Yes, ARGH!

It’s the last day of July, AKA the last day of CampNaNo and my total word count ended up being… *drum roll* … 12,083 out of 35,000.   *le sigh* 

I’m frustrated.  I wanted to accomplish something, to finish the story.  I really like Nina’s story.  I think this month was a fail for several reasons:  

  • – summer school (rediscovered that I love learning, by the way)
  • – we were busy besides that
  • – I tried to pick up a story I stopped
  • – ultimately I lost the thread and the inspiration.

This month has been stupidly busy.  I am pleased that I got the Pink story sent.  I am pleased that my daughter’s final grade was 82% (4-, A-, however you want to see it).  I am pleased that my people are so understanding.

I am not pleased that my brain is roving all over the place today.  I haven’t been able to focus on anything.  So I cleaned my kitchen, went for a walk and put on a movie I have seen more than a dozen times.  Still, brain is bouncing all over the place. 

I am going to try to continue reading HW3 now.  I just wanted to share some of my frustration with you.  I need to get the reading done so I have the flow of the story before I continue writing.  



Oh yeah, wait….  I have a song to share with you.


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