It’s a scary thing to try to sell yourself, ya know?  

So that’s not what I’m doing.  I’m selling my books to bookstores.  Part of that is me – I am the author, I am the one saying ‘here, buy my product – but mostly, I want them to see the book and like it and agree to sell it.

With that in mind, I went on and listed the bookstores that popped up.  Shockingly, there were only seven.  Two of them were big box stores, which have my books under consideration.  One was too full of incense for us to be able to get into.  Three were used books only.  And then there was Oxford Book Shop.  

Down on Piccadilly St in London (Ontario! I realize there is a very famous Piccadilly in London, England) there is a small shop in the bottom of an old, large farmhouse.  It is bright and surprisingly modern.  They pack a lot of books in there.  And she took three of my books just because I asked.  When I asked if she was going to read/preview it she said no, she doesn’t have time.   She took it because I’m a local author and I asked.

While I’m thrilled to have my book in a book store, I’m apparently kind of bummed that it was taken that way.  

Maybe she liked the way I looked – in which case, it was me I was selling there – or maybe I just looked pathetic and like I needed a break.  In which case it was me I was selling there… although not in a good way, eh?  *laughs*

The day resulted in us buying a few ‘business of writing’ books in order to help us build Catherine Bowman as a successful author.  The one I’m reading right now is Create Your Writer Platform by Chuck Sambuchino.  A platform is the thing you stand on to sell your books.  The better your platform, the better your ability to sell your books.  The better you can sell your books, the better your platform gets.  

“Platform, simply put, is your visibility as an author.”

I’m not very visible.  I have Facebook, Twitter and the blog, but I don’t pay attention to them regularly enough.  I also am not a part of the larger community so very much.   I need to work on changing that.  And this book, along with the others, will help that.

To recap:  I have books under consideration at the two big box stores and three books in a small book shop.  

Going to try the university book shop too.

I have to go now.  I have been promising you a Birdie and Rolf update and you’re going to get it!   I have a psychiatric assessment today (most writers are a little crazy 😉 ) so it won’t be written today but it will get written in the next couple of days. 

Have a great day!



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