Beheading Creation Myths

Made you look didn’t I?  😉


This is a long post!  It has bits of HW3 in it and me rambling about my newest challenge.

I promised on Saturday that I would share the work I’ve been doing with you… yesterday.  Well, Saturday my ex phoned me and asked me to take GirlKid to dance Sunday morning.  So Peter and I did that, along with a little grocery shopping.  After all that exposure to chemicals this weekend I was fried.  Just… fried.  My brain did not want to work at all.  

Saying that, though, I did manage to create two characters and assign genders to their children. *laughs*

So here I am this morning fulfilling that promise, albeit a day late.

First, the beheading.  As you know, Anna and a small crew are in Ballachulish – Marcus, Doug, Brock and Jules – and already they’ve had some interesting adventures.  Today, (in the story), they are being confronted by the Russian Bear clan sent by Alasdair and Liliya’s familiar, Kristina.  Anna and the gang meet a Naga clan, a Japanese Bear clan and a lone Harpy Eagle.  (Yes, I know a Harpy Eagle is a strange choice but they are vicious hunters, look intimidating and when you make one that’s half the size and weight of a grown man you have a terribly fierce and frightening predator.)  She has just exchanged bows with the – 

Ahem.  Sorry, had to pause and blow bubbles for the cat. Where was I?

Oh yes…

 – head of the Taiyou Bear Clan when we pick it up here.

Anna returned the bow, offering the same level of respect.  “I am honoured to make your acquaintance and to have your assistance, Sadao.  Perhaps, when this is over, we may sit and have a discussion.”

He tipped his head in acquiescence and the bears stood still as Anna found a boulder to stand on to speak to them all.  The air began to ripple with anticipation.  “I don’t know what or who we are facing but I thank you all for answering the pleas of my dear friend Nuada.  May you fight better than your opponent but if they prove superior may you die well and realize a place in your nirvana.”

Marcus held a hand up to Anna as she made a move to step down.  Just then they heard a voice from below and slightly behind them.  “Zdra-stvu-eetee!”

The pair looked down at the wide, flat hill to see a large, stocky man standing at the apex of a loose triangle of large stocky men.  Several more stood on the grass beside them.  Marcus answered, hand lifted in greeting.  “Hello!”  He led Anna forward to meet the man.

Viktor waited for the pair, ignoring the rumblings from his clan.  When the Wolves were close enough he swept a low bow.  “My brother, it is a pleasure to see you after so long.”  He gave an appraising look to Anna as he rose.  “And you, Lady Hybrid, are more beautiful than the rumours insist.”

“Thank you…”  Anna looked at Marcus, brow raised.

He took the hint and hurried to make the introduction.  “My Alpha, may I introduce you to Viktor Mindaugas.  He is my brother of my heart and, I am sorry to say, our enemy today.”

Viktor bowed his head.  “It is true, I’m afraid.  We have been hired to assassinate you.”

Anna stared at him in obvious confusion.  “Then why the confab, eh?”

“I wished to speak with you because I have a request.”  Viktor bowed his head.

“Anything you need, Viktor, you have but to ask.”  Marcus hastened to say.

Viktor lifted his head then looked first Anna then Marcus in the eye.  “I wish for you to kill me and let my family live.”

Marcus gasped and took a step backward.  “I cannot!”

Viktor surged forward in his eagerness and grasped Marcus’s hands.  “Kill me.  Let my family live.  They will tell a tale of how hard we fought.  Let us not fight today.  Kill me now, Marcus.  Do me this honour.  Allow me to do this for you.”

Marcus looked at Anna over Viktor’s head.  She looked at all the people there, all the people who could die, who would definitely be injured, maimed.  And she nodded.  Marcus closed his eyes in pain and nodded.  “For you, my brother, I will do this.”

