Shades of Pink Project



Doug and Mac is finally sent away!  

I named the story I Already Am.  It worked for me because of the ending.   I couldn’t think of a name, I struggled to find one all the way through the writing.   It wasn’t until I was part way through and the last lines popped into my head – yes, they popped in while I was in the middle of the story.  *laughs*

This is how the story ends:


Mac let go of her control as he commanded.  Pleasure took her over again and she exploded beneath him.  Doug rode her hard as her internal muscles gripped him tightly then roared out his own pleasure.  He slowed his strokes as the orgasm stopped, coming to a standstill before he pulled out and dropped beside her, pulling her to him. They laid there for a few minutes, panting and twitching randomly, basking in the pleasure.

Then Doug spoke.  “There’s something I need to tell you, Mac.”  He waited as she stilled, the finger that had been tracing the line of hair from belly button to groin stopped moving and even her energy seemed to hold its breath.  “My Alphas have agreed to induct you into the pack.  Anna says you are my Mate and that you should be part of the family.   I agree wholeheartedly.  But…  You have to know that I am half-Demon.  My mother was raped by a Demon and I was the result.  I am all Wolf in my head but I cannot help my genetics.  Any children I have will be a quarter Demon.”

Physically, Mac didn’t move but it felt like her soul pulled away from him.  For a long moment, Doug was afraid that she would throw him out. 

Mac tried to think she could tell him but deep in her core she wept at the idea so she rejected it and accepted Doug as he was.  “I love you, Doug, all of you.”

Doug sagged with relief as Mac spoke.  Her energy enveloped him, wrapped around him tightly and gave him a crazy feeling of safety, the same feeling she had with him.   As her love blanketed him, she snuggled closer.  He wrapped them up in the top sheet and smiled with pleasure.  “Be mine, McKenna Amberson.”

“I already am.”  

My story and all the work I put into it is dedicated to two women; one who will never read it and one I will gladly send it to should she ask.

The first is my ex-husband’s Aunt Joanne.  Dennis has numerous aunts and uncles, coming from a Roman Catholic farm family as he does but Aunt Joanne is by far my favourite.  She’s a sweet, lovely lady.   She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  It was aggressive and she had a double mastectomy.  Fortunately, that seems to have resolved the issue, along with some chemo.  

The other is my friend Nancy.  I call her a friend because, despite the fact that we only met on Facebook, I like her, we share similar interests and she’s a strong, strong lady.  She has been battling breast cancer for several years now.  She just finished chemo and was declared clean a few months ago.  Recently, however, she had some tests done that showed it’s back and it’s back hard.  It’s in her lungs and liver.  There are treatments to slow it down but no cure.  Nancy is living on borrowed time but she is one of the strongest, most positive people I know, there for her husband and daughter and still working as hard as she can.   Her faith is still strong.   She is a role model.  

It is because of them that I got involved when I saw KallySten’s blog.

The book, Shades of Pink, will be published in October and will be for sale for a donation to breast cancer research and awareness.  The suggested minimum donation is $5 but I encourage you to give as much as you can when purchasing the book.  (Like how I assume you will be? 😉 )  Every penny goes to BCR.  I will, of course, be promoting the book as it gets closer to being published and once it is out there.  

And now I am off to do some more reading in HW3 so that I can begin writing in it again on Thursday.  Have a great day folks!


breast-cancer-awareness-1000 (1)


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