A Study in Contrasts

You all know that my favourite subjects to photograph tend to be flowers and things I find out of doors.  And that’s what this week is all about.  

I took those pictures and plugged them into Photoshop.  With almost all of them I toyed with the contrast and brightness balance.  I think I ended up with some truly beautiful pictures, and one strange one.   First though…

We were driving from The Boyfriend’s house to mine, heading south-east.  Glancing in the side view mirror, I noticed the sunset reflected on the car like it had been painted there.  I was too slow in getting the camera out in order to take a picture, however.  One sweeping curve in the road and the imagery was gone.  Silly me.  However, it was still in the sky and I had a fantastic view.  So I picked up my phone and took the picture running… er… riding.  This is a picture taken doing 100 (or so) km per hour.   All I did here was crop the image a little and do an auto-contrast on it.  Then I left it alone.

Had to share this one simply because I like it.

Had to share this one simply because I like it.

As for the rest: flowers, all of them.  Like I said, I think they came out beautifully.  With all of them, except the first one which is left with a simple auto-contrast to show you the original image, the contrast has been changed.  Drastically in some cases.  

First up we have a Dalmatian Rose.  I found it at a big box hardware store named Rona while I was shopping for barbeques.   My camera was set on -0.5 exposure and the daylight setting, 800 ISO.  It happens to be the only picture I remember the settings for.   *laughs*  

This is the original image.

This is the original image.

This next one is the high contrast version.   I think it’s pretty but a little surreal and harsh at the same time.  It’s a strange little flower.  It can’t help but look the way it does. 

And the black and white doesn't look much better.

And the black and white doesn’t look much better.

Next we have the Dinnerplate Hibiscus.  It’s a beautiful and so called because its bloom is the size of a dinner plate.  The blooms only last a day or two but the plant is prolific at producing them.  The red is striking all on its own and really, even though I upped the contrast to some +25-30 and dimmed the brightness slightly, it’s hard to tell I did anything at all.  

It's beautiful, isn't it?  I love the brilliance of the red

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I love the brilliance of the red.

I have two more lilies for you, since goldi’s garden is full of a wide variety.  The first is a Pink Oriental Lily.  I removed the colour and upped the contrast while pulling the brightness down a little.  To me it’s beautiful and fascinating.  It’s almost film noir.  A little more tweaking and it could be the poster for a creepy psychological thriller about murder on the Oriental Express.  Who says lotus flowers and the Chinese zodiac have to be the only symbols of the Orient?  😉

I love the lines and shadows.  It's a busy picture but there's just something about it I really like.

I love the lines and shadows. It’s a busy picture but there’s just something about it I really like.

The last picture is of a White Asiatic Lily.  It is breathtaking the way it came out.  Again, I toyed with the brightness/contrast until I was happy with it.  It’s a gorgeous flower to begin with but this treatment of it stepped it up a notch.  The Boyfriend suggested it could be the base of a book cover.  Not one of mine, at least not at this point, but I think he’s right.    

What do you think?

What do you think?


I am out of here, boys and girls.  I have much more work to do, including writing another blog for you all, (which will be posted tomorrow). I have news to share!

I think next week I’m going to try for a different subject.  Not sure yet what though.

Have a great day.



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