Viktor stepped back and twisted his upper body before holding out his hand.  One Bear, scowling, brought forth a Russian Imperial sword and handed it to Viktor hilt first, holding the scabbard firmly as Viktor pulled the slightly curved blade out.  The sun glinted off the edge and Marcus and Anna could see that it was wickedly sharp.

Turning back to Marcus, Viktor took one step back then knelt before he offered up the sword, laid across his palms.  “Use this.  It has been in my family for generations and done little but hang on a wall for many years.  It would like the taste of blood again and,” he hesitated, “it would please me.”

Marcus reluctantly accepted the sword and moved to stand at Viktor’s side.  He took a two-handed grip, raised the sword high above his head and brought it down hard on the back of Viktor’s exposed neck.  Viktor’s head flew free and blood sprayed freely for several feet.  It caught all the Wolves to some degree before the body hit the ground and the blood began create a spreading pool in the grass.


Chapter Twenty-Six


For a long moment there was shocked, horrified silence and then a roar of outrage and pain split the air.  Viktor had not counted on the effect actually seeing him die would have on his brethren.  Pain and grief splashed outward from the Bear clan.  In the next moment the energy changed as men turned to beast in an explosion of fur and blood. 

The energy of shifting rippled over Anna as Marcus, Brock, Doug and Jules shifted.  Anna turned and ran back through the ranks of allies, dodging the shifters as they made their changes. 

She is heading for high ground.  I believe she is seeking to put a quick end to the fight but I think the sun is setting and with that will come something that will make it more difficult.  Or maybe something else is heading their way, something to help the Russians.  

The beheading has been changed because at first it looked like this:


Marcus gasped and took a step backward. “I cannot!”


Viktor surged forward in his eagerness and grasped Marcus’s hands. “Kill me. Let my family live. They will tell a tale of how hard we fought. Let us not fight today. Kill me now, Marcus. Do me this honour. Allow me to do this for you.”


Marcus looked at Anna over Viktor’s head. She looked at all the people there, all the people who could die, who would definitely be injured, maimed. And she nodded. Marcus closed his eyes in pain and nodded. “For you, my brother, I will do this.”


Viktor stepped back and twisted his upper body before holding out his hand. One Bear, scowling, brought forth a Russian Imperial sword and handed it to Viktor hilt first, holding the scabbard firmly as Viktor pulled the slightly curved blade out. The sun glinted off the edge and Marcus and Anna could see that it was wickedly sharp.


Turning back to Marcus, Viktor took one step back then knelt before he offered up the sword, laid across his palms. “Use this. It has been in my family for generations and done little but hang on a wall for many years. It would like the taste of blood and it would please me.”


Marcus reluctantly took the sword and moved to stand at Viktor’s side. He took a two-handed grip, raised the sword high above his head and brought it back down on the back of Viktor’s exposed neck. The sword jammed between the vertebrae and Marcus fought to get it out. He jerked it free and Viktor’s body fell forward, the head rolling grotesquely in bad angles from the head.


Chapter Twenty-Six


For a long moment there was shocked, horrified silence and then a roar of outrage and pain split the air.

*Obviously* Marcus is strong enough and has enough love for this friend (displayed earlier in the book within a phone call) to get it right the first time.  So I changed it.  I like it much better the first way I showed you.

So, I don’t know if I told you but I am doing CampNaNo.  Yes, I realize it’s completely masochistic of me to do it again so soon but I have been challenged.  And D, the guy Liam is based off of and one of the most important people in my life, won’t do it in November anymore.  I want to face the challenge with him.  I will not be doing it again in July or August though.  I have much work to do on the Highland Wolves books.  

