Demonizing Anna

Hi, my name is Catherine.  I’m a writer and it’s been five days since my last blog.  

I’m sorry it’s been so long, boys and girls.  I’ve been writing and trying to deal with the toxic crap floating into my apartment from the shared hallway.  My landlord has dumped a bunch of scented trash from cleaning the apartment next door and hasn’t yet removed it.  I’m getting more than a little irate but I don’t think he realizes just how much it stinks.  It’s not just that though, the big clear bags and the old furniture are unsightly and a fire hazard.  The Marshall would  be on his ass if he knew.  I really should call but I have this phobia about making phone calls.  :/

I know, I know, “Suck up the phobia, stop whining and call him already.”

Anyway, I have written every day this week and I have a couple of things to share with you. 

In case you’ve forgotten (or I haven’t talked about it) Anna is now in Ballachulish with Marcus, Jules, Brock and Doug.  They’ve done their first bit of wandering around and at this point they’re in a pub for a meal before going out to let their Wolfie selves run a bit.  Marcus overhears a little conversation:

At a nearby table two men were arguing about her and it was all Marcus could do to stay in his chair.  The two men, obviously fishermen, were trying to keep their voices down but Marcus had a wolf’s hearing.  He mentally labeled them Fish One and Fish Two. 

Fish One said, “She’s ugly I tell ye! Reminds me of a banshee what with those scars and that white hair.”

Fish Two scoffed.  “She’s ethereal,” he countered.  (Marcus was surprised at the word.)  “Romantic.  I bet she’s a strong woman who has been through much.  I like that.” 

Marcus decided not to kill Fish Two.

“Them scars are ugly.  Her eyes are freaky and her mouth is a little too puffy.”  Fish One ran his eyes over Anna’s face and Marcus studied her too.  She did have lush lips, often curved in a smile.  The longest scar tugged ever so slightly at the corner of her mouth, giving her the appearance of a slightly cocked grin.  Marcus thought it was charming.  Fish One continued.  “Even her eye colour is freaky.  Have you looked close?  I’ve seen the depths of hell in them.”  He had indeed had the opportunity to look at her eyes, Anna had met his eyes and greeted him with a small nod when she entered and caught him staring.

Fish Two shot to his feet and punched Fish One in the mouth.  He wasn’t too sure why he was being so protective of the woman.  He didn’t know her from the Queen of England but for some reason his best friend’s opinions were making him furious.  “Mind yer tongue!  There’s nowt wrong with the woman!”  He turned to Anna, bestowed a charming, heart stopping smile on her then stormed out, shouting over his shoulder.  “Willie’ll take care of the check, Mable!”

Marcus burst out laughing and quickly smothered it, deciding then and there that Fish One had been properly taken care of.

Fish One and Fish Two… Appellations created solely for my amusement.  I felt that people needed a reminder of Anna’s appearance and this is the way I thought to do it.  I have to admit there’s some repetition in Fish One’s final statements about her eyes but that will be taken care of in editing.

After dinner they headed out for a hike in the forest at the south of Ballachulish so they could run.  Once they’d found a spot to shift Anna pulled Marcus aside and told him she wanted to explore her demon side.  Marcus, of course, objected.  Anna pulled rank and forced Marcus to shut his mouth.  He insisted on standing watch over her while she attempted to make a controlled change for the first time since she got back from Hell.  This is what happened:

Truth be told, Marcus was exhausted from the shifting he had already done that day so he widened his stance and looked as immovable as a mountain.  “I’ll watch.”

“Fine.”  Anna turned her back on him, unwilling to see his face.  She wasn’t even sure if she could accomplish it again.  The first time had been done without thought.  She closed her eyes and turned her focus inwards.  Anna had compartments in her head for the pieces of herself – one for the Vampire, one for the Wolf, one for her memories (that one looked like a library with a card catalogue), special chamber to contain her power and a new one for the Demon.  All those compartments held the bulk of her monsters, the full power of each of them and still small pieces of each made up the whole of Anna.  They were separate and yet one at the same time. 

Anna opened her mind to the visualisations.  The chamber for the demon was locked and Anna stood before that door, key in her hand and took a deep breath.  She put the key in the lock, a simple steel padlock and key, turned it and removed the lock.  The door burst open and the demon was on her in a second.

Marcus took a step forward when Anna staggered and hunched over with a pained grunt as her skin turned ash grey.  The pulsing, moving bulges that appeared over her shoulder blades frightened him.  He stopped when Anna straightened up.  As he watched she stood straight and began her shift.

The Demon burst from her with the same elegance as the Wolf.  The skin colour deepened and wings exploded from her back, unfurling with a snap.  She grew taller, slimmer and her muscles became sleeker, more defined.  Hands and feet lengthened, her middle fingers and middle toes melted together to become one digit, claws sprouted from all the nails. 

Marcus waited as she stood there, head bowed, and took several deep breaths.  He watched as she turned then looked her over from her feet to her hair, gasping at the look of her face.  It was a blend of Vampire and Wolf and wasn’t quite the same face that she came back from Hell with.  Her forehead was prominent and ridged, her eyes were black.  She had a short but definitive wolf snout with long sharp teeth.  Whereas before she was covered in leathery skin this new skin was the colour of the sky just before a thunderstorm and had in fine silver fur that brushed over her torso, thighs and forearms, even the hair on her head shone silver.

“Wow.”  The word slipped out before he could stop it.

Reading over the week’s writing, I have to say it’s not the best I’ve ever done but I’ve been writing and actually getting things done.  I count this as a good thing.  

I will be posting a blog tomorrow, I took some excellent pictures from the pier last week. 

Have a great day!


PS.  I fixed it.  The double “her eyes are freaky” has been changed.  The second one is now: “Her eye colour is unnatural.  Have you looked close?  I’ve seen the depths of hell in them.”   I don’t think it is quite right yet, needs to sound more uncouth fisherman but it works for now.  IT would have nagged at me!  

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