Emotions, Printers and Reviews

Howdy folks!  

Last week I talked about gratitude and blessings, today I have one more to add to that list.  And I mentioned that I was going to see the printer.  Let’s talk about that first.  

The printer was an awe inspiring trip let me tell you.  Entire Imaging is a phenomenal place!   They were incredibly friendly and very hard working but that’s not what had Peter and I walking around with our mouths open.  Judy, the lovely wife of the owner, showed us around personally.  They have several mind-boggling machines but three things stick out in my mind the most and I shall tell you about them, from least to most impressive (although they are all very impressive).

First is the … well, Judy told us that these days pretty well everything is printed with the touch of a button.  All the ink colours are automatically mixed by computer but there is one thing, mostly one thing, that still requires the old fashioned touch, that guy who knows just how to measure and mix the ink and that is stationary. That’s right, letterhead and personalized envelopes.  Judy said if they laser print the papers we put in our inkjet and laser printers the ink will scrape off.  So the harried looking guy in the little room off to one side is the guy who does it all from scratch and by hand.  

Second is this HUGE printer that can print on anything!  It can print on things like carpet, cardboard or wood, virtually any hard or rigid medium.  If it has a surface, it can print on it and in just about any size.  The machine can be measured in *feet*.  Same with the one that does posters and stuff.  It’s called Megachrome Digital Colour Printing.

The singularly most phenomenal thing I have EVER seen – and Peter agrees –  is the 3D printing/rapid prototyping division.  We saw some

Image courtesy of Proto3000.com 

really, really cool things from the adjustable wrench that is always talked about to working resin bicycles to some serious (miniature) architecture.  We learned they can create these items not only in either powder or resin but in at least two different textures.  We saw a tractor tire (small *laughs*) that they’d printed, the rim was one, hard texture and the tire was soft and rubbery.  

It was just so (pardon my throwback to the 80s) COOL!  

And now, the thing that made me grin and get all teary at the same time:

This morning I found an email from a reader that went like this:


Hi Ms Bowman


I just finished reading your book which I bought from Amazon and it is AWESOME!! I read it in less than a day and went feverishly back on Amazon for your other works but alas nothing. It was barely through my disappointment that I saw that this book was released in Sept of this year. I am eagerly waiting the next book in this series, and I really hope that I don’t lose this feeling of anxiousness that I have now to read and be invested in your other books, to another author! Anyways just wanted to say I loved that book, it had everything in it that I love reading, not so much vampires etc but characters that I can identify with and who I can envision as my friends… they are that believable!! Thank you so much for saving us (I dare to speak for readers around the world like me lol!!)from childish dramatics, needless posturing to prove strength or worth, an alpha who is not afraid to love and be in love, a heroine who knows how to accept that love in spite of her hang-ups, strength in leadership, a plot that is sensible and easy to follow along, absences of numerous names and situation where ‘we’ need a pen and paper to keep up with them, knowing exactly what the characters did or say in the last setting so we are not scratching our heads and screaming wtf when it is repeated later…whew you get my drift.


Thank you again and I will be posting my review on Amazon.



Isn’t that AWESOME?  I wrote her back, of course, and through the course of our conversation she told me that she has 800 books on her kindle and I am the only one who inspired a need to express her appreciation.  

Needless to say I am touched.  Pleased.  In awe.  Amazed!  

She said she was surprised I answered personally and I said that I’m not so big yet that I don’t have time to answer the (so very few) emails that come my way from readers.  She told me I better figure out the form fan letter soon because I’ll need it!  *laughs*  I like her.  Not just because she was stroking my ego – Dad said he’d be over to widen my doors *laughs* – but because she’s intelligent and well read.  Makes her comments all the more meaningful.  

I will be putting a portion of her reviews into HW2’s finished product.  It’s just too wonderful to not include.

Thank you for making my day Yvonne!



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