He challenged me to a new genre so I am doing a fusion.  It will be High Fantasy Erotica.   High Fantasy is more difficult than anything I’ve done.  There are layers of story to consider.  A reluctant hero.  An Aragorn-style supporting character who gathers the troops and has his own story.  A great evil, a cool weapon, a cool horse or something, an artifact of doom (which will have its own history).  D is lucky, in this moment, he lives on the other side of the Atlantic.  *laughs*

So far I have the creation myth, the Gods, a most base description of what the reluctant hero is (until she has a name we shall call her RH), I think I have the artifact of doom too.  I do not have a title yet.  I’ll show you what I do have.   I went with the Welsh language to find names for my characters, btw.  I did try to choose ones that weren’t too difficult to remember to pronounce.  There will also be a key in the front of the book to help people remember – whether or not I get this thing published. *laughs*

First, the creation myth.

Creation Myth:

Human myth: Mother & father were in love and wanted to see one another.  With their love they created the sun.  When they wanted to rest but still see one another they created the moon.   They made love, enjoying the sight of each other in the softer light.  The Father loved the way her skin glowed and she loved the strength she could see in his eyes.   He swept some of the glow from her skin and she added his strength to create the stars.  From their union came 5 children (Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Spirit).  The Mother and Father loved their children so much they felt the need to share that love.  They took pieces of each child and put them together to create the world and humans, the smaller incarnation of their children.

Truth:  It was an experiment.  Mother & Father wanted to see if their children could get along enough to look after pets.  The Children prance and preen and prey on humans for sport.

It will be expanded, I think.  Both the Human side and the truth portion, but that’s a good start, eh?  

The Mother and Father  Gods are as follows:

Mother  – SEREN – (sair-REN): 

–          Benevolent, easy-going

–          Slow to temper

–          Willing to believe they are safe

–          Democratic

–          Long suffering, due to the antics of her children

–          Moves with a flowing grace, barely seems to touch the ground (doesn’t, that’s one reason she can travel from child to child)

–          Appearance: Hair like the night sky, black with sparkling highlights, almost to her waist; pale, hairless skin; eyes shift from turquoise to cerulean blue, the colours of the north Atlantic Ocean currents; luscious little mouth with delicate pink lips; lithe, slim body, petite; high firm breasts that stay that way despite being a little on the large side,  sensitive, pale pink nipples, small areole; a bar code style birthmark on the inside of her left outer lip

–          Aggressive masochistic submissive

–          Magic

–          Kinks – 


Father  – IORWERTH – (YOR-weth):

–          Dark, except when it comes to Seren

–          Quick to temper

–          Vengeful but often tempered by Seren

–          Rigid and unyielding except, again, when it comes to Seren

–          Strong, warrior (like a Viking)

–          Appearance:  Same pale, hairless skin; dark hair; eyes the colour of Arctic snow; barely 6 feet tall, stocky, slightly tapered body, well muscled; thick cock with a heavy, large sac below, just over 7 inches long, obvious veins and the same type of bar code style birthmark just behind his left ball; looks like a working man with large, thick fingered hands and substantial bundles of muscles throughout his limbs, defined pecs and abs

–          Magic

–          Kinks –

As you can see I haven’t figured out their kinks yet.  And yes, BDSM will be a part of this.  RH is living in a Gorean-style  community (see: book series by John Norman that has become a ridiculously popular way of life).  

So, Seren and Iorwerth’s children are:

Fire – CARWEN – (CAR-wen) Goddess of purity (fire burns all things clean),  eyes like sunset on the water

Air – EIFION – (AYV-yon) God of

Water – RHIAN – (HREE-ann) Goddess of

Earth – EURWEN – (IRE-wen) God of fertility, home, hearth,

Spirit – CADFAEL – (KAD-vyle) God of philosophy, the heart, the mystical, mind-body connection

As you can see, I’ve made a good deal of headway this weekend, despite not being home and it’s shaping up to be something quite cool.  There is more in my head, just have to get it out.  

That’s it for me today, my lovelies.


Oh!  I also figured out the back story for Seren and Iorwerth.  😀  You’ll love it.  I’ll share once it’s written out.

Food Macros

Good Saturday morning everyone!

