Camp NaNo

Good Friday morning, folks.

I realized I missed last week’s photo blog, I simply didn’t have anything to show you as I was too busy prepping for CampNaNo to have any time to take pictures.  Oh wait!  I do have one…  let me see if I can find it.

Ah yes…

I was looking outside the Saturday morning admiring the sun on the frost and I decided to take my camera and the macro setting outside.  The camera took the picture perfectly so all I had to do was resize it.

Sparkly!  :D

Sparkly! 😀

Pretty, no?

Really, all I wanted this morning is to share the beginning of Iesin’s Doom (the working title for the NaNo).  I told you about the creation myth last week and now I’d like to show you how it came into play.  This will make it a long post but I think it’s well worth the read.  So do my beta readers (at least, the ones I’ve heard from).  

I have been having fun with this genre, despite its difficulty.  I keep thinking I should have short blurbs about each character and move back and forth but the reality is that I’m not capable of doing that so I’m letting each insight come to its natural conclusion before moving on.  

Since I have to get breakfast for BoyKid and myself, I am going to leave you with the story now.  

Have a great day and I shall see if I can get some spring photos done to post this weekend.  



Iesin’s Doom




Iorwerth tightened the knots at Seren’s wrists then smiled down at her, stroking her face.  “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”  He accompanied the reassurance with a soft kiss on her lips.

Turquoise eyes stared back at him, worry and panic growing in their depths.  “If they catch us they’ll kill us!”

“No one will find out.” Growing irritation darkened the arctic white eyes to a stormy grey.  They had this conversation every time.  “We trust the people who taught us, they would never tell anyone.  No more than we would. Now stop talking or I will gag that pretty mouth of yours.”

Seren immediately stopped voicing her fears.  “Yes Master.”  She chewed on her lower lip briefly and watched as he picked up a glove covered with fur on one side and leather on the other.  Her eyes closed with pleasure as he started by stroking her arm with the fur side.  His hand trailed down her side, skimming along the edge of her breast before he stopped at her hip.   As he skipped across her pelvis, brushing lightly with the tips of the fur, barely touching her, her mind drifted briefly. 

Seren and Iorwerth had good reason to worry.  They lived in a rigid Puritanical society.  Women were covered from neck to wrist to ankle.  They wore slacks only when their work made skirts unsafe and even then, the slacks were loose in the groin and behind, flowing from hip to ankle.  Their hair was always covered, especially if they were single.  Married women were permitted to wear their hair in long braids, if they wished. 

By law, all sexual relations were to be for procreation only, by schedule and in the dark.  Only two positions were permissible – the woman on her back, legs spread just enough to allow the husband between them, and the woman on her side, one leg lifted just enough to allow her husband access.  The second position was a concession to the need for occasional change.

Every now and then couples could be found sharing houses and only in the dark of night did those couples acknowledge that their arrangements were public fronts and allow themselves the pleasure of same-sex relationships. 

Imprisonment and re-education came to those whose lifestyles were brought to light; those who enjoyed variations in sexual and those who enjoyed their own kind more than the opposite sex. The kind of relationship Seren and Iorwerth had was punishable by death. Seren wasn’t quite sure why the relationship between a Sadist and a masochist, a Master and his slave, was so bad but she lived in fear that somehow The Scepter – the government’s enforcement branch for Protection of Modesty, Brotherhood and Government – would find out about them.

A sharp slap to her breast brought Seren back to herself and she gasped.  A different kind of fear crept into her mind.  She didn’t want to disappoint her Master. 

“There you are, my slut.”  Iorwerth wrapped his large hand around her slender throat.  “I told you not to worry.  You disobeyed me, didn’t you?”  He knew very well he couldn’t control her thoughts and he had no desire to but he couldn’t let her drift away in the middle of their play. 

Seren stared into those white eyes she loved so much for a moment then lowered her lashes over her eyes.  “Yes, Master.”

“Then you have changed the nature of our play this evening.”  He untied her wrists and pulled her off the bed.  “Wait here.”  He turned from her, pleased when she immediately sank to her knees.

Seren lowered herself to the floor with her knees spread wide and her back straight.  She lifted her hands and threaded her fingers together on the back of her neck, beneath the inky black hair.  She appeared to lower her eyes to the floor but surreptitiously watched him remove a pair of paintings from the wall. 

The paintings were large and heavy enough to justify some solid hooks.  Iorwerth reached into the open safe set into the wall and pulled out a pair of leather cuffs and a gag.  All of their toys had been hard to come by in this society but thankfully the two had managed to work their way into a community of like-minded people.  It was through them that the careful selection of paddles, restraints and insertables was collected.  He moved back to Seren and looked down on her.

She was beautiful.  Her skin was a flawless, pale peach colour, a sign that her family had royalty in its background.  Most of society had skin tones in the blues and greens because of their exposure to the sun as working class people, people who worked for the ones who held the inner light that enabled them to create things from nothing.  The inky black hair had silvery white highlights scattered through it like the stars in the night sky.  Her eyes were normally a lovely turquoise but darkened to cerulean when she was excited or angry. 

