A Birthday, Goofing Off and Raindrops

I don’t have very many pictures for you this week, largely because I couldn’t get out and take any.  I fell on the ice last week.  

See that wee person with the orange jacket by the hill? That's The Boyfriend.

See that wee person with the orange jacket by the hill? That’s The Boyfriend.

I crossed the beach, full of lumps and thin ice and started climbing the hill to meet him.  Looks like snow, doesn’t it?  As it turns out, that hill is built on ice right on the lake.  It’s made of waves crashing and freezing, crashing and freezing.  It’s only logical.  Us, we saw snow and figured the hill was alright to climb.  So, in the interest of killing a fear of mine, one I don’t fully understand, I crossed that lumpy, snowy wasteland.  I made it almost to the top of the hill before crashing and sliding back down.  I managed to sprain my hip.  


Speaking of fun.  The weather changed this week.  The temperature climbed and we had buckets of rain.  Between the melt and the rain my skylight felt overwhelmed and started leaking in two new places.  My cat finds it entertaining to try to catch the condensation drips when it’s really humid and dripping.  Imagine his delight when they started falling regularly.  

Catching drops

Catching drops

A bucket to catch drips.  A towel to muffle the sound.  And a cat to chase the drips.  

I did manage to get out on Saturday.  I pushed myself past my endurance in order to do the family day that is one of my kids’ birthdays.  

Boykid.  He just turned 17 years old.

Boykid. He just turned 17 years old.

Now, Im five feet, eight inches tall (172.2cm) and he looks outrageously tall.  Truth is, my son just passed six feet (183cm).  Handsome boy, isn’t he?  It’s next to impossible to get him to let me get his picture though.  Insisted on a birthday picture and gave the camera to his sister.  The 13 year old did better than my ex-husband did.  *laughs*

The group of us that went out included the birthday boy, his sister, me, my ex-husband, the ex’s girlfriend and her two boys (14 and 12).  Seven of us in total.  We took the movie theater and our favourite restaurant by storm.  After dinner we were waiting for the ex’s girlfriend to come out of  the washroom.  She had handed her scarf to her youngest son (who I won’t post here) and her purse to Dennis.  Goofiness ensued. Her son did some poses for pictures that make me believe he may grow up fabulous.  However, without her permission, I can’t show them to you.  

I can, however, show you this one:

All dressed up and... oh wait, he was in public.

All dressed up and… oh wait, he was in public.

The ex-husband, who allowed a slightly evil ex-wife to take his picture.  hehehehe   See, the thing is, he told me he’d be angry if it showed up on Facebook.   Guess he forgot about the blog, eh?  😉

We also made a new friend during dinner:

I don't know what his name is though.  I don't think the youngest member of our group named him.

I don’t know what his name is though. I don’t think the youngest member of our group named him.

It’s been a long week.  I didn’t need the added pain from the sprain and you can see the toll it, and the additional drugs, are taking on me:

Tired.  Pale.

Tired. Pale.

I am, however, dressed for The Boyfriend.  It’s a look he appreciated. 😀  That’s the moon at my throat and my amethyst pendulum nestled comfortably in my cleavage.

Saturday morning I was looking out the kitchen door while waiting for the kettle to boil and I thought I’d share the view with you.  

The light and shadow.

The light and shadow.

That’s what it was for me.  Light and shadow.  In this one, this next one…

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

I don’t like this one for some reason.

Didn’t like this next one much either until I played with the hue and saturation.

The neighbour's yard.

The neighbour’s yard.

It’s a little too fuzzy I think.  And I’m really not sure what is up with the windows on the right side.  *laughs*

Those are the photos I have to share this week.  I think it’s nap time now.  The pain meds make me sleepy and with all the toxing yesterday and too much walking, I’m exhausted.  I hope you all have a great week and I will be sure to share the last of Anna’s flight, when I finally have it written.  I know, it’s taken a disgracefully long time. 😦



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