Deer Hunting

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Greetings!  (As The Boyfriend is wont to say)  How are you?  

It has shamefully taken me three weeks to write approximately a thousand words.  I finally finished the scene last night and I know it needs work, it needs fleshed out some more. I was working on that this morning but I need to move on so I’m going to leave it to the edit.

January was a long, long month and February is shaping up to be the same way.  However, I am determined to write EVERY day.  There are no days off when you’re as behind schedule as I am.  I have said this before, and failed, but I say it with intent.  Just have to work on the follow through. 

Anyway, I thought I’d share Anna’s first hunt in her new form with you while my cat opens all the kitchen cupboards just to see what’s inside.  Muffin tins in the one he just slipped into…

Oh, just as a point of interest, Anna’s fur colour has changed as well as her demon form, which we saw in Demonizing Anna.  It is now a glacier white with pale silver (is that possible?) tips so she gleams like raw silver in the moonlight.

Have a wonderful day!


Chapter Twenty


Anna’s wings curled around her body, hiding it from view.  She lowered her head in embarrassment.

Marcus held out a hand.  “Anna, don’t.  It’s a beautiful form.”

You really think so?  Anna’s wings relaxed a little bit.

Though somewhat startled to have her voice in his head, Marcus smiled.  “Absolutely.”  Just then the others raced back into the clearing.  As one they skidded to a halt in a semi circle in front of her.  They stared with almost identical postures and expressions – both ears straight up,, tails hanging down behind them, front feet spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart, noses twitching as they tested the air.

Jules took a step forward and when Anna didn’t move she sniffed all around Anna’s feet and up her legs to the edge of the wings.  Then she sniffed the wings as high as she could reach, making Anna’s giggle reverberate through all their heads.  At the sound, Jules wriggled her nose between Anna’s wings and peered up the length of Anna’s body. 

Anna looked down and giggled helplessly in their heads as her wings spread wide.  Jules took advantage and laid her body against Anna’s legs with a thump.  In the next moment she almost fell over as Brock and Doug added their weight to Jules’. 

“See Anna, you’re beautiful and we love you no matter what shape you’re in.”  Marcus grinned at her.  “Let’s hunt shall we?”

You’re a pain in the ass, she thought at him with a smile in her voice.  Anna rolled her shoulders, thinking about the placement of her wings.  They were attached just behind the mid-point of her collar bone down through to the bottoms of each shoulder blade.  She thought for a moment then spread those wings, tilted them slightly with a shift of the muscles across her upper back and lifted them up.  She pushed the air down beneath them and, to her shock, actually succeeded in lifting off the ground a few inches.  Another, more powerful gesture with her wings and she was well above their heads.  Hunt!

Marcus shifted with a shudder and stood there with his head hanging, panting for a brief moment.  He looked up as Anna lifted above the tree tops and hoped she’d be alright. 

Anna hung there in the air, instinct guiding her motions like it had when she first shifted to her Wolf form during her first hunt with the Pack.  A push with her wings and she drifted backwards through the air until she could no longer see the physical forms.  She blinked, trying to see in the night and to her shock her vision shifted.  Suddenly she could see heat signatures. 

Lots of little purple dots littered the trees.  Anna guessed they were birds.  Two huge masses of orange and white, alongside a smaller one caught her attention and she glided towards them, skimming the treetops.  She started to smell the animals almost immediately and made an adjustment in her flight path to stay downwind as she identified them.  Marcus!  Doug!  Brock  Jules!  She called to them all as she zipped back towards them.  Anna scanned the woods below and caught the large wolf shaped blobs of colour.  She paused, hovering, to look at them.  They were black on the tips of their noses, orange and red on the edges and white in the middle.  Deer!

Anna wasn’t surprised not to get words back but she did get a sense of their interest and hunger.  She took a deep breath in through her nose to see what she could smell.  She caught a snoot full of trees and dismissed it.  She sorted through the rest of it the way a wolf does, compartmentalizing it all.  Birds, their nests and feces.  Owls.  Squirrels.  She could smell the rot of the leaves on the ground. 

As the Wolves veered in her direction, Anna moved back towards the small family of deer.   You’re getting close.  There’s a clearing just ahead to the north and a mountain to the south.  She made another swooping pass.  The large one lifted its head and Anna stopped, hanging there in mid-air.   There is also a path east that they could take.

She watched her Wolves split up and begin to circle the deer family.  Anna dropped down closer and the stag bolted for the eastern path as he scented her.  The doe and fawn followed suit and Anna cursed.  She dived towards them tucking her wings against her body.  She dodged the treetops and shifted a few feet above the ground to land on all fours in Wolf form.  She stood there in the stag’s path, snarling with her fur standing on end.  Her teeth were bared and she stepped forward, stiff-legged with her head down and shoulders up. 

The stag skidded to a stop.  He lowered his head, antlers down as he stared at her.  Anna  growled again, projecting menace.  A long moment passed as the stag debated his odds against the creature in front of him.  Finally, he turned tail and ran back the other way with the doe and fawn racing frantically after him.  Anna followed them, snarling intermittently.  She could feel Marcus, Brock and Doug closing in.  She knew they’d herd the deer towards Jules. 

Marcus and Doug cut the fawn off from its parents and it bolted, crashing through the woods.  The four Wolves chased the stag and doe north, heading for the clearing where Jules was waiting.  The deer broke through the brush into the clearing and Jules sprang up in front of them.  They soon had the deer surrounded by a small pack of snarling, hungry Wolves.

Chapter Twenty-One


The stag must have been feeling brave for he lowered his antlers and charged Brock.  Brock charged right back, momentarily forgetting how sharp antlers are.  He ducked under the first swipe and sank his teeth into the stag’s leg and bit down hard enough to crack the bone.  The stag screamed in pain tilted his head and stabbed at the Wolf.  He managed to scrape and bruise Brock’s spine just as an enraged and hungry Jules leapt at his neck. 

Jules tore at the throat with her teeth and the stag whipped his head around, skin and fur hanging from the tines, with another scream of pain.  Arterial blood sprayed over Jules until it dripped from the tips of her fur as Brock let go of the stag’s leg and stood back to watch.  He staggered then stumbled and fell to his knees with Jules still shredding his throat as she worked her jaw up and down and side to side.  She put a front paw on him to hold him down and ripped a huge piece out.  She gulped it down then howled as the stag breathed its last and died.  The other Wolves joined her in celebration of her first big kill in the Pack.

The musical notes wove through the trees then hung over the town, leaving the townspeople cowering inside their homes.  Anna, Marcus, Doug, Brock and Jules ate their fill of the deer and lazed around the clearing in the moonlight.


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