Hi ya.

How’s it going?

Me?  Why thank you for asking.  I am not doing so well, although better in many ways this morning than for the last week.  You all know that a few weeks ago I sprained my hip trying to climb this hill:

Yeah, that one in the middle

Yeah, that one in the middle

Well, Tuesday night we went to our local Munch and when I was showering off the chemicals of public places and other people, a muscle spasm ripped across my lower lumbar and turned the muscles into a pretzel.  

I haven’t  been able to walk, lay down, roll over or sit up without a great deal of pain (and help) since.  I AM seeing some improvements since yesterday though.  On Friday we went to the ER because it took me 15 minutes to move my ass 2 inches.  We were there close to 8 hours while the doc tried to get my pain under control so she could take x-rays.  She said she thought my tailbone might be broken then in the next breath hastened to assure us that it probably wasn’t but she’d do the x-rays to be sure.

So she shot me full of Toradol (Ketorolac Tromethamine), fed me a couple percocets and waited a few more hours.   When I was still all screamy when I had to move to pee (poor Boyfriend has been doing a lot of lifting and fetching and carrying and cooking) she shot me full of an abdominal muscle relaxer called Buscopan.  After that I was less screamy and she decided it was suddenly unncessary to do x-rays.

What the fuck, right?

Anyway, my point is, I haven’t exactly been able to write or take pictures.  Today is, in fact, the first day I’ve been able to sit up without a lot of pain (I’m sitting on a butt donut!) so I am finally giving you a blog.  

I will share with you the fruits of the writing I was able to do early last week AND show you my view of the world these past few days.  

First, the view.

This is me, laying on my side, staring at the wall

This is me, laying on my side, staring at the wall

Yes, the laptop is tilted.  On purpose.  It’s kind of dizzying watching and reading when you’re horizontal and everything else vertical.  

Speaking of vertical, I have been too long now and it’s starting to make me sick so I’m going to hurry this along.  

I DID manage to get some writing done a week ago.  Anna is being evil in her drive to extract information.  She woke up with ‘Krstinamoira’ scrawled across her forearm and with Marcus and Doug’s help they figured that it was actually two names AND figured out who Moira is – the concierge when they had arrived.  So now the job is to find out who Kristina is.  They have a suspicion that she is Moira’s employer and set about finding out if that’s true.  

Chapter Twenty-Three


Moira came around the edge of a densely packed trellis onto the patio and stopped as she spotted Anna.  She scowled.  “What do you want?”

Anna merely said, “Rhombus!” and the Circle shimmered into existence.  “Have a seat, Moira, daughter of Larissa who is daughter of the witch Brighde.”

Moira looked startled for a moment then her expression turned hateful.  “Never!  I will never do anything you say.”

Marcus and Brock slid into place behind Moira and each one grabbed her by the upper arms.  They lifted her off her feet and carried to the chair that was now sitting alone in the middle of the slate patio with the small table off to the side.  She kicked and screamed and struggled as they forced her to sit.  Jules and Doug tied her to the chairs with the rope Anna had pulled from the other Realm.

Anna stood in front of her and Marcus took his place just behind her left shoulder.  Anna crossed her arms and tapped her foot as Moira screamed threats and epithets at them.  Several minutes later, tired of the screaming, Anna crossed the distance between herself and the bound girl and slapped her across the face.  “Do shut up, little girl.”

Shocked, Moira did just that.  The Wolves pulled their fingers from their ears.

“Much better.  Now, tell me who you work for, Moira.”

“Ballachulish Hotel.”  Moira lifted her chin.  She suddenly knew what Anna wanted and she wasn’t going to give it.  Kristina could do much worse than this Hybrid.  Little did she know.

From behind Moira, Doug snorted.  “Really?  That’s the answer you’re going with?”

Anna gave him a quelling look .  “Your true employer, Moira.” 

“Ballachulish Hotel.”  Moira sneered at Anna. 

