Lake Huron Under Snow

Good day folks.  🙂

Some days I think I’m taking pictures solely to play with them in Photoshop.  It’s not true, of course, but I do enjoy the ‘shopping.  In truth, this week we stopped to take pictures of the ice on the lake.  

Of course there's really no depth here...

Of course there’s really no depth here…

…so it’s really hard to tell just how far away the horizon is.   I took the photo with the Beach & Snow setting – which made the info panel at the bottom look something like this: IN 5 8m Norm[with a down arrow above it], no idea what it means.  Wait!  Let me ask my favourite photographer.

I had to use my webcam to take a picture of the back of my camera with the setting showing.  😀  Apparently this is a tricky question.  I have an Olympus D-700 and it seems Olympus likes to think outside the box.  

It turned all the evening snow pictures blue, like the one above.  I kind of liked the effect but what was REALLY strange was when I took that picture and put the auto-contrast on it… turned black and white

…it turned black and white

Not greyscale, like I did to this next one but virtually black and white.  (This next picture is the first picture put in greyscale.  Confused?  I almost am.)

This is also pillow embossed with lavender shadows.  :D

This is also pillow embossed with lavender shadows. 😀

With this setting I took a picture of the gazebo at the beach.  However, when I used the auto-contrast on it I got a completely different result than the black and white one.  

I checked, used the auto-levels and auto-colour just to be sure I hadn't accidentally used a different setting.  All came out the same.

I checked, used the auto-levels and auto-colour just to be sure I hadn’t accidentally used a different filter. All came out the same.

See why I have been confused about this week’s photos?  *laughs*

Okay, Dawn did the research for me (see, there are reasons why I adore her).  The IN means that the internal memory is being used.  The 5 is how many shots I can store on the internal memory using that setting.  8m Norm indicates that I am taking the photos at 3264×2448 norm pixels.  

And now we know.   

The gazebo is a gorgeous picture, if I may say so myself.  

I didn’t do a lot to this next picture, auto-contrast alone, because I thought it had a luminescent quality to it that I really liked.  

The pier and the entrance to the marina.

The pier and the entrance to the marina.

That is a ton of ice and snow.  That white edge on the horizon is still ice and snow.  The lake is amazingly quiet.   

“Of course it is, woman; it’s frozen!”  The internal (mostly) peanut gallery has a point.  

So yeah, playing with Photoshop.  I took another picture of the lighthouse, this time with just the pier and lighthouse as the focus:

This is the original.  All I did to it was take it from the 3264x2448 to 1500x1125

This is the original. All I did to it was take it from the 3264×2448 to 1500×1125.

I applied the auto-contrast and ended up with this:

Dark and dreary

Dark and dreary

I did think it looked like an old photo though.  A couple of not-quite expressions from the ones I share these things with encouraged me to play with it again.  I went wandering through the filters, trying this and that.  Came out with this:

This is with the diffuse-glow filter added to it.

This is with the diffuse-glow filter added to it.

Just took it that one step further and made it a little more special.  I like it.

Earlier that day we were driving to go do some shopping and I was looking out the window as we drove, taking snapshots with my brain.  I said, “Why is it that the best shots happen on the worst days for pulling over?”  With a road shoulder covered in snow, ice and a slurry of the two and the road not all that much clearer, you don’t want to be stopped to something as unimportant as taking pictures.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the photography and if I could make money selling my photos, I would and I’d take more chances.  But since this is a hobby AND I’d have been risking Peter, parking on a sloppy shoulder was not going to happen.  

Peter, being the guy he is and loving me as much as he does, took the next right and drove until I saw a satisfactory place.   He was parked at the wrong angle for me to effectively use the roof as a stand for my itty bitty tripod (if the Gods would see to sending me a proper one I’d be grateful) but that’s ok, we were off the road and out of danger.  It is why this one, as lovely as it is, has a tilted horizon.

Pretty though, eh?

Pretty though, eh?

Auto-contrast and I cropped it to exclude the sloppy road.  …hmmm…I need a new word for sloppy.

This next one I took with the camera vertical, otherwise the same settings.  I did crop out the sloppy road, once, but decided that it was lacking.  

LOVE the contrasts.

LOVE the contrasts.

One of my favourite things about days like this, and this morning, is that the snow is uncaring about what it paints white.  It eliminates all the colours, leaving behind nothing but bright, pristine cleanliness and dark shadows.  The contrasts are sharp stark.  This is why I love having seasons (though I hate being too cold or too hot). Spring offers a riot of colours as small plants and trees alike burst into life with thousands of blossoms.  Summer turns the world green.  Autumn is an explosion of red and gold as nature prepares to slumber.  Then there’s the peaceful two-tone Winter.

Love, love, love having seasons.  While my health would love me to live somewhere temperate, I’d miss all the colours.

That’s it for me folks.  I was listening to some classical yesterday to meditate – starting with Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto Number 12 and moving into Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – when part of the  Largo e pianissimo sempre (yes I looked it up) inspired Anna’s Demon form flight and now I’m ready to write it.


Have a good day!



6 thoughts on “Lake Huron Under Snow

  1. I love the way you play with your pics, even if I don’t always like the results as much as some of the originals. 🙂
    And Yay for Anna’s demon taking flight!


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