Animals, Contests and Mornings

Cranky boy


There are those who will wish you good morning. If it is a good morning, which I doubt. ~Eeyore

I was woken 40 minutes early by cat purring on my face and a dog whining from the living room.  When you get up at 5:30, 40 minutes is far, far too early.  I had to wake Boykid to walk the dog. That was like waking a hibernating bear.  A hibernating polar bear.

The dog isn’t mine, she belongs to my kids and the ex but one night a week the ex goes to his girlfriend’s house in London and because he works in between his house and her’s and has to come back to town here after work he can’t take the dog with him when he goes.  So I dogsit.

The cat and the dog drive me batshit crazy.   

Pardon the language but it’s the truth.  They don’t have enough exposure to each other to completely wear off the novelty so they fight.  Sometimes it’s play fighting.  Sometimes there are yelps.   They tear after each other all over my apartment all day long.  It’s exhausting and nerve wracking.  I’ve tried tying her up but that seems cruel.  I asked Dad for some advice and he said to let them have at each other so today I’m going to grit my teeth until they crack and do just that, hoping they get it out of their system.


I do have a purpose for this morning’s blog.

I am FOURTEEN followers away from 100 for my blog!  And I am, oddly, 14 away from 50 likes on my Facebook page.  I also have a lead on getting my website built.  So here’s what I’m going to do:

When we hit 100 blog followers and 50 likes on my page I will give away THREE personalized autographed copies of Witch Hitlist together with a handmade book thong each.  I may also give away a few other things, I need to discuss that with The Boyfriend since he helps me with these things (like more copies of the books, whatever else we can come up with).  I will see about maybe doing another giveaway when the website is up and running.  

The book thongs look something like this.  Each one is unique.

The book thongs look something like this. Each one is hand made and unique.

Have a wonderful day folks!



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