Iorwerth studied her face a moment longer then forbade himself the study of her body for a few minutes longer.  “Give me your hand.”  He held out his left hand and waited while she put her right hand in it.  He slid the supple leather around her wrist then held his hand out for her other one; she gave it to him as she returned the first to the back of her neck.

Seren forbid herself nothing when it came to her Master.  He was her everything, from his strengths to his weaknesses, from the dark mahogany hair on his head to the thick cock that dangled inches from her lips to the bottoms of his feet.  He took had the peach skin but darker, richer, with a hint of blue since he would rather be outside than in.  She obeyed his rules, she loved him, she looked after him.  And she did it all so that he would look at her as he was now, with lust, love and passion. Everything about him meshed well with her, from his temper and her diplomacy to their magic and their bodies.  They were puzzle pieces that fit together seamlessly.

She met his eyes briefly and smiled when he told her to stand.  All her love went into that look.

It took Iorwerth’s breath away.  He put his finger under her chin and tipped her head back before he leaned forward and kissed her passionately.  He had just slipped his tongue between luscious yet delicate pink lips and into her mouth when they heard a loud banging on the door.  They jumped apart and he grabbed the robes off the hooks by the bed and thrust one at her.  “Put this on,” he hissed at her.

The banging on the door happened again and they jumped.  Suddenly a voice could be heard through a loudspeaker.  “This is The Scepter!  Open up right now!  We have a search warrant.  Open the door peacefully and things will go better for you, Citizen.”

Seren’s eyes were wild with fear.  “We can’t open the door!” she whispered frantically.

“We won’t, don’t worry.”  He grabbed her hand.  “Come on.”  He led her into the closet and crouched down to press a hand on the wall. 

A crash came from the front of the house and Seren barely restrained a scream.  She had the presence of mind to pull the door closed just as a small snick came from the wall and a panel swung into an empty space on the other side of the wall.  When Iorwerth pulled her down and shoved her through the hole in the wall. Seren crawled into the three by three foot entrance and went forward into the dark, trusting Iorwerth to keep her safe.  She kept crawling as she heard the soft sound of the door closing again. 

“Light, Seren.” The command was whispered from behind her.  “Don’t worry, they won’t see it. 

“Yes Master.”  Her response was equally soft as she closed her eyes to concentrate, a habit she developed when she was little and first learning to use her inner power. A habit that was not necessary in the all-consuming darkness.  A soft glow formed and hovered a few feet in front of her.  The light was a pale purple and she opened her eyes again as she finished it.

“Good girl.  Let’s go.” 

Together they crawled down a steeply sloped ramp until finally Seren’s light stopped reflecting on the narrow passage and suddenly bobbed into wide open space. Seren crawled out of the tunnel and moved to one side, kneeling there as she stared at the few bits of the room she could see in the light. It looked like a laboratory.

Iorwerth emerged and immediately stood.  He pushed a heavy door down against the entrance of the tunnel then waved a hand and lamps on the wall flared to life.  “Hurry, my love.  This will take time and concentration and we don’t have a great deal of the first.”

Seren rose to her feet and moved to his side as he lifted a strange contraption off the table.  It was a large circle with four bars on it – two on each side – and it crackled when he touched it.  “Master?”

“It will concentrate our magic and create a portal.”  He looked at her earnestly.  “Listen to me.  You have to concentrate hard and you have to have exactly the same intent as me.  We want somewhere we can be safe, somewhere we can love each other freely.  Do you understand that?  Tell me.”

“We need to be somewhere we can be together without fear, somewhere we can touch each other as we want to.”

“Yes, exactly.  Safe. Free.  Ours. Got it?”

“Yes Master.”

“Hold those two handles.  We will point it at the wall.”

“Won’t the portal still be open if they come through here?”

“No, we’ll pull it closed.  Concentrate.”

Together they closed their eyes and poured everything they had into their heart’s desire.  Lilac coloured power met orange as their magic flowed from their hands into the device and raced to cover every inch of it.  Purple and orange swirled together in the circle, whirling faster and faster until suddenly a beam of light appeared and the swirling colours shifted to the end of the beam.  Iorwerth watched it and whispered urgently.  “More, Seren!”  Their power filled the circle and began to leak over them to fill the room.

They fought to make the portal bigger and suddenly it was six feet across.  “Run!  Don’t let go!”  Iorwerth urged her forward and together they dashed through the portal.  They turned the beam and the portal inside out and disappeared through it.  The resulting sudden collapse of power created a vacuum that sucked everything above the room into it.  Iorwerth’s house collapsed into itself, crushing the members of The Scepter who had been inside and left behind nothing but bits and pieces of the home Iorwerth had shared with Seren.





Once, long, long ago, the Mother and Father were very much in love with one another but they lived in nothing but darkness.  Their entire world was one of nothingness, only the two of them existed.  They loved by feel, touching, caressing and tasting; their sense of touch.  The two knew of no other way to live.