I am so excited today!  Not only do I have some incredible (if I do say so myself) pictures to show you, I am getting a new phone and a new Playstation 3!  This week my glasses are being ordered and my website will get started on.  I also got taken out to a fantastic dinner last night.

I am one spoiled, happy, grateful woman!  😀  I give thanks to my Dad and The Boyfriend who are making all these things possible in tandem.  And to my brother, who is always, always busy but is taking the time out to build my website.  And yes, Jason, your email is next on my list.

This week I have also made the decision to do CampNaNo in April.  Yep, another 50k in a month.  I am being challenged to write something in a new genre.  So I am doing a fusion of High Fantasy and Erotica.  I have created a creation myth and I’m working on the characters, in and around all this spoiling.  And I still have to show you the bit about the beheading.  (If you were up on my Facebook page, you’d know what I mean.)  

By the way!  We are at 42 (which is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything).   Eight more people on Facebook!  Then I’ll start looking for the question.

No, wait… that’s wrong…  Then I can do the giveaway! 😀

I am thrilled with this week’s pictures!

First… I opened a new flavour of ice cream – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup  – that I bought to share with my kids.  And I really liked what I saw so I had to take a couple of photos.  This one here I cropped, did an auto levels on it and then shifted the contrast a little to make it higher. I absolutely love the texture and the richness of it. It might be a little blurrier than I’d like but I think it’s a good photo anyway.

Looks like clean, beautiful sand doesn't it?

Looks like clean, beautiful sand doesn’t it?

This next one I left uncropped and I did the auto levels on it.  I think I adjusted the brightness/contrast a little but not by much.  

Love the colours and texture!

Love the colours and texture!


Also this week I was baking pumpkin pie bread (the recipe is to die for!) and I didn’t have enough oil.  It didn’t occur to me to use melted butter to replace it so I used milk instead. I poured the milk into the measuring cup with the oil and was thrilled with the results.  I just HAD to take some pictures to share with you.

With this first one I did the usual auto levels, sharpened it and cropped it to be sure I got just the part I really wanted. Take a look, Peter thought it was just fantastic.  I’m inclined to agree.

It's kind of otherworldly isn't it?

It’s kind of otherworldly isn’t it?

With this next one I shifted the contrast to make the milk almost glow.  It didn’t need a lot of help though.

Love the way the droplets of milk float in the oil.

Love the way the droplets of milk float in the oil.

 The recipe also calls for water so I added that to the milk and oil.  The results were immediate and gorgeous!  I didn’t have to do a lot to this picture. It was lovely all by itself.  A little auto level, a shade of contrast and voila!

Ethereal isn't it?

Ethereal isn’t it?

And the final picture is simply oil & water. All I did to this one was crop it and flash the auto levels on it.  It’s a beautiful thing.  

It almost looks dirty with the flecks of milk in it.  But the bubbles just hang there, reflected in the underside of the oil's top surface.  It's beauty.

It almost looks dirty with the flecks of milk in it. But the bubbles just hang there, reflected in the underside of the oil’s top surface. It’s beauty.


And I am out of here, folks.  Tomorrow I will share the beheading AND I will share my creation myth with you.

Have a wonderful day!  


Trolls, Caves and Glass



Lookie lookie!

It’s been a year since I started entertaining you fine people with my writing and my photos!  Congratulations everyone!

Also this week, I have been on my feet and working at stuff. Healthy progress!!  Friday night we went out for dinner.  Oh the chef was wonderful!  The staff worked hard to make sure there was safe food for me to eat and it was good food. I especially enjoyed dipping my grilled shrimp into their homemade, super secret recipe Honey Dill Dressing. That stuff is more addictive than crack! (not that I’ve tried crack lol) And I was thrilled to find a salad dressing somewhere that is safe for me; an incredibly difficult feat considering most of the time it’s made with soybean oil.  The server even gave me some to bring home.

