Deadlines are looming!

July first marks not only Canada Day but the first day of CampNaNo!  And yes, I will be doing it – well, trying to do it – again this time around. I want to finish Iesin’s Doom.  

In order to be able to do something which is purely recreational (but ends up giving me more work in the long run) I need to finish the second edit of Demon Plague and finish writing the first draft of Doug and Mac.  Which brings me to the other deadline that is looming:

The Pink! anthology.   I need to have Doug and Mac finished, totally polished and sent to KallySten by August 15th.  

Frankly, I’d rather have it done before that; the tenth at the latest.  I don’t want to get stuck in a place where her inbox is full and my story gets bounced.  I want this story to be included.  It would be huge for me to be a part of something like this.   Might get me noticed too.  

I’m not expecting that at all but it would be so cool, eh?

So only two deadlines but they loom large!

I do have something fun to share too.  

I don’t normally hope that people aren’t following my blog but I do hope my stepdaughter isn’t because I’m about to share the Christmas present we bought for her daughter.  Chelle, if you’re watching, skip the rest of the blog!  😀  

Athena is growing like a pretty little weed and she is a happy, happy baby.  See?

Beautiful smile.  Makes you want to smile right along with her, doesn't it?

Beautiful smile. Makes you want to smile right along with her, doesn’t it?

We were at an antique motorcycle show in Paris, Ontario last weekend and saw the cutest little bike.  We walked around the show and thought about it but in the end we just had to get it for the wee girl.  She will be big enough to sit on it with help by Christmas and able to use it by her first birthday.  

It's the rockingcycle!  A hobby horse but a bike... get it?

It’s the rockingcycle! A hobby horse but a bike… get it?

It’s perfect, coming from the ex-bike racer Grampa – motocross, iron butt, you name it and if it had less than 4 wheels, he raced it.   Chelle and her sister rode small bikes for a while too.  We’re starting her out young.  *laughs*

And now I have to go.  A ton of work to do today.  



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