Then one day, the Mother’s love shone bright enough that the Father caught a glimpse of her face.  He fell deeper in love and wanted to always be able to see her.  Together they took the love they had from one another and used their will to create the sun so that they might always be able to see one another.

For centuries they reveled in the light.  Then they began to wish for darkness again so that they might rest their eyes for a little bit.  They wanted to still be able to see each other as they made love so they took a piece of the sun and created the moon.  The Father stole the sparkles from Mother’s hair and scattered them across the dark sky.  And thus was born night and day.

Mother became pregnant and they wanted a home for their children so they reached deep within themselves for some magic and began to create their home.  They built a large sloping mountain that tapered from the highest peak of rock and snow to jagged, crooked every green forests to flat lands covered in grasses, flowers and trees of all kinds.  Water flowed down from the mountain in streams to create pools and lakes.  Magma in the mountain heated the small pools buried high on the sides of the mountain.  They built a large home for themselves at the base of the mountain, near a crystal clear lake.  It was made of rock and wood and had a stream running through the center while magma flowing behind the wall that attached the house to the mountain kept it warm. 

Soon Mother gave birth to five Gods. 

First to come was Carwen, the Fire Goddess.  She is the Goddess of purity, youth, beauty, love, health, sleep and dreams.  She is the Virgin Goddess, kept pure by her cleansing fire. She was born with the inky black hair of her mother and father but with red-orange highlights.  Her eyes were the colour of sunset on the waterfalls in the mountain.  It was apparent from a very young age that she had her father’s temper.  She is a brat submissive, very masochistic.

Next was Eifion, the Air God.  He is the God of death, the afterlife and underworld, war, winter and protection.  He is the keeper of the souls of those who die, sweeping them away on the wings of birds with the body’s last breath.  He showed from the first that he was light and sunny, with a sense of humour.  He too has the black hair but blue eyes like the bright noon sky.  A sensual Sadist, Eifion combines pain with pleasure.

The middle quint is Rhian, the Water Goddess.  She is Goddess of regeneration, bringing the dead to life, reincarnation, divination, prosperity, karma and the lunar mysteries.  She has the height of her father, the face of her mother and hair the colour of the southern sea.  She has a great love for man and woman.  A perfect switch, Rhian can be a truly sadistic dominant or a masochist submissive capable of taking great pain.

Fourth came Eurwen, the Earth God.  He is the God of hearth and home, husbandry, life, luck, sexual energy, food, wine and creativity.  Taller than his father but just as stocky, he has earth brown hair and eyes the colour of a spring leaf.  He inherited his mother’s diplomacy and affection for all things.  Eurwen is an aggressive submissive like his mother but not masochistic in the least, he is bi-sexual and has an equal love for the female form.

The last of the Mother and Father’s children is Cadfael, the God of Spirit, the final element.  He is the God of philosophy, the heart, the mystical, the mind-body connection and the body’s life force.  He is the twin to Eifion but hair the colour of ash and eyes that shift with emotion, rotating through all the colours of his family.  Cadfael is an aggressive dominant that switches between sadism and sensual dominance, depending on his mood. 

As the quintuplets grew, it is said, their own powers and personalities grew too big for the island their parents had built.  So the Father and the Mother once again pooled their energies to create individual islands for their children.  They ranged out from the large one, renamed Talfryn, meaning ‘high hill’, and were connected to one another by a series of elaborate yet delicate looking bridges of an alloy found deep in Talfryn’s mountain and blended with each of the elements. 

Soon they reached an age where the Mother and Father determined it was time for them to learn responsibility.  Thus they took elements from each of Iesin’s islands and threw them out into space to create the human world.  They built animals then created people in their image.  The world is segmented into sections according to the Child Gods’ element, thus we have the Fire People, the Water People, the Earth People, the Air People and the Spirit people. 



The Truth


Seren and Iorwerth tumbled through their portal and landed in a new dimension, well away from their own, having crossed several of them in their race to get away from The Scepter.  They floated together in the nothingness for several centuries, quiet, saying nothing, touching and loving silently because they could not help but do so even in their fear that they would be found.

It wasn’t until almost a dozen centuries passed that they dared find some light.  Iorwerth combined his power and hers to create the sun and a little of the sun to create the moon.  They did become pregnant and they did indeed create Talfryn to be their home.  And they did indeed create the outlying islands when their children began to outgrow the original hunk of rock.  They did indeed love their children.

And they did build the Earth to teach their children responsibility.

What gets left out is the infighting.  And the need for privacy. 

The Child Gods clashed at every turn.  They fought amongst themselves for eons before the Earth was created.  Now they use humans as pawns and fodder. 

The Mother and Father now essentially leave their children to their own devices, interfering only once when the Earth’s destruction was imminent.  They burned the world clean and rebuilt the humans, a few in each of the Gods’ realms, and warned their children that if it happened again the Earth would be permanently destroyed and the Gods would be locked alone on their islands.

The fear of being caught had left them until one day when Cadfael emerged from one of his long meditations.  He came to his mother and said simply, “Justice will come in the hands of a human child born of the Gods.”


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