Sunny Days

I don’t have a whole lot to say but I thought I’d touch base.

This month has been super stressful so far.  Part of the reason is my daughter – her summer school, (volunteered for), has been crazy!  A semester’s worth of geography – with a Catholic twist for my Pagan daughter (ie, Pope John Paul II said that the world’s ecological and environmental crises are an insult to God for we are destroying His creation, question for my daughter – explain why this is) – in 21 days.   It’s a topic she hates.  She understands why we have to have a basic understanding of the geography of the world but doesn’t get why she, a chef-to-be, needs to understand why or how volcanoes and mountains were created over the course of some 4+ billion years.  That kind of thinking also tweaks her Evolutionist point of view and makes it more difficult to answer the religious discussion questions.

Why is the Pagan daughter of a Pagan attending Catholic school?  Both kids do.  Their elementary school is the same one their father attended.  She had the option to go to a public high school but chose the Catholic one her brother attends (who is Catholic through and through) because it has the better culinary program and will give her a better start to owning her own restaurant by the time she’s 30.  At 13 my child made this decision and has this drive.  

My son is working, doing construction, and it is a source of some emotional stress that I haven’t seen him but once since the end of school.  He has the same brilliance and drive of my daughter, just in a different direction.

I am also trying to get my writing for CampNaNo in.  And failing, I might add.  I am so far behind I’m not sure I’m going to catch up.  I want to quit but I don’t want to quit.  I’d like to make the attempt to get somewhere near the goal.  So I’m still writing, when I can.

The other source of stress is more personal.  I had a doctor’s appointment this week to talk to him about seeing specialists to satisfy the disability judgement panel.  I am going to two – the Spine Clinic in London and a psychiatrist.  The doctor seems to think the psych doc will diagnose me with PTSD & A & B.  Which makes sense considering I’ve been having flashbacks again.  Had one Tuesday night in fact.  It was brutal.  

So not much writing has been going on.  I have been taking a TON of pictures though.  I discovered that my camera does something called ‘burst shot’, which takes up to 20 pictures in a very short period of time.  I will have some to share when I have some time to look at them.  Meanwhile, you can have this pretty:

The Boyfriend.  Evil, ain't I?

The Boyfriend. Evil, ain’t I?

No seriously, here:

Pretty pretty.  Took it with my phone. Tweaked the contrast some.

Pretty pretty. Took it with my phone. Tweaked the contrast some.


Today I am enjoying a couple of hours of doing absolutely nothing for anyone that doesn’t make me happy.  That includes writing, though I will get to it after lunch.  Writing makes me happy so I will.  Just now, I need to de-stress.  So I am sitting on Doris’s back deck under a shade umbrella with some good music and good weather.  

I suggest you do the same.




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