Liam Taggart, the Alpha

I’ve been working on stuff for the website; biographies and the like.   I thought I’d share one with you.  

This is Liam’s and I’m quite proud of it.  I love the background I created for him.  

Take a look:


Liam Andrew Taggart

Age: 41

Height: 6’

Weight:  240

Pack Status:  Alpha

Supernatural Status:  Alpha of the Four Claw Pack, Alpha of Alphas of Scotland – ruler of the Lycans and Therianthropes in Scotland.


            Human:  Liam is stocky, a big guy.  He has broad shoulders capping a torso that tapers slightly in at the waist.  Muscles ripple and flex under his skin as he moves, his muscles are naturally long and lean, defined without having that bodybuilder look.  Long legs are often encased in denim, regardless of the weather, that hides the power in them.  He’s heavy but it’s all muscle.

 Thick black hair falls across his forehead to drape across strong black brows, when he hasn’t made it stand on end by running his fingers through it in aggravation.  Equally thick lashes frame almost expressionless deep, green eyes.  Those eyes warm up when they land on Anna but otherwise show very little emotion.  His eyes do, however, turn yellow when he is angry.  Crinkles caused by stress and amusement and joy are already making an appearance, faint though they are.  He has a strong jaw, straight teeth and sensual lips framed by laugh lines deeper than the marks at the corners of his eyes. 

After Dagda touches him with his club in Demon Plague Liam has a silver streak at the center of his forehead.

            Wolf:  Liam’s Wolf is huge at close to two hundred pounds.  He stands almost four feet tall at the shoulder.  He has strong, nimble legs, a strong back and yellow eyes.  His fur is a deep midnight black that seems to absorb light. 

After the touch of Dagda’s club, he has a small silver lightning bolt that streaks from the end of his snout towards his left ear.

            Background:  Liam grew up as the son of an Alpha’s son.  He was groomed from birth to be the Alpha and yet he was still expected to fight his way through the ranks. He was made to study the laws, not only of their own pack but of Supernatural world.  He was involved in all pack business at his father’s side from a young age.  He joined the pack as an Omega and worked his way to Alpha.  He made friends with Marcus at an early age and they stuck side by side.  He watched his father die at the hands of an unscrupulous Wolf named Rick who thought only about himself and the power being the Alpha would lead. 

It was then that Liam learned the difference between a true Alpha and a poser.  A pack, he learned, has an energy connection that binds each Wolf to the one above, below and beside him.  That energy flows from the Alpha.  A poser weakens a pack and, left in place too long, will destroy it.  Liam had been an Epsilon, four down from the Alpha, when Rick took the pack by force.  Rick sanctioned a battle between the then-Beta and the thug he wanted in place.

Liam and Marcus buried their parents, spirited Liam’s mother away, (she died six months later of a broken heart), and then talked strategy.  They waited six months, building their strength and steadily taking the pack by energy and stealth.  Then Liam invoked the law involving paternal and hereditary rights to the Alpha position: Ascensionem Filius, Ascension of the Son.  There was nothing Rick could do but show up to the challenge or be labeled a coward.  Once Liam won the challenge, he set Marcus up for a challenge to Rick’s old Beta.  The fight never happened for the other Wolf ran.  After that, traitors were routed and the pack swore fealty to Liam.

Liam and Marcus have been Alpha and Beta for almost twenty-five years.

Liam is a contradiction – dead serious about everything and yet ready to see the humour in everything; ruthless and cold, yet overflowing with love and affection for his Wolf family.  He is often stressed, usually pressed for time about something and generally buried under paperwork but he is always ready to hear from his pack. 

            Weaknesses:  Liam’s only weakness is also his greatest strength:  his utter devotion to his pack.  It can make him blind to trouble within his pack.

            Strengths:  His devotion to the pack makes Liam a forward thinker and someone careful to consider the consequences of every action he takes personally or the pack takes as a whole.  His is able to see almost all sides of any situation and act accordingly.  He is physically strong, well skilled in offensive and defensive fighting techniques and a damn good shot. 

            Abilities:  He is a true Alpha; the power of the pack flows from him and back to him.  Because of that power exchange he is able to sense his Wolves, within a certain radius.  He has a natural charisma and magnetism that draws people in and bends them to his will; he can sometimes deliberately magnify that.  He is a shape shifter and can shift from Human to Wolf to Human with a thought as often as needed, requiring less resting time between shifts than the rest of the pack.


What do you think?  I think the biographies will help my readers understand the characters better.  Help the readers love the characters more.  It’ll be great!  😀


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