Giving her a placid look, Anna opened a doorway to the other Realm again and reached in.  Outwardly she ignored the look of shock while inwardly she was grinning. She reached in and pulled out a cylindrical object.  It was soft on the ends, had a ruby red ribbon holding it closed and an had an aura of menace that made the Wolves shiver.

Anna untied the ribbon and slid it open, letting it unroll on to the table.  Steel glinted out of the rich black leather.  Anna asked conversationally, “So, Moira, are you left- or right-handed?”

Caught off guard, Moira answered as she looked at the line of flashing steel, not sure what any of it was.  “Left-handed.”

“Good.  Thank you for your answer.”  Anna reached in again and pulled out a strange contraption.  Made of iron, it had a rectangular frame about fifteen inches long with a center brace running from one short side to the other.  Two posts rose from the middle of each short end with two more rising up on either side of the middle.  Cross bars joined each set of posts, creating two squares.  Each square contained a weight on a sliding bar that was controlled by a vertical crank.  Each weight was a thick wedge, rounded at the top and flat on the bottom and looked far too heavy for the strange, delicate looking frame work.  The whole thing shone with loving care.

Anna gestured to Marcus with her chin and he hurried forward to grab the device, grunting under the weight of it.  He held it while Anna pulled the table up to Moira and settled it over her lap.  “Put the crusher down here, Marcus.” 

Marcus watched Moira from the corner of his eye as he settled the crusher directly down in front of her.  He was pleased to see that she broke into a sweat even as she tried to remain impassive and uninterested.  Anna pulled some clamps out of the seam and secured the crusher down.

 Anna untied Moira’s right hand and lifted her arm.  Moira didn’t resist until she realized that Anna was going to put her hand under one of the weights.  Anna held firm as Moira screamed and jerked her hand arm, flailing in her bonds as much as she could.  Once Anna had Moira’s hand in place she turned the crank until it pressed down, the weight covering the back of her hand.  She turned it just tight enough to make the bones grind and hold the hand in place.

“Who is your employer, Moira?”

Moira spit at Anna, hitting her in the face.  “Ballachulish Hotel.”

Anna tightened the crank.  Moira howled.  “Who is your employer, Moira?”

Moira had tears starting to develop but she looked defiant.  She opened her mouth and Anna held up a hand, waiting until Moira closed her mouth again.

“I should warn you, Moira.  I don’t take kindly to my loved ones being messed with.  I don’t take kindly to liars, thieves and cheats.  You may wish to start telling me the truth right now.”  Anna lowered her hand.  “Speak.”

“Ballachulish Hotel.”

Anna sighed as the male Wolves all groaned.  Jules looked fascinated and horrified at the same time.  Anna reached ran her fingers over the small steel instruments then selected two:  one were a pair of  bright, shiny steel clippers.  The blades were curved and even Moira could see that the blades were extraordinarily sharp.  The second was duller, much older.  Age blackened brass was formed into a pair of large pliers.  The head of the pliers was in the shape of an alligator.  A multitude of sharp serrated teeth filled the mouth of the alligator’s head.

“These clippers,” Anna lifted them, “have diamond edged blades.  They will cut through anything, given enough force.  And the little alligator here,” Anna set down the clippers and picked up the alligator pliers, “is so old I scarcely remember when I got it.  The Inquisition I think.  The second one.  You may decide how you want to lose your fingers.”  She snapped them open and closed in front of Moira’s nose.

Moira paled and tried again, uselessly, to remove her hand from the crusher.


As you  can see, Moira’s about to have some trouble.  When I can sit up long enough to write.

I have to lay down again.  I don’t have the patience or time, really, to preview so I hope you’ve forgiven me my errors, this one time.


Giants, Ice and Snow, Oh My!

First of all, I have to show you this:

I can finally wear it!

I can finally wear it!

Awesome eh?

And now…

Hello you lovely people!  How’s your weekend going?

I went out with GirlKid yesterday.  We spent the day in the city, saw a movie, went to a bookstore and wandered around a mall before having dinner.  A lot of talking and laughs.  We saw Beautiful Creatures.   It was good but the only thing I will tell you about it is that it is NOT the book.  Don’t go with the expectation that everything will be the same.

