An Anthology, a Photo and an Update.


Boy, oh boy, I’m a bad, bad girl.  I have neglected this little space here for the last two weeks.  I had a short photo blog planned for last weekend.  Two blogs, really.  One to talk about the anthology and one to showcase a few pictures.  There were a few problems.  One, last Saturday we got busy and I never did get to the anthology blog (part of that is because I let the way things are going to come out – or at least start – percolate and I couldn’t, for the life of me, come up with an opening).  Then Sunday morning…

Well, Sunday turned out to be a really, really bad day.  I’ve talked a bit before about being gluten, corn and soy intolerant.  One of the things I’ve always felt was absolutely safe was jam/jelly.  In a commercial jam you expect to find fruit, sugar (at least two forms), pectin, colouring, flavouring and preservatives.   What you don’t expect to find is a five ingredient jam with the second being corn syrup.  Wal-Mart’s Great Value brand jam is just that.  We found that out the hard way.  I was violently ill for several hours.  So no blog found its way out of my fingers that day either.  It took me two days to recover.  The following two days were spent catching up on my editing of HW2 and being without internet at my home.  (Provider is a jackass)  Friday was… stressful and busy.

I am here now though and I would like to tell you about an exciting project I’ve just taken on.  Kallysten is an author I like not just for her books (which are wonderful, sexy, provocative) but for herself.  I don’t know her personally but everything I see about her, the things she does and the cheer she does them with, make me like her.

Recently she posted a blog about creating a second anthology to sell for breast cancer awareness/research.  I took interest and mulled it over.  It was only a day or two before I emailed her and volunteered. (Why?  Because my favourite aunt-in-law had breast cancer last year.  She had a double mastectomy and a lot of chemo.  She’s thriving now and I’m grateful.)  I don’t expect that she’s going to take ALL of the stories she sent, I’m sure her editor will have a thing or two to say about the size of the book, but I’m going to do my damndest to make sure I make the final cut.

“What will you write about?” you ask.

Good question.

At first, I thought I’d write about Marcus and Chelle, a sexy interlude between the two of them that shows how they feel about one another.  Then I thought about the lady, a very dear person to me, who has yet to be written into the Highland Wolves book, even though she is part of that group that so inspires the characters.  I thought about her enduring love affair with the man who inspired Doug.  And I thought that this is the perfect way to write her into the books.  Make it a Highland Wolves 2.5 novella.  

That, my friends, is that.  It’ll be Doug and McKenna (not so sure about the name as yet) and a steamy story that includes the pink.

I haven’t been taking many pictures.  It’s like the camera in my brain is defective lately but I do have a few.  Most of the pictures I see in my head happen when we’re doing 100 km/h down the highway.  Difficult to take them to say the least.  This one here is my favourite.  It came out absolutely beautifully right from the get-go so all I had to do was tweak the levels just a touch and resize it.  It’s a staple of Ontario summers.  It’s creepy as all hell and yet beautiful in its way.  We call it a mosquito hawk and I have no idea what it’s really named.  It eats the bitey little buggers though so I leave them alone.  This one landed for a rest on the picture window in the living room.

Lovely shot isn't it?  I like the lines.  The focus is in the right place.  The background is perfect.

Lovely shot isn’t it? I like the lines. The focus is in the right place. The background is perfect.

The Update:

I do need to speak to my brother about how the website is coming since he hasn’t said anything but I am working on the things that need done.  I’ve been doing the first edit on HW2 so I can write a teaser for it.  It’s funny that I have to reread the thing so I can tell you what it’s about.  I knew the basics but getting a feel for the book again will help write something compelling.  

I will admit that I have been doing two things almost to the exclusion of everything else – the editing and reading J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  Man I love those books!  My kids hate that I’m reading them because I get lost in the book and tune out everything else.  “Mom!  MOM! Did you hear ANYTHING I just said?” is the most common refrain heard from my son.  To me, that’s the hallmark of a great book.  

My point is that the character write ups for Liam, Marcus and Chelle haven’t been done.  I am thinking now that I need to do Doug and McKenna too, if I’m going to feature them in a novella.  That’s okay.  I’m glad of the work.  I do need to poke my brother though.  We need to get this site up and running.  

And we’re off for the afternoon.  We are going to a small outdoor fetish fair – what?  Is it that you thought it was kept to my characters?  Ever hear the adage ‘write what you know’? 😉 – and to do some errands.  I’m on a mission to find purple potatoes.  😀

Be well.



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