than being a mother to a small few could manage.  And she needed more love than a little family could give her.  Now she has most of the world’s children to love and spoil and who love her back.   She travels the world with Ari though she only spends half the year with him.  Really, after a thirteen hundred years of marriage, some space is needed between husband and wife. 


Heidi is nearly endlessly patient and very creative.  She is the one who takes Ari’s ideas for toys to inspire imaginative minds and makes them something practical and doable.  She oversees the production of the toys they still make at the Pole and trusts Ari to take care of the external factories.  Where her husband collects cars, our Heidi collects motorcycles.  Racers, long distance riders, hogs… you name it, she loves it and probably has one.  One of her favourites is a cherry red 1942 Indian Chief with a sidecar.  It’s a show bike and she uses it for ride-for-kids charity rides. 

Mrs. Lykke is a philanthropist for children’s charities.  Health, schools, toys or literacy, Heidi has had a hand in them all over the world. 

Brief history of the Clauses: 

They have been married since approximately 573 A.D..  Then they were known as Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas and the world only ever saw  Mrs Claus after a Mr. James Rees snuck his way into the North Pole and subsequently wrote a book about what he saw.  Like any other couple they’ve had good years and bad years, (or, rather, good decades and bad ones), but their work has always brought them together.  They were put together by the Gods because of their love of children and their philanthropic natures. 

Their gifts of magic and insight are put up for review every century, as is their job as the lead gift givers of the world.  Every century they pass. 

They have huge responsibilities together and they manage their business well.  They manage their relationship with ease and panache.   Their love is deep and they make the effort to rejuvenate it every few decades. 

Together they are half the joy of Christmas.




Masaru Miyagi is tall for a Japanese man, standing at 5’10″.  He is getting thick around the middle and when combined with the severe hair cut, the dark chocolate brown eyes and the mouth that only ever smiles if he thinks it’s an appropriate action, he is somewhat intimidating to the people who work under him and more than a few others in the toy manufacturing world.  The shark-like attitude is why he owns one of the largest companies in the world.

Masaru owns Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. and between the Japanese and US holdings he is extremely rich and yet very conservative in his spending.  He owns what he thinks a successful business man should own.  He is polite but ruthless and aggressive.  He owns and heads the largest company in Japan (second largest toy manufacturer in the world) not because he believes in the product but because he believes in the Yen and the almighty US dollar.

He has spies in every major toy/entertainment manufacturing company including S.C. Enterprises.  He discovered long ago that SCE either owns or has shares in almost every manufacturer of toys and electronics.  Masaru has decided that he wants the company. He wants SCE as part of his holdings.  He can’t afford it at its current value so he sets about trying to sabotage it and make at least part of it collapse from within.  It’s through one of those spies that he discovers what the ‘S.C’ stands for.

It changes Masaru’s tactics and goals.  And makes him darker as he gets more covetous.

The rest of the entertainment production world knows what SCE is but Masaru’s greed and internal darkness made him blind to it.

Secondary Characters


Takara Fujioka, whose name means ‘treasure’, is a petite Japanese woman with dark hair halfway to her waist, the colour of a raven’s wing.  She has full lips often painted a subdued colour, wide, almond shaped eyes.  They are green, which set her apart from the entire population of her tiny town at the base of Mount Fuji. 

She has always been exceptionally smart and very good at whatever she set her mind to.  Her parents got the government interested in her when she was but 4 years old by thrusting her into the hands of gymnast and ballet dancer recruiters.  Takara worked her ass off, having been born with a natural competitive streak.  When she was about 8 years old she realized that doing better than everyone else earned her more rewards.  When she was 12 it hit her that knowledge equaled power, power equaled money and money equaled moving her family somewhere away from Narusawa, a town run by a Yakuza named Kasei. 

She has a knack for business, easily learned every aspect of business, inside and out, from accounting to hostile takeovers.

She is noticed by Masaru when she is a teenager and groomed to lead his company.  She is sent to SCE to learn about the company and find its weakness.  Takara doesn’t want to do it.  Masaru organizes a kidnapping of her parents and little sister.  Promises to take care of them as long as she is doing her job. 

Takara’s love and honour is bound in her parents, with whom she kept in touch with faithfully while she was in school.  She loves them like nothing else and has done her best to bring them honour and care for them.  It is her fear that puts her in the position of COO in SCE.

Head Elf/Personal Assistant

Ren Yutai is an Elf.  Contrary to popular opinion and those ridiculous Santa Clause movies, Ren is not 3’6”.  No, Ren is 6’3”.  He is slim, long of limb.  His hands are so long and the fingers so lean and graceful  that people who notice them are sometimes put in the mind of something otherworldly but they cannot place it.  Ren has pale skin but a head of hair the colour of nickel; not a nickel but nickel itself – somewhere between steel and gold.  His eyes are hazel with more gold than any other colour in them.

Ren is Ari’s personal assistant.  He knows the business as well as Ari does.  He travels everywhere with him, knows all of the secrets Ari & Heidi keep and the ones Ari keeps from Heidi (like the mercenary side of Ari).  He has a head for business and is super organized.  He keeps track of everything from Ari’s schedule to his vehicles to his anniversary to the production schedules at all their facilities.

He is easy going but very strict when it comes to things running on schedule.  He goes everywhere with Ari, sometimes traveling ahead to make sure everything is correct.  He loves to laugh, has a healthy sex life (the ladies love him) and is a fan of rock n roll.  His favourite was always Elvis but he keeps up with music and now loves 30 Seconds to Mars.  He enjoys the holidays to the fullest.  Ren identifies as, by geographic default, Canadian and that’s what it says on his passport and identification.  He is 532 years old and has been with Ari for 450 of those years.   He can drive, he can fly, he can run the dogs. 

He is useless when it comes to science, although he grasps the concepts, he cannot turn it into application to save his life.  And he intensely dislikes the tooth fairy.  He is not married, doesn’t intend to ever marry.  He does, however, have one child, a girl named Alejandra.  She is half human but with her father being an Elf, Alejandra has a life span half of that of a full-blood.  He is raising her, along with her mother, at the North Pole, where she can make friends among people who will live as long as she will.

I like them.  I know we’ve been over the Lykkes before, and Masaru, but that’s my full character list there.  You get what I’ve got.  😀  

I need to find Ari’s vehicles.  So far, I have a Twin Otter for the plane he’ll fly from the breeding ranch to Toronto.  A Harley Davidson FLH, probably a ’93 Electra-Glide Sport.  It’s a big, heavy bike, good for touring.  Also a Fiat 1100 “la normale”, a ’68 Chevelle convertible  and maybe a ’57 Bel Air wagon.  

And I have to get back to it.  I still need to find a second plane for the excursion into Turkey.

Have a GREAT Halloween folks and I hope all of you on the East Coast are warm, dry and safe.



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