We were wandering around the movie theatre and came across a massive display for Jack the Giant Slayer.  GirlKid was horsing around and since I had my camera in my pocket I decided to take her picture.

Oh no!  She's going to be grabbed!

Oh no! She’s going to be grabbed!

Yep, that’s my daughter in the giant’s hand.  Awesome, no?

Last weekend we went to the main beach to take a look at the lake from the pier.  As you may remember, I went down to the private beach but lost sight of the lake when I hit the bottom of the stairs.  I did get some lovely photographs just none of the lake.  The trip to the main beach was great for offering some amazing views.

I started out by admiring the icicles around the house. I'm jazzed I caught the drips.

I started out by admiring the icicles around the house. I’m jazzed I caught the drips.


The view from the south-west side of the pier.  Ice and snow as far as you can see.

The view from the south-west side of the pier. Ice and snow as far as you can see.


I wanted to capture how far out from the beach the ice was built up AND show you how lake and marina entrance came together.

I wanted to capture how far out from the beach the ice was built up AND show you how lake and marina entrance came together.

I never really thought about the difference in water flow until last week.  I know that after a particularly violent snow storm and melt several weeks ago the water on the south beach side was murky and brown where it clashed with the north side’s clear, green water.  The build up and curve of the ice… flat?… is amazing.  And you see those people there?  They’re in the water.  😉

The Marina, as seen from the pier.  When I saw this pic on the computer I had a hard time with the perspective, until I remembered that the wood on the left side are posts standing against the pier!

The Marina, as seen from the pier. When I saw this pic on the computer I had a hard time with the perspective, until I remembered that the wood on the left side are posts standing against the pier!


And now for my favourite picture of the day (and the last).  It is on the north side of the pier and I really wish I had had something to offer some perspective on the size because it looks tiny but the jagged, sharp, intimidating pieces of ice are two to three feet tall.  They were too far off the pier to attempt walking out to them to get that perspective.  I did not fancy a dip in the cold, cold waters.  I removed the colour and made the photo greyscale because I preferred the black and white look to the colour.

Lovely, isn't it?

Lovely, isn’t it?

Stark and threatening, surreal and evocative of danger it is my favourite picture of the month.  Not counting the one of GirlKid.  Which is the best of all time.  

I’m off, enjoy what little is left of your weekend!



Snow Day

((As always, to see any picture in greater detail, right click the image and open in new tab))

Hi there!

Yesterday was a day of a huge snow storm that hit Southwestern Ontario, a good bit of Detroit, New England and some of the eastern seaboard. It dumped a ton of snow on us all.  So this morning when I was filling the kettle for my tea and I glanced out the window I saw a beautiful scene, a picture just waiting to happen.  I have a big problem taking photos from the kitchen window – it’s dirty.  *laughs*

So I put on Peter’s snowmobile boots…

Size 12 men's boots.  Size 9.5 women's feet.  Translates to about a size 8 men's.  BIG boots.

Size 12 men’s boots. Size 9.5 women’s feet. Translates to about a size 8 men’s. BIG boots.

And I went tromping outside.  Going out to the backyard to take the pic changed the perspective quite a bit.  The kitchen window is about nine feet off the ground.  That means, obviously, that when I went outside I was looking at the world differently.  I still liked what I saw though.  I took this picture with the camera on the Beach & Snow setting.   Once in Photoshop I  hit it with auto levels and toyed with the Curves in the RGB settings.  

Pretty, no?

Pretty, no?

I did decide that the backyard wasn’t enough so I went around the house to see what I could see of the beach.  I think the camera was on Landscape for this one and I ran it through the auto-level and curves, both with the RGB and blue tones.  Had to reduce the blue somewhat but I really like the result.

It's lovely but I wasn't going to trespass to get the shot of the lake I wanted.