Yesterday we went shopping. (Can you say “you overdid it”?)  It was a long and exhausting day for someone who has been basically sedentary for a month.  “Sedimentary,” The Boyfriend said.  

“Slow moving shale,” I quipped.  “That makes today a rock slide.”

Made him laugh and you groan. 😀

I do have some photos to share with you.  

This week was spring break for my kids and my daughter hung out with me for a couple of days.  One of those days was Girlkid-is-weird Day.   She built a fort with my love seat.

Camera shy couch troll!

Camera shy couch troll!

The cat thought this was a GREAT game.

Alas, no matter how he hunted and tried, she wouldn't let him in.

Alas, no matter how he hunted and tried, she wouldn’t let him in.

So he found his own cave under a piece of mylar sheet.

He's not a fan of photography but he let GK take a few like this.

He’s not a fan of photography but he let GK take a few like this.

They’re both strange creatures but I truly do think it’s as much nurture and environment. 😉

I did a bit of heavy energy work today so Peter took me to the beach to recharge.  Unfortunately, my SD card wasn’t in my camera so I only managed about four pictures.   You know me though, have Photoshop, will play.  😀

Shockingly, I found this huge piece of beach glass.  It looked relatively new.  Not someone-just-broke-a-bottle new, but like it’d only been in the water a couple of months.  Some of the edges were still sharp.  I took a couple photos and threw it back in the water to get beat up more.  

I used macro and I don’t know what it was about the light but I really didn’t like the way it came out.  And nothing I did, contrast, hue etc, made a difference.  So I did a colour splash with it.  First, the one that I couldn’t get right.  This is the original photo, auto levels, a shift in contrast and a little addition of extra green.  I still didn’t like it very much.

The green is dull and dark and not at all how it looked on the beach.

The green is dull and dark and not at all how it looked on the beach.

So I decided to see if I could get the green to really pop.  And how better to do that than the colour splash!  Right?  

See?  It's much better.  I did the colour splash technique and upped the green.

See? It’s much better. I did the colour splash technique and upped the green.

I did take a different perspective of the piece and it came out MUCH better.  The glass shone and almost sparkled. I did an auto levels and a slight contrast shift to enhance it.  

Gorgeous isn't it?  And okay, a lot of contrast shift.  I like the high contrast

Gorgeous isn’t it? And okay, a lot of contrast shift. I like the high contrast

Lastly, I found this rock I really liked.  I left it there, because I think it needs to be in the wild (can you tell I’m tired?) but I had to take a macro shot of it.   Auto levels, sharpen and a slight (really this time) adjustment in the contrast.  

Neat, eh?

Neat, eh?  I also like the sand grains there.  So pretty.

I was screwing around with the filters and accidentally clicked on “Find Edges.”   I got this:

Trippy, right?  :D

Trippy, right? 😀

And that’s it for me folks!

A year of entertaining, 99 followers, lots of fun sharing.  Ninety-nine people!  One more is all we need!  

That and STILL 40 followers on Facebook.  Come on people!  Spread the word, share the links, click LIKE on my Facebook page yourself and we will have a giveaway!

The prizes!!

The prizes!!  So pretty!

Have a great week folks!  Going to get that battle written and share it with you.  Let’s get this giveaway going in the meantime!



Oh!  I totally forgot!  

Peter went for a walk down on the beach and took a bunch of pictures.  I wanted to share my favourite one with you.  I shifted the brightness/contrast  to highlight the ice, other than that I left it alone.  

Awesome isn't it!?

Awesome isn’t it!?


Moira’s Fingers

It was days ago that I finished the scene with Moira and Anna’s little machine but I am just now getting around to sharing it with you.  I was quite surprised by the end.  It’s not what I wanted at all but I can’t seem to reconcile what I wanted with what the characters have decided should be done.  

