Inside Looking Out

Note:  I am trying a new format today.  It’s called ‘Gallery’ and makes all the pictures clickable.  They will open in a new window so you don’t lose your place.  Let me know what you think!  


Good morning, lovely people!

How are you doing?  

I’m in the same position I was on the 25th but I have since seen my personal doctor and he seems to think it is either broken or herniated badly.  I have had an MRI done since and have to do some simple testing for kidney function.  Hopefully we’ll get the MRI results tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have finally found a sitting position that doesn’t hurt so much.  At least, it doesn’t hurt my back as much.  So I am posting a blog while I can maintain the position because I actually have pictures to share!

I was brushing my teeth Friday morning and staring out the bathroom window, watching the air moisture turn into an icy fog.  I took an interest and started seeing the lovely details in the winter weather around the house.  So I wandered to almost every window in the house and took pictures from every angle.  

Of course I had to play with Photoshop a little but I’ll get to that.  Here’s my first view on our little corner of the world.  

Almost all the pics were taken on the Auto setting, run through with auto contrast and the sharpen filter (the ones with the screen in the shot).   This first one is the first scene I saw.  It was cropped to achieve the best focal point.  

I love the frost in the air and the contrast between the snow on the top of the branches and the dark, earthy brown of the bottom half.  The slight fuzziness from the screen offers a bit of a surreal touch, I think.

Through the bathroom window.

Through the bathroom window.

I went into the living room, excited by the prospect of no screens and opened the top of the double hung windows.  (I do have to note here, for reasons that will become apparent in the next picture, that Terror is here with me.)  I loved the contrasts and textures in this next picture.  I deliberately put it in greyscale to highlight the light and shadow.  The hardness of the tree against the fluffiness of the snow made me smile.  The deep, rich chocolate of the bark makes the dull, steel grey sky brilliant and bright.

It's amazing what a tree can become.

It’s amazing what a tree can become.

I closed the window and headed for the kitchen next, moving slowly with my two-cane shuffle.  I turned around, can’t remember why, and had to laugh when I saw this:

Terror just had to see what I was looking at.

Terror just had to see what I was looking at.

He was kind of pissed that I closed the window though.

I went to the kitchen window next to see what I could see.  The window is over the sink and since I can’t bend or lean like normal people, I couldn’t quite get the camera as close to the screen with this next shot so it’s a little more obvious.  I love the sleepy, almost heavy quality the dull light and shadows give it though.   The grey, hoary light manages even to dampen the brilliance of the pristine snow.

The backyard through the kitchen

The backyard through the kitchen

It occurred to me that there’s no screen if I open the door so I did so and got a couple of great photos.  I’m not sure why this first one is as tilted as it is.  I have a grid on my view screen that helps me line up the horizon (yes, quite on purpose, since I’m a little off-kilter on my best days *laughs*) and I was sure I had it lined up right.

Ah well, apparently my version of straight up and down isn’t the same as everyone else’s.  😀 I took this picture because it’s all fluffy.  The snow manages to camouflage the decrepit fence a little but the old evergreens manage to make holding up the weighty snow look almost effortless.

Everything is frosted and almost otherworldly.

Everything is frosted and almost otherworldly.

I turned my attention to straight out the door (and yes, actually straight!) and found this wonderful scene in the neighbour’s backyard.  

I want to have a big bonfire, s'mores, snowball fights, a snowman and lots of hot chocolate (with Bailey's!)

I want to have a big bonfire, s’mores, snowball fights, a snowman and lots of hot chocolate (with Bailey’s!)

Being me, I had to play with the picture in Photoshop too.  The above is the original image.  You can just make out the colour of the fence and the deep green of the evergreens.  I wanted to see what it would look like in greyscale:

Not all that much different

Not all that much different.

So, since it simply looks a little aged but really not that different, I unlocked the layers and played with the colour overlay to try and get a more sepia toned photo.  I succeeded quite well.  And I think I managed to keep the hoary, frosty, chilled feel too.  I used orange for the overlay because I wanted that look most associated with sepia.  

Now it looks cold and old.  :D

Now it looks cold and old. 😀

Later that day, The Boyfriend was airing the place out and I came back in to lay down and found this:

His ass is on my pillow!

His ass is on my pillow!

Terror found the best spot for his nose.  And you see this:

It's a captured power supply!

It’s a captured power supply!

The Boyfriend figured the best way to keep his injured, media addicted girlfriend in bed is to zip tie her power pack to the bed frame!  Grr

Actually.  It’s effective.  I have a good battery but it doesn’t last forever.  *laughs*

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to lay down again and I simply don’t write as well with one hand.  Sideways.

Have a great day!



4 thoughts on “Inside Looking Out

  1. Keeping you bed bound was a side benefit of zip tying your power supply. That thing was toasty from constant use, figured it deserved somewhere with some air flow rather than being buried under your pillow, silly rabbit.


  2. Wonderful winter photos. I particularly enjoyed them, because they were taken from inside, which is where I would be curled up, lol!


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