It’s lovely but I wasn’t going to trespass to get the shot of the lake I wanted.

So I decided to go to the lake.  What better place to take a picture of the lake then AT the lake eh?  I stopped at the top of the stairs to see what I could see.  And I saw ice and snow as far as the eye can see.  The camera was on Landscape; I think it’s safe to say all the next few pictures are except the macros.  All I had to do to it was a swipe of the auto-level and it was perfect.

I love the colours, I love the shadows and light.

I love the colours, I love the shadows and light.

I went halfway down the stairs and stopped to admire the scenery but the best was when I got to the bottom.  Even in those big ass snow stompin’ boots I had a struggle walking around the beach but I did manage to take pictures of it to share with you all.  Down along the edge of the walkway to the right there is a bunch of lovely bushes in the summer time.  Right now they look like this:

Wonderful sculpture, isn't it?

Wonderful sculpture, isn’t it?

And this:

Heavy with snow

Heavy with snow

Except that the snow looks like of like foam, as I discovered when I took a macro shot of it.

Don't you think it looks like foam on the branches?

Don’t you think it looks like foam on the branches?

That was a macro shot (obviously *laughs*) and I slapped the auto-levels on it and then set about playing with the curves, both the RGB and the blue levels.  Believe it or not, this is less blue than it was!   But I wasn’t totally satisfied, you all know me, have Photoshop, will play.  😀  In this case, playing with the hue/saturation tool.  

It's not for everyone, I know, but I love the colour of the sky and the tiny hint of blue

It’s not for everyone, I know, but I love the colour of the sky and the tiny hint of blue

I moved on, trudging through the snow and poking carefully with my cane to make sure I wasn’t going to do anything to make myself fall again.  I stopped at the benches and surveyed the lay of the land.  It was astounding.  I lost the lake in the height of the small mountains just beyond the beach’s edge.

This is the north view.  Look how far the beach is extended by the snow/sand/ice mix?

This is the north view. Look how far the beach is extended by the snow/sand/ice mix?

Just below the line of clouds you can see an itty bitty bit of the lake.  

The snow was just so pretty I had to photograph it up close.  I took the same shot twice, once with a macro and once with the landscape.  I couldn’t get down on the snow (I was wearing jeans, not snow pants) so I crouched and brought the camera down to snow level to capture the two that are, really, my favourite shots of the day.  This is the macro shot first.  I used auto-level then toyed a little bit with the colour balance and the brightness/contrast to get it looking the way I saw it.

Isn't it marvelous?  Sparkly and the texture is just awesome.

Isn’t it marvelous? Sparkly and the texture and depth are just awesome.

And this is the same angle but in landscape, a long shot, if you will.  I used auto-contrast but wasn’t happy with that so I hit it with auto-levels too and used the sharpen filter to bring out the beauty in its best light.

I love the combination light, the sparkles and the shadow.  Funny thing is, I couldn't see the viewfinder.

I love the combination light, the sparkles and the shadow. Funny thing is, I couldn’t see the viewfinder.

😀  I just noticed that you can see my footprints on the stairs!

I was very excited to be outside today.  I probably shouldn’t have gone down the stairs with my hip still healing but it was totally worth it for the shots I got.   The snow will start to melt again tomorrow as rain moves in so I am delighted to be able to share these images of a beautiful storm aftermath.  

We are off to the main beach, where I will get pictures of the lake, rather than the beach and mini-mountains, and then to a motorcycle show in London.  

Have a wonderful rest of the day my lovelies!






Animals, Contests and Mornings

Cranky boy


There are those who will wish you good morning. If it is a good morning, which I doubt. ~Eeyore

I was woken 40 minutes early by cat purring on my face and a dog whining from the living room.  When you get up at 5:30, 40 minutes is far, far too early.  I had to wake Boykid to walk the dog. That was like waking a hibernating bear.  A hibernating polar bear.

The dog isn’t mine, she belongs to my kids and the ex but one night a week the ex goes to his girlfriend’s house in London and because he works in between his house and her’s and has to come back to town here after work he can’t take the dog with him when he goes.  So I dogsit.

