Photoshop Frenzy

Good Saturday afternoon folks!  

I have spent the morning playing with Photoshop and I’ve been having some fun with it.  This tutorial about monochrome and sepia was a lot of fun to play with and I will show you the photos from it.  I also discovered the Inversion setting. 😀  THAT turned out a couple of awesome photos, I will be showing you one of them along with the original.  I have a macro shot or two to share and one where I simply played with the brightness and contrast.

Shall we?

First, I find it funny that they have to post this picture on the pier. 

It's actually on the lighthouse.

It’s actually on the lighthouse.

What kind of fool made them have to put this up?  Who is willing to jump into the swirling, murky miasma of lake water that crashes into the concrete & steel wall?  Honestly!  There are some very dim bulbs out there.

Peter and I were at the beach together last weekend.  I was mostly on the pier, seeking a spot to meditate and a different perspective for pictures.  He caught up with me in his walk…

As above, so below?  *laughs*

As above, so below? *laughs*

It’s weird that his camera angle is pointing lower than my face.  He says, “It looks like I’m taking a picture of your below.”   *chuckles*  

There were some broken branches and driftwood tangled up on the beach that offered me a couple of lovely macro shots.  For this first one, I shifted the focus to the background after doing it accidentally in another shot while trying to take a shot of the twig.  I lined up the composition better and took the shot.  I liked the different textures of the branches against the sand.  

The focus here was on the background, not the twig.

The focus here was on the background, not the twig.

In editing I used auto contrast then sharpened the image.  Then, as an experiment while browsing through the filters, decided to see what “Dust and Scratches” did.  It softened everything I had just sharpened.  *laughs*  I like it though.

This time I focused on the twig itself.  The water on it made it look varnished and made it glisten.  I quite liked the image when I saw it.  The depth of colour in the actual photograph pleased me because it’s the same as what I saw on the beach.  However, I did tweak it.

Isn't it pretty?

Isn’t it pretty?

There wasn’t a lot of tweaking; I merely played with the brightness/contrast.  I deepened the contrast and made it just a smidgen brighter.  It turned out really well I think.

I have limited time here so I’m going to post my three favourite pictures out of the ones left.  The first one here is taken while I’m standing at the edge of the pier.  I had the camera on “sport” trying to capture the waves as they rolled in and out.  This is the best one I think.  All froth and foam.  

I could have cropped out the edge of the pier but why?

I could have cropped out the edge of the pier but why?

In editing I did the auto contrast, despeckled it and used the sharpen filter.  It turned out really well.  I’ve been looking for an image to do sepia on and thought this might be a candidate.  However, before I went to the Photoshop tutorials I was wandering through all the tabs and I found Invert.  I clicked it (of course) and LOVED the result!  Watch what happens to the grass.

Val thinks the grass is blue Christmas garland. She's never gonna let it go.

Val thinks the grass is blue Christmas garland. She’s never gonna let it go.

I am absolutely thrilled with the way the water turned out.  It looks like clouds of smoke or roiling ink.  It’s dark and dangerous and just a little sassy with the bright blue along the edge.

Two more.  This first one is a wonderful little stone I found.  You can get a grasp of the size by the size of the tiny pebbles around it, those are grains of sand.

See the veins in the left side?  What do they make you think of?

See the veins in the left side? What do they make you think of?

It’s had some brightness/contrast work done.  It was also cropped and spun 90° to the left so you could see the veins of rock climbing through it.  To me it looks like a skeletal tree, something you’d find in a Tim Burton movie maybe.  😀 That was all I did to it.  I love how sparkly the sand is.

And this one is me trying that tutorial as he was talking.  I didn’t quite get the “New Style” thing but I believe he has a different version of Photoshop than I do (I have 7.0).  

It's a large mussel shell.

It’s a large mussel shell.

The editing has already been talked about for this one. I did have fun with this though, pausing the tutorial in order to play with the hue and saturation slides.  I also decided I didn’t like it in the orange based sepia.

I may have a bonus photo blog this week.  Peter’s given me some pictures he took to play with.  He was trying to get them to look aged, to make the town look more desolate.  It’s hard to make this…

Isn't it cute?

Isn’t it cute?

…look desolate.  *laughs*    But since I have fun experimenting with Photoshop, I offered to give it a shot.

Have a great weekend folks!





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