Here, take a look:

Moira paled and tried again, uselessly, to remove her hand from the crusher.  It ran through her head that it wasn’t worth losing her fingers over.  No employer is worth losing body parts for.  She pulled again and again, trying to get her hand out from under that weight.  It didn’t work.  Her breathing hitched, stopped, and then started again with a deep shuddering inhale.  She opened her mouth.  “Okay!  I’ll tell you!”  And she meant it.  She watched as Anna put her left pinkie finger inside that little alligator’s mouth and started hyperventilating.

Anna set the feet very carefully into the joint.  She applied just enough pressure that Moira would know the teeth were there but not enough to feel pain.  “Alright,” she said.  “Who do you work for?”

“Ballachulish Hotel.”  Moira wailed as she realized what came out of her mouth.  “No, no!  Please!  I’ll tell you, really!”  Then she screamed.  Anna had closed the alligator’s mouth with a snap and a thump of the side of her fist on the top of the snout. 

The steel teeth cut cleanly through the joint at the base of the finger, separating the small digit from its owner’s body.  Anna used her blue fire and immediately cauterized the wound to stop the bleeding.  Then she set fire to the finger as Moira, whimpering and sobbing, watched.  “You told me you were ready to tell me, Moira.  Are you ready to try again?”  When Moira nodded eagerly, Anna smiled.  “Good girl.  We’re going to try something different now, maybe it’ll help.”

Anna slid the alligator up Moira’s ring finger and closed the teeth around it, just tight enough to bite.  Then she began twisting a screw that tightened the jaws.  The tighter they got the deeper into Moira’s finger the teeth went.  Anna stopped only when she judged that the teeth were almost to the bone.  Moira was sobbing with little hiccupy screams here and there.  Anna grabbed Moira’s chin and looked at her face.  When Moira’s eyes began to roll back in her head Anna slapped her. 

“Who do you work for, Moira?”

Moira’s head lolled loosely on her neck, even with her head in Anna’s grip.  “Ballachulish Hotel.”  Even Marcus groaned in sympathetic pain.  In the next moment, Moira screamed again. 

Anna pulled the alligator up Moira’s finger, the jaws still tight.  The flesh began to shred.  Strips rolled up into the torture device as Anna braced a hand on the crusher and pulled slowly.  When she reached the middle knuckle she got stuck.  As she pulled on the alligator she asked again, “Who do you work for, Moira?”

“Kristina Gedeon!”  Then Moira threw up and passed out. 

Anna jumped to one side but couldn’t avoid the splatter that covered her shoes.

“Oh gross!”  Brock said.

Marcus’s question was dry.  ‘The finger or the vomit?”

“The vomit.  The finger looks kind of cool.”

“Gods Brock!’  Jules shot him a disgusted look then gazed at Anna in wonder.  “What are you going to do now, Alpha?”

“Fix her finger enough that she’ll avoid infection but in such a way she’ll always remember, clean the vomit off my shoes and then drag you guys along to find this Gedeon.”  Anna didn’t realize that this Kristina’s employers implanted triggers in the minds of their servants that all but destroyed their minds should they betray them.

Months later, Moira was still not all the way there mentally.  It was like something had snapped and broken her mind.  She often babbled about alligators named Kristina but nobody would listen to her stories.  The only thing that disturbs her, because she can’t remember what happened to her left ring finger.  It is missing stripes of flesh, exposing the myofascia, tendons and veins with hints of the bone.  Skin grafts had been tried, and fallen off.  It didn’t hurt, it was just her finger exposed.  When she’d told the police she didn’t remember they hadn’t believed her and investigated every part of her life.  It was only in her dreams that she saw the truth, the whole of it.  And those dreams reminded her that no one was worth keeping her mouth shut, no one earned that amount of loyalty from her.

Moira worked from home now, building tiny alligators out of metal and seed bead weaves.  It was all she could do anymore.

See?  Moira was meant to remember it all.  Anna wanted her to remember and left her finger to be an ever present symbol of her ultimate failure to hold to an oath.  It’s too bad that  neither Moira nor Kristina…well, ultimately Liliya… want her to remember.  