The cat and the dog drive me batshit crazy.   

Pardon the language but it’s the truth.  They don’t have enough exposure to each other to completely wear off the novelty so they fight.  Sometimes it’s play fighting.  Sometimes there are yelps.   They tear after each other all over my apartment all day long.  It’s exhausting and nerve wracking.  I’ve tried tying her up but that seems cruel.  I asked Dad for some advice and he said to let them have at each other so today I’m going to grit my teeth until they crack and do just that, hoping they get it out of their system.


I do have a purpose for this morning’s blog.

I am FOURTEEN followers away from 100 for my blog!  And I am, oddly, 14 away from 50 likes on my Facebook page.  I also have a lead on getting my website built.  So here’s what I’m going to do:

When we hit 100 blog followers and 50 likes on my page I will give away THREE personalized autographed copies of Witch Hitlist together with a handmade book thong each.  I may also give away a few other things, I need to discuss that with The Boyfriend since he helps me with these things (like more copies of the books, whatever else we can come up with).  I will see about maybe doing another giveaway when the website is up and running.  

The book thongs look something like this.  Each one is unique.

The book thongs look something like this. Each one is hand made and unique.

Have a wonderful day folks!


Deer Hunting

Image courtesy of Cryptomundo

Greetings!  (As The Boyfriend is wont to say)  How are you?  

It has shamefully taken me three weeks to write approximately a thousand words.  I finally finished the scene last night and I know it needs work, it needs fleshed out some more. I was working on that this morning but I need to move on so I’m going to leave it to the edit.

January was a long, long month and February is shaping up to be the same way.  However, I am determined to write EVERY day.  There are no days off when you’re as behind schedule as I am.  I have said this before, and failed, but I say it with intent.  Just have to work on the follow through. 

Anyway, I thought I’d share Anna’s first hunt in her new form with you while my cat opens all the kitchen cupboards just to see what’s inside.  Muffin tins in the one he just slipped into…

Oh, just as a point of interest, Anna’s fur colour has changed as well as her demon form, which we saw in Demonizing Anna.  It is now a glacier white with pale silver (is that possible?) tips so she gleams like raw silver in the moonlight.

Have a wonderful day!


Chapter Twenty


Anna’s wings curled around her body, hiding it from view.  She lowered her head in embarrassment.

Marcus held out a hand.  “Anna, don’t.  It’s a beautiful form.”

You really think so?  Anna’s wings relaxed a little bit.

Though somewhat startled to have her voice in his head, Marcus smiled.  “Absolutely.”  Just then the others raced back into the clearing.  As one they skidded to a halt in a semi circle in front of her.  They stared with almost identical postures and expressions – both ears straight up,, tails hanging down behind them, front feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart, noses twitching as they tested the air.

Jules took a step forward and when Anna didn’t move she sniffed all around Anna’s feet and up her legs to the edge of the wings.  Then she sniffed the wings as high as she could reach, making Anna’s giggle reverberate through all their heads.  At the sound, Jules wriggled her nose between Anna’s wings and peered up the length of Anna’s body. 

Anna looked down and giggled helplessly in their heads as her wings spread wide.  Jules took advantage and laid her body against Anna’s legs with a thump.  In the next moment she almost fell over as Brock and Doug added their weight to Jules’. 

“See Anna, you’re beautiful and we love you no matter what shape you’re in.”  Marcus grinned at her.  “Let’s hunt shall we?”

You’re a pain in the ass, she thought at him with a smile in her voice.  Anna rolled her shoulders, thinking about the placement of her wings.  They were attached just behind the mid-point of her collar bone down through to the bottoms of each shoulder blade.  She thought for a moment then spread those wings, tilted them slightly with a shift of the muscles across her upper back and lifted them up.  She pushed the air down beneath them and, to her shock, actually succeeded in lifting off the ground a few inches.  Another, more powerful gesture with her wings and she was well above their heads.  Hunt!

