Shades of Pink: Redux

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Tomorrow is the start of two things:  My birthday month!  I’ll be 40 this year, I’m taking the month 😉   Nah, I probably won’t, just this week.  My actual birthday (and my party) is on Saturday.  

AND It is the start of a (nearly) worldwide focus for fundraising for Breast Cancer Research.  That means, for you fine folks, you are being afforded the opportunity to donate to the cause AND get a fantastic book out of it.  If you have already donated, you will have gotten your book early.  

I wanted to remind you of the book and the opportunity. 

Here’s the promo again:


Shades of Pink


Shades of Pink Charity Anthology

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For this occasion, 33 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink, totaling over 200.000 words / about 500 pages as a PDF.


The suggested donation is $5. Funds are raised via and all proceeds go directly to theNational Breast Cancer Foundation. Readers can also donate to the charity organization of their choice (with a focus on breast cancer) and email their receipt to receive their copy of the anthology in either PDF, ePub or mobi (kindle).


Who: Kate Baum, Brei Betzold, Jean Booth, Catherine Bowman, Perci T. Brooks, Rose Caraway, Bethan Cooper, Sarah Daltry, Vivien Dean, JJ Ellis, Rachel Firasek, Sabrina Garie, Amber Green, T. Hammond, Lisa M. Harley, Susan Harris, K. R. Haynes, Ellie Heller, Laura Hunsaker, Jennifer James, Torie James, Kallysten, K.A. Linde, C. Deanne Rowe, DJ Shaw, Madeline Sheehan, Eden Summers, Gill Taber, J Annas Walker, Matthew Welch, Kristin L. Wilson, Zoe York, Angela Yseult


When: October through November 15th.


What: 33 short stories, including…

  • 30 M/F, 1.5 M/M, 1.5 M/F/M
  • 4 paranormal, 2 sci-fi, 19 contemporary, 3 historical, 1 BDSM, 9 fantasy, 3 YA (some stories have more than one genre)
  • 4 spicy (ménage or kink), 15 sexy (explicit sex scenes), 14 sweet (no sex)
  • A handful of vampires, about four dozen humans including fighters, cursed humans, reincarnated souls, footballers, time travelers, bosses, secretaries, writers, rock stars, teens, witches, soldiers, wives, husbands and fiancés, 1 succubus, 1 genie, 1 extra-terrestrial princess, a few gods and goddesses, a pack of werewolves.
  • Pink, pink and more pink, including cherry blossoms, jewelry,  flamingoes, silk, a leather collar, assorted flowers, hair, a car, lip gloss, champagne, a hair ribbon, a hippo, various clothing items, lemonade and a toy.


WhereKallysten’s blog

Here you’ll find teasers for all the stories, interviews of the authors posted during all of October, and of course the link where you can donate and help this worthy cause.

Kallysten has interviews with all the authors coming out throughout October, including, of course, me but I will tell you what I told her in answer to her question about why:

First, thank you again for taking part in this anthology. When we first talked, you mentioned you were doing this for a very special lady in your life. Would you care to tell us a little about her [I realize it’s a very personal question and if you’d rather skip it that’s perfectly fine, I’ll just rewrite to start with the next question.]

It was my pleasure!  I definitely enjoyed writing Doug and Mac’s story. 

I am writing this for two women actually.  The first is my friend Nancy.  She dealt with an invasive case of breast cancer and finally came through it free and clear in July 2012.  Then, a couple of months ago, the doctors told her it was back and this time it has spread to her lungs and liver.  All they can do now is treat it enough to try to slow it down.  Sadly, she is incurable this time.  And yet, she is still living life to the fullest, taking care of her family, friends and herself. 

The other woman I’m writing for is someone I fell for the moment I met her.  Not in a romantic way but because she is an amazing woman; my ex-husband’s Aunt Joanne.  She is a strong woman with a heart the size of Ontario (that’d be a Texas analogy for all you American readers *laughs*).  She always has the time, love and patience for everyone in her family, immediate and extended.  And even for me, the woman her sister doesn’t consider family anymore.  Joanne was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and had a double mastectomy along with aggressive chemotherapy.  Through it all she looked after her worried husband (who took wonderful care of her), sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.  Now, she is hale and hearty, cancer free and still sharing the love. 

It’s for these women that I wrote this story and submitted it to you, Kallysten.  They are inspiring.

So donate!  You’ll be helping a great cause AND you’ll get a fantastic book out of it!  

Have a great day.



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