And now, finally, on to battle!  The most awesome thing happened!   Anna got a letter from an old friend, the Irish Fae Nuada (Nuada appears in book two), giving them help in the battle against the Russian Bears.  😀   Fabulous!   There will be a some harpy eagles, a snake or two and… I can’t remember.  Panthers I think.  It’s a good thing I make notes.

Have a good evening!


Home, Texture and Slime

I am home!

Finally well enough to be able to take care of myself, even minimally.  I am mostly improving every day.  Got the MRI results back.  Nothing is broken but life would have been easier if it was.  At least that could have been fixed.  As it is, my back is now “fragile” and I have to work at strengthening it.  Val very nicely bought me a book about back care.  I will share it when it comes.  

You all are probably going to think I’m a little crazy with the photos this week.  You may be right, I mean look at me:

I look a little crazy, don't I?

I look a little crazy, don’t I?  I won’t mention how sick & tired I look. *laughs*

The story behind the pictures:

We were looking for ways that I could come home, things to pack to make it easier.

This is not one of those easier things.

This is not one of those easier things.

So we were doing some bulk cooking.  And one of those things was chicken pot pies with potato bread top crust.  I made eight of them and we lined them up in rows on a large cookie sheet.  There was spillage. Peter dealt with most of the aftermath so I didn’t see what happened to the pan.  

What I did see was the pan the next morning.  After it had been left soaking all night.  I was intrigued.  I was camera minded.  I decided that I had to share with you all just what I saw.  So here goes.

A lot of the pics were taken with the macro setting.  Most of them had auto level applied then slightly tweaked with the Sharpen filter (you’ll see why).  

Disgusting, isn't it?

Disgusting, isn’t it?

It’s also a little blurry and a tad full of glare.  There was still water in the pan.

I love the texture and flow of this bit.

I love the texture and flow of this bit.

It reminds me of satin in water.  Maybe silk in water.  Either way, I like it a lot.

There's so much to see here.

There’s so much to see here.

Still with the water in it, which is where the reflection came from.  There’s the background colour from the pan, which is somewhat influencing the colour of the slime.  There are bubbles mixed the silky, satiny flow.  

With less water and movement came different textures.

With less water and movement came different textures.

It was time to clean the pan and Peter was draining it.  I took this picture partway through the drain.  We really like the visual of the pan in such contrast to the lighter bits of flotsam and jetsam.  And finally…

Empty of water but not of interest.

Empty of water but not of interest.

Again with the pan and slime contrast.  I like the way the light and dark play off each other here.  I like the bright slime and scratches in the coating on the pan contrast with the shadows and the dark spots that show the pan is well used.  I like the hills and valleys.  

It has taken me all day to do this blog in part because I keep getting up to do other things and in part because it’s been like pulling fingernails out to get even the few words I have here out of my head.  So I think I’m going to end it here despite the fact that there was more to show you.  

Besides, I think you all have been sufficiently disgusted.  *chuckles*   The things I see as a potential photograph sometimes amaze me.  I will try for a less esoteric group of photos next week.  😀   Have a great evening!


Inside Looking Out

Note:  I am trying a new format today.  It’s called ‘Gallery’ and makes all the pictures clickable.  They will open in a new window so you don’t lose your place.  Let me know what you think!  


Good morning, lovely people!

How are you doing?  

I’m in the same position I was on the 25th but I have since seen my personal doctor and he seems to think it is either broken or herniated badly.  I have had an MRI done since and have to do some simple testing for kidney function.  Hopefully we’ll get the MRI results tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have finally found a sitting position that doesn’t hurt so much.  At least, it doesn’t hurt my back as much.  So I am posting a blog while I can maintain the position because I actually have pictures to share!

I was brushing my teeth Friday morning and staring out the bathroom window, watching the air moisture turn into an icy fog.  I took an interest and started seeing the lovely details in the winter weather around the house.  So I wandered to almost every window in the house and took pictures from every angle.  

Of course I had to play with Photoshop a little but I’ll get to that.  Here’s my first view on our little corner of the world.  

Almost all the pics were taken on the Auto setting, run through with auto contrast and the sharpen filter (the ones with the screen in the shot).   This first one is the first scene I saw.  It was cropped to achieve the best focal point.  

I love the frost in the air and the contrast between the snow on the top of the branches and the dark, earthy brown of the bottom half.  The slight fuzziness from the screen offers a bit of a surreal touch, I think.

Through the bathroom window.

Through the bathroom window.

I went into the living room, excited by the prospect of no screens and opened the top of the double hung windows.  (I do have to note here, for reasons that will become apparent in the next picture, that Terror is here with me.)  I loved the contrasts and textures in this next picture.  I deliberately put it in greyscale to highlight the light and shadow.  The hardness of the tree against the fluffiness of the snow made me smile.  The deep, rich chocolate of the bark makes the dull, steel grey sky brilliant and bright.

It's amazing what a tree can become.

It’s amazing what a tree can become.

I closed the window and headed for the kitchen next, moving slowly with my two-cane shuffle.  I turned around, can’t remember why, and had to laugh when I saw this:

Terror just had to see what I was looking at.

Terror just had to see what I was looking at.

He was kind of pissed that I closed the window though.

I went to the kitchen window next to see what I could see.  The window is over the sink and since I can’t bend or lean like normal people, I couldn’t quite get the camera as close to the screen with this next shot so it’s a little more obvious.  I love the sleepy, almost heavy quality the dull light and shadows give it though.   The grey, hoary light manages even to dampen the brilliance of the pristine snow.

The backyard through the kitchen

The backyard through the kitchen

It occurred to me that there’s no screen if I open the door so I did so and got a couple of great photos.  I’m not sure why this first one is as tilted as it is.  I have a grid on my view screen that helps me line up the horizon (yes, quite on purpose, since I’m a little off-kilter on my best days *laughs*) and I was sure I had it lined up right.

Ah well, apparently my version of straight up and down isn’t the same as everyone else’s.  😀 I took this picture because it’s all fluffy.  The snow manages to camouflage the decrepit fence a little but the old evergreens manage to make holding up the weighty snow look almost effortless.

Everything is frosted and almost otherworldly.

Everything is frosted and almost otherworldly.

I turned my attention to straight out the door (and yes, actually straight!) and found this wonderful scene in the neighbour’s backyard.  

I want to have a big bonfire, s'mores, snowball fights, a snowman and lots of hot chocolate (with Bailey's!)

I want to have a big bonfire, s’mores, snowball fights, a snowman and lots of hot chocolate (with Bailey’s!)

Being me, I had to play with the picture in Photoshop too.  The above is the original image.  You can just make out the colour of the fence and the deep green of the evergreens.  I wanted to see what it would look like in greyscale:

Not all that much different

Not all that much different.

So, since it simply looks a little aged but really not that different, I unlocked the layers and played with the colour overlay to try and get a more sepia toned photo.  I succeeded quite well.  And I think I managed to keep the hoary, frosty, chilled feel too.  I used orange for the overlay because I wanted that look most associated with sepia.  

Now it looks cold and old.  :D

Now it looks cold and old. 😀

Later that day, The Boyfriend was airing the place out and I came back in to lay down and found this:

His ass is on my pillow!

His ass is on my pillow!

Terror found the best spot for his nose.  And you see this:

It's a captured power supply!

It’s a captured power supply!

The Boyfriend figured the best way to keep his injured, media addicted girlfriend in bed is to zip tie her power pack to the bed frame!  Grr

Actually.  It’s effective.  I have a good battery but it doesn’t last forever.  *laughs*

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to lay down again and I simply don’t write as well with one hand.  Sideways.

Have a great day!