Marcus shifted with a shudder and stood there with his head hanging, panting for a brief moment.  He looked up as Anna lifted above the tree tops and hoped she’d be alright. 

Anna hung there in the air, instinct guiding her motions like it had when she first shifted to her Wolf form during her first hunt with the Pack.  A push with her wings and she drifted backwards through the air until she could no longer see the physical forms.  She blinked, trying to see in the night and to her shock her vision shifted.  Suddenly she could see heat signatures. 

Lots of little purple dots littered the trees.  Anna guessed they were birds.  Two huge masses of orange and white, alongside a smaller one caught her attention and she glided towards them, skimming the treetops.  She started to smell the animals almost immediately and made an adjustment in her flight path to stay downwind as she identified them.  Marcus!  Doug!  Brock  Jules!  She called to them all as she zipped back towards them.  Anna scanned the woods below and caught the large wolf shaped blobs of colour.  She paused, hovering, to look at them.  They were black on the tips of their noses, orange and red on the edges and white in the middle.  Deer!

Anna wasn’t surprised not to get words back but she did get a sense of their interest and hunger.  She took a deep breath in through her nose to see what she could smell.  She caught a snoot full of trees and dismissed it.  She sorted through the rest of it the way a wolf does, compartmentalizing it all.  Birds, their nests and feces.  Owls.  Squirrels.  She could smell the rot of the leaves on the ground. 

As the Wolves veered in her direction, Anna moved back towards the small family of deer.   You’re getting close.  There’s a clearing just ahead to the north and a mountain to the south.  She made another swooping pass.  The large one lifted its head and Anna stopped, hanging there in mid-air.   There is also a path east that they could take.

She watched her Wolves split up and begin to circle the deer family.  Anna dropped down closer and the stag bolted for the eastern path as he scented her.  The doe and fawn followed suit and Anna cursed.  She dived towards them tucking her wings against her body.  She dodged the treetops and shifted a few feet above the ground to land on all fours in Wolf form.  She stood there in the stag’s path, snarling with her fur standing on end.  Her teeth were bared and she stepped forward, stiff-legged with her head down and shoulders up. 

The stag skidded to a stop.  He lowered his head, antlers down as he stared at her.  Anna  growled again, projecting menace.  A long moment passed as the stag debated his odds against the creature in front of him.  Finally, he turned tail and ran back the other way with the doe and fawn racing frantically after him.  Anna followed them, snarling intermittently.  She could feel Marcus, Brock and Doug closing in.  She knew they’d herd the deer towards Jules. 

Marcus and Doug cut the fawn off from its parents and it bolted, crashing through the woods.  The four Wolves chased the stag and doe north, heading for the clearing where Jules was waiting.  The deer broke through the brush into the clearing and Jules sprang up in front of them.  They soon had the deer surrounded by a small pack of snarling, hungry Wolves.

Chapter Twenty-One


The stag must have been feeling brave for he lowered his antlers and charged Brock.  Brock charged right back, momentarily forgetting how sharp antlers are.  He ducked under the first swipe and sank his teeth into the stag’s leg and bit down hard enough to crack the bone.  The stag screamed in pain tilted his head and stabbed at the Wolf.  He managed to scrape and bruise Brock’s spine just as an enraged and hungry Jules leapt at his neck. 

Jules tore at the throat with her teeth and the stag whipped his head around, skin and fur hanging from the tines, with another scream of pain.  Arterial blood sprayed over Jules until it dripped from the tips of her fur as Brock let go of the stag’s leg and stood back to watch.  He staggered then stumbled and fell to his knees with Jules still shredding his throat as she worked her jaw up and down and side to side.  She put a front paw on him to hold him down and ripped a huge piece out.  She gulped it down then howled as the stag breathed its last and died.  The other Wolves joined her in celebration of her first big kill in the Pack.

The musical notes wove through the trees then hung over the town, leaving the townspeople cowering inside their homes.  Anna, Marcus, Doug, Brock and Jules ate their fill of the deer and lazed around the clearing in the moonlight.

