Architecture, Critters, Landscapes & Road Trips

[Edit:  I’m sorry but the formatting seems to be fubar today and I’m not sure why.  Thanks for your patience with it 🙂 )


Good Sunday morning, folks!

I hope this snowy morning finds you in better shape than I’m in today.  I am exhausted and battling a migraine.  A week ago today found me in the emergency room fighting a virulent virus that had me in its ever-tightening claws.  It was so bad that I’ve ended up with torn and strained abs (depends on where you’re looking) and I’m relearning how to eat.

Have to say I did a pretty good job eating yesterday though.  *laughs*  We attended a Thanksgiving dinner thrown by a friend of ours for her visiting American friend.  It was good.  Very good.  

NaNo isn’t going as well as I’d hoped but I WILL finish.  I’m at 42,643 words with five days left.  I haven’t had it go as smooth sailing as I would have liked but life never gives us what we plan on eh?  Very rarely at the least.   This month there has been the death of a friend, a late start, almost 2.5 days lost because of the trip to the printer, 3 days lost because of the virus and yesterday gone because of our little road trip.  My question here isn’t “Am I going to reach the 50k?”  but “Is the story going to be finished?”   Unfortunately, I think not.  And come December first I have to get started on editing HW2 and back into the writing of HW3.  

Well, we’ll see how it goes.  If it is a completed book by the end of the month I have a feeling the ending will be a little rushed.  I spent too much time on the first couple of months.

Now, on to the pictures, the reason for the weekend blog. 😉

Last weekend we brought the cat to the cottage with us for the first time ever.  It was also the first time he’s been in a car since we brought him  home.  He did that well.  But I let him wander outside, which was another first for him.

Terror the Explorer

This is my Terror.  He quite enjoyed his exploration.  So much so he slipped through a hole in the fence to check out the neighbours’ yard.  For this picture I set the camera on the deck, resting on my fingertips.  The only Photoshopping it got was the auto contrast.  All the colours are true here so I left them alone.

That was last weekend; lovely spring-like weather.  This is today:

My favourite workspace!

My favourite work space is officially closed for the season!  There is now just over an inch of snow on the tabletop.  It looks a lot like winter  outside today.

Of course it did yesterday too…

It’s our first snow of 2012.

It was also the first really crappy drive.

hmmm… a series of photos of “life through a windshield”?  … Nah… sounds like a country song.  *laughs*

This is shot through the windshield of the car.  The one above it was shot doing 90 kmph through the side window.  Both have had some touch ups for lighting – auto contrast then curves.  The snow storm was interesting.  It blew through this part of Ontario in ribbons.  From Grand Bend to Goderich wasn’t too bad.  From Goderish to Bayfield (the section of road these are shot in) was…well, you can see.  But Bayfield to Kincardine was the worst!  We had some white out conditions for a while there.

Oh!  Insta-distraction:

I got sidelined, as happens with migraine pain + exhaustion, and read an wee blog from NaNoWriMo that said their winners t-shirts are on unlimited sale right now.  Val has offered to buy me one.  Ain’t she sweet?  I think I’ve earned it this month.  Thank you Val!

We left home with enough time to stop and take pictures.  So that’s what we did.

It was a sharply sloped path down to this beach, about 10 minutes away from home. The beach below was wet and looked inhospitable.

As you can see, it was a long way down. The cliffs were being beaten up be the wind even… which, of course, doesn’t explain why I was standing there, on the edge of a cliff in 30 mph winds to take pictures!

I would have liked to have gone down there and I might have, if it weren’t for the fact that I seriously doubted my ability to climb back up!






So we got to our friends’ place and they have a big, happy black lab named Jessie, a smoky Siamese (I think) named Harley and two fish – an oscar and a catfish.  I had to take pictures of course, although I only have a picture of Jessie’s handiwork and not the dog herself.

Playful puppy! Strong jaws. Holy cow. I am a motley of bruises from knuckle to elbow and yes, I brought it on myself so no, I’m not complaining. 🙂

No! Please! Well… If you must…

“…I’ll give you my best side.” Harley is an awesome cat. Loving, smart, curious. And beautiful. With a tail! (Terror doesn’t have one)


What we have here is an Oscar fish. A BIG one. It’s a companion to…

This massive catfish! The dude is FAT. And they both hammed it up for the camera. Had to take several shots before I got ones that were usable.



We enjoyed ourselves yesterday and now it’s back to work today.  

Enjoy the last bits of your weekend!



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