A Birthday, Goofing Off and Raindrops

I don’t have very many pictures for you this week, largely because I couldn’t get out and take any.  I fell on the ice last week.  

See that wee person with the orange jacket by the hill? That's The Boyfriend.

See that wee person with the orange jacket by the hill? That’s The Boyfriend.

I crossed the beach, full of lumps and thin ice and started climbing the hill to meet him.  Looks like snow, doesn’t it?  As it turns out, that hill is built on ice right on the lake.  It’s made of waves crashing and freezing, crashing and freezing.  It’s only logical.  Us, we saw snow and figured the hill was alright to climb.  So, in the interest of killing a fear of mine, one I don’t fully understand, I crossed that lumpy, snowy wasteland.  I made it almost to the top of the hill before crashing and sliding back down.  I managed to sprain my hip.  


Speaking of fun.  The weather changed this week.  The temperature climbed and we had buckets of rain.  Between the melt and the rain my skylight felt overwhelmed and started leaking in two new places.  My cat finds it entertaining to try to catch the condensation drips when it’s really humid and dripping.  Imagine his delight when they started falling regularly.  

Catching drops

Catching drops

A bucket to catch drips.  A towel to muffle the sound.  And a cat to chase the drips.  

I did manage to get out on Saturday.  I pushed myself past my endurance in order to do the family day that is one of my kids’ birthdays.  

Boykid.  He just turned 17 years old.

Boykid. He just turned 17 years old.

Now, Im five feet, eight inches tall (172.2cm) and he looks outrageously tall.  Truth is, my son just passed six feet (183cm).  Handsome boy, isn’t he?  It’s next to impossible to get him to let me get his picture though.  Insisted on a birthday picture and gave the camera to his sister.  The 13 year old did better than my ex-husband did.  *laughs*

The group of us that went out included the birthday boy, his sister, me, my ex-husband, the ex’s girlfriend and her two boys (14 and 12).  Seven of us in total.  We took the movie theater and our favourite restaurant by storm.  After dinner we were waiting for the ex’s girlfriend to come out of  the washroom.  She had handed her scarf to her youngest son (who I won’t post here) and her purse to Dennis.  Goofiness ensued. Her son did some poses for pictures that make me believe he may grow up fabulous.  However, without her permission, I can’t show them to you.  

I can, however, show you this one:

All dressed up and... oh wait, he was in public.

All dressed up and… oh wait, he was in public.

The ex-husband, who allowed a slightly evil ex-wife to take his picture.  hehehehe   See, the thing is, he told me he’d be angry if it showed up on Facebook.   Guess he forgot about the blog, eh?  😉

We also made a new friend during dinner:

I don't know what his name is though.  I don't think the youngest member of our group named him.

I don’t know what his name is though. I don’t think the youngest member of our group named him.

It’s been a long week.  I didn’t need the added pain from the sprain and you can see the toll it, and the additional drugs, are taking on me:

Tired.  Pale.

Tired. Pale.

I am, however, dressed for The Boyfriend.  It’s a look he appreciated. 😀  That’s the moon at my throat and my amethyst pendulum nestled comfortably in my cleavage.

Saturday morning I was looking out the kitchen door while waiting for the kettle to boil and I thought I’d share the view with you.  

The light and shadow.

The light and shadow.

That’s what it was for me.  Light and shadow.  In this one, this next one…

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

I don’t like this one for some reason.

Didn’t like this next one much either until I played with the hue and saturation.

The neighbour's yard.

The neighbour’s yard.

It’s a little too fuzzy I think.  And I’m really not sure what is up with the windows on the right side.  *laughs*

Those are the photos I have to share this week.  I think it’s nap time now.  The pain meds make me sleepy and with all the toxing yesterday and too much walking, I’m exhausted.  I hope you all have a great week and I will be sure to share the last of Anna’s flight, when I finally have it written.  I know, it’s taken a